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  1. great ..
    i too were in that stage when i stopped watching tv ,movie,even net for almost a year.when i was into so called old methods,like yoga,mind control..etc
    but when i reached osho..i dont know what i interpretated his words.i just stopped controlling myself.let myself fly…i dont what is right or wrong.
    i admit one thing that,osho pushed me into tremendous confusion,im totally,perfectly confused,before that i was clear (about what i was clear ,dont know)

    1. If your whole life becomes a movie then who care about watching movies and TV?
      Osho didn’t push you into confusion, he just show you, he make you aware that behind so called clarity there is great confusion. It is very important realization to know that you are utterly confused and there is no way out, great. Very few people realize that they really don’t know anything and they are actually confused deep down. People are absolutely certain about life, god, morality, science, law of karma, meditation, guru and how to live life. If you go deep into certainity then you come to know that there is confusion but if you go deep into that confusion then it will become a mistry. It is ok! It is ok to be confused for a while or a lifetime.

      1. yes its absolutely true…
        osho dint push me,he just showed me the right thing
        and i dont think im confused for a moment or a while,it seems im confused since ages.n no sign of any clearity in near future
        only thing thats perfect in me is,im perfectly confused
        everything else is imperfect, im just imperfect in every stage,every part,of my life……….i dont know how im living with this much of tremendous imperfection.

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