The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened

FACT: This moment… the very word “Meditation” is used by all Gurus to make money, sell silly books, techniques, pillows, crystals, mantras, and incense.


Please do not download this e-Book if you are not ready to wake up and change right now.


THE SECRET is really One! But divided into Ten, just for YOUR convenience.

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– by MG

97 thoughts on “The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened”

  1. how to contact you,how to talk to you?can i talk to you,im confused with so many gurus so many truth(though its the only one),so many techniques,so many tries,so many confusions…my confusion is at paek im planning to drop this all n just live like other sleepin people all around at least i will not be in confusion about this spiritualism,mysticism,help me to destroy me n feel that lies exits evrywhere,in everyone ,tsht is sat chit anand,(its just a very bookish ,im sort ot nerd read so many ,evrything just confused me rather clear my doubts,n ur ten secret too did the same)

  2. Reply to above (Anonymous) comment:
    How can you drop the confusion, it’s not something different from you, it’s YOU. Every book or guru is going to confuse you because map is not the territory. Live with your confusion and don’t try to run away from this state because you can not. Once you accept and become ready to live with this FACT instantly there is no confusion. See, you tried many gurus and many techniques ok? And “The Ten Dirty Secrets…” also did the same, now realize that “help is not outside” and “inside you don’t know anything”, accept this FACT. In this acceptance there is peace.

  3. Please do not download this e-Book if you are not ready to wake up and change right now.
    Downloaded it long time ago but i m not ready yet i think.. still confused.

  4. MG: To my “mind” you seemed to be preaching ZEN in new age language. Still it is enlightening. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Sam for your comment.
    Not exactly Zen, actually my knowledge of zen is limited upto few Zen stories.
    I’m just making things simple and avoiding unneccessary complications created in the name of meditation.

  6. This is great, and much like a simplified version of Tibetan Dzogchen or real in your face zen. Both of which can lead one to oneness within this lifetime. I/you/we thank you/me/us. 😉

  7. What are your background MG?
    I feel stuck at life, fear in everything, career, women, life in general, broke! Living with my parents, is there really a way out?

    1. People can feel stuck and broke even if they are rich, having good career and hot women.Everyone is having this feeling and to run away from this feeling people chase money and women but it remains. A poet says ‘miles and miles to go before I sleep’.
      People are running miles and miles after sex and money to get free from this feeling.
      Stop, look inside.
      Even if you become a billionaire fear will remain, so go to the roots. Watch closely this fear and emptiness, and you will find the way out.

  8. Thank you Gerold, life is purposeless and meaningless. Yes we can give it a meaning and a purpose but it is given by us. And a meaning given by us has no meaning at all. Life is not moving towards any goal. You asked Why we came on earth … live … and die.. reincarnate? And my reply to this question, don’t bother. Don’t ask ‘WHY’. Even scientist and philosophers are confused on this question, and enlightened masters have contradictory opinions on this matter. So my simple answer to your question is as long as you are alive enjoy every moment. And when the time comes die peacefully without asking any question, because it is wastage of time. You can search for this ‘why’ for your whole life without getting any answer, so just drop that ‘why’ and enjoy life 🙂

  9. I laughed when people left comments asking, “nice book, but who are you?” Guess what, it’s just some guy trying to make some money by writing an ebook. He’s probably not “enlightened”. Probably just one of the many many people who read some stuff about enlightenment, and decided to write about it. It’s good this person at least isn’t fooled by the spiritual crap, but is this person actually elightened? I would bet not.

    1. “J” first thing my books are free to download.
      Second thing I have average 100 visitors everyday. So there is no question of earning money on this blog.
      Third thing the very word enlightenment is crap. This word has no meaning at all. All spiritual experiences are mental projections.
      So called “no-mind” experience is also “mind”.
      You said, “is this person actually elightened? I would bet not.”
      What is enlightenment to you? Do you know me? Do you have any instrument to find out who is enlightened and who is not?
      And who is enlightened according to your “belief”?
      I’m against all spiritual experiences. They all exist within the boundaries of mind. There is no such thing as freedom from mind. There is no state of no-mind. Yes you can create that state within 30 seconds but don’t become a slave of some guru just for getting into that state.
      You said, “It’s good this person at least isn’t fooled by the spiritual crap” and I say that is what real enlightenment is.
      Enlightenment is to understand that all spirituality is SHIT.
      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Hi MG,
    One quick question , As you said above in one of the responses, how come “no-mind” is also a “mind”?

    1. Amit, mind is constantly chattering and this mind wants to stop for a moment and this is our ‘no-mind’ state. After few minutes mind will say, “Now this is enough for today” and it will start to work again.

      In deep silence there will be few thoughts and the mind will say, “Hmm, this is Nirvana, this is Samadhi”. You know, mind is working all the time in the background.

      The mind is calculating, “Today I go deeper in meditation than yesterday. I’m better than 90% people out there. I have done 2 years dynamic meditation and 5 years transcendental meditation. I meditate everyday for half an hour”. This is mind. It keeps all record of ‘no-mind’.

      The mind also says, “Now I have dropped all techniques after reading Krishnamurti so I’m on the pathless land.”

      See, this is mind. The mind is constantly making fool in subtle ways.

      Mind knows that you have entered into a ‘no-mind’ state and now it’s time to come back into the normal world. You are exactly the same person after coming back from this so called ‘no-mind’ state.

      1. Hello MG,

        You said “There is no such thing as freedom from mind. There is no state of no-mind. Yes you can create that state within 30 seconds…..”

        Please explain if there is no state of no mind then how can it be created.

        1. Rajan, in so called meditation techniques mind simply slows down. The thinking process becomes slower. It seems no-mind but mind still exist with all its content (for example fear, anger, addiction etc).

          It is possible to stop your mind within 30 seconds and become completely detached or silent but this state will not remain forever.

          In my view it is not important to chase this so called ‘no-mind’ state or stop your thinking process. It is more important to understand the hidden motives of your mind than to enter into ‘no-mind’ state. When you try to enter into ‘no-mind’ state using some technique then that trying itself is the mind because there is a hidden desire to attain ‘no-mind’ state.

          If you observe people who belong to some commune, ashram or monastery then you will understand what I’m trying to say. These people regularly enter into this state of silence or ‘no-mind’ but they are not much different then ordinary people. You will see the same competition, ambition and politics. That means it is more important to observe and understand the mind then to directly enter into the ‘no-mind’. You need to have great thirst and curiosity to understand the whole process of mind. But you will see that most people who are on the spiritual quest only want to know how to stop the mind. If they could silent their mind for half an hour they become satisfied.

          Your mind could become silent if you listen to music, bhajan, kirtan, stasang, watch a movie or spend some time in the nature. You can even slow down your thinking for one or two hours. But that will not end your ignorance or stupidity. Mind is constantly chattering and you can slow down that chattering for some time but it will not end the mind-game. You have to find out why your mind is constantly occupied with thoughts only then your mind will become naturally silent without using any technique of meditation. Then you will not be dependent on any technique, book or guru.

          Your mind naturally becomes silent when you carefully observe its working and find out the reason of disorder. Then there will be a natural order in your life. Simply going into a ‘no-mind’ state and coming back will give you some relief or relaxation but it will not bring you clarity, understanding, maturity and intelligence (Not cunning intelligence but intelligence which is love).

          Your mind is like a computer. Entering into a no-mind state is like to shut down the computer. Any idiot can do this. But if you really want to understand the working of the computer then you should learn how Windows or Linux works. Then you will become the master of computer. The same way you have to observe and understand the working of your mind. You have to observe it in action for example when you are angry or fearful. You have to observe what is fear, what is anger, how emotions arise, how you feel inferior or superior. You have to observe all this stuff very carefully.

          If there is fear then instead of going into ‘no-mind’ state you should observe the whole process of fear and go to the roots only then your mind will become naturally silent. This silence will come naturally because of the understanding of fear. Otherwise the moment you come back from so called ‘no-mind’ state there will be fear waiting for you.

          Yes there is a ‘no-mind’ state but it is not outcome of any meditation technique. It comes naturally when you understand the hidden motives of your actions, emotions and thoughts. It comes naturally when you are not chasing it. Then it is not a product of your mind. When it comes your mind does not say, “Yes, this is it!” You should completely forget about this state and focus only on observing your mind without any motive or goal.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful reply. But we forget to observe mind in daily routine life.This “forgetfulness” is main problem , atleast for me.Sometimes I remember and sometimes not. How can this rememberance ( to observe mind) be increased, so that maximum time , we can remain aware of this mind.
    Should we also devote some separate time to observe mind.

    1. Rajan, you asked, “How can this remembrance (to observe mind)be increased so that maximum time we can remain aware of this mind?”

      This demand to increase the remembrance is mind. Simply observe this and this demand will disappear. There should be no demand to increase the time of awareness. Even if you can watch your mind for few seconds or minutes it will be okay. In that brief moments of alertness there will be clarity and understanding. This brief moments of alertness will show you the path for right action in any situation.

      You said, “We forget to observe mind in daily routine life. This ‘forgetfulness’ is main problem”
      No, not at all. It is okay to forget to observe your mind because you will remember again and again to observe it. The moment you remember that you ‘forget’ you suddenly become ‘aware’. In forgetfulness your mind creates mess and when you observe this mess again you become more alert and watchful. If you are going naturally through brief moments of alertness after one or two hours then also it is okay. Don’t make this ‘forgetfulness’ a big problem.

      You can devote some time to observe mind but it should not become a habit or ritual. It should be spontaneous. Sometimes it is good to close your eyes and observe what is going on in your mind. It will give you lots of understanding. Your mind will also become calm and relax. But there should be no hidden motive behind this observation for example getting enlightenment or peace of mind. There should be no longing to reach anywhere.

      If you feel anger or depression then find some quite place and observe how your mind creates particular thoughts, moods and emotions. This observation will bring natural peace and order.

      It is okay even if you forget to observe your mind for two or three day or weeks. Don’t make this watchfulness an obsession otherwise it will become a problem. Do not try to increase the time of awareness, simply remain aware naturally for as long as you can and forget about it. Being alert should not become an ego trip. The moment you say my awareness is bigger than thou…you are finished.

    1. Amit, it is very simple to observe the mind. There is no special technique for it. You can observe your mind simply as you look at trees, clouds or traffic on the road. I can understand your difficulty because when you close your eyes you can see only darkness. That’s why you are asking how to observe the mind. When you look inside you can not see anything but still you can listen that little voice going all the time in your head. You can listen to your own thoughts. You can feel your emotions. Suppose somebody insults you, suddenly you feel discomfort in your body. You feel hurt. Observe what is that feeling you call hurt. Do not try to run away from that feeling or don’t try to suppress it. Simply observe that feeling.

      When you become angry observe (or listen) which thoughts are running inside your mind because those thoughts are causing the anger. Do not say that anger is bad, I have to get rid of this anger. No, simply notice which thoughts are coming in your mind. Observe the sensations on your body. Notice which physical part is getting tense. Notice how your breathing is getting changed. Observe your gestures and your tone of voice. When you get angry there are hundreds of things going on simultaneously. Also listen to the sounds that are going around you. Become more alert and aware. Be in the moment.

      Mind is never the same. It is constantly changing. Clouds of thoughts and emotions come and go. Every moment something new is happening. It is the most interesting thing in life to observe the mind. If you keep observing your mind then one day you will realize that there is no mind. You will see that thoughts and emotions are simply floating in empty sky.

      1. My apologies for inserting myself in here, but I wanted to explain what works for me in this regard. Maybe it will help someone else. Some of the ways I examine my mind are to look at my daydreams. I think everyone has these, especially during quiet times like during eating. What do you daydream about? Is it positive or negative? I examine these daydreams and explore why I chose to have those daydreams. If they are negative, I find them especially interesting. Why do people have negative daydreams? (an interesting question to explore).

        Another thing I examine is my own self talk. If I am angry or sad, what am I telling myself is the reason? What am I blaming it on and is that self talk actually correct? If I find myself judging another or thinking I am superior to them, then what is my reasoning behind this and is it correct? When I am happy why is that?

        When I do this kind of thing, I try not to be self judgemental either, I just try to do it calmly and rationally without berating myself, understanding that everyone including myself has strengths and weaknesses and things they are here to work on. I try to do it in a mindset of exploration and readiness of whatever I may find. Be curious! The more I do this, the more things i learn about myself. But I don’t do it all the time because daily life has many times when the mind is distracted outward with day to day issues like work. But I do try to integrate the things I have learned during inward times to my behavior and thoughts during the outward times. When I feel frazzled, I will try to remember to just take a few seconds to remember the inward lessons and recenter myself accordingly. The more I practice this, the easier it gets.

        1. Welcome Eva, thanks for sharing your insights. To observe your daydreams, to examine your self talk and learning about yourself is a very important part of meditation.

        2. Hi Eva,

          You asked a question Why do people have negative daydreams? , if i try to give an answer from my perspective then i would say it’s because of Fear, one or other kind of fear like fear of failure, fear of disappointment,fear of rejection etc. and why is this fear? one of the reason which is applicable for day to day life is Responsibility.That’s why people like time-pass or fun time where there is no responsibility. Negative day dreaming about the situation is one way of mind’s preparatory response to the situation ahead. the amount if the negativity in those day dreaming depends on your past experiences of similar or such situations.

          1. I thought it might be interesting if people thought about why they have negative day dreams since society usually promotes day dreams as fun fantasy, yet it seems many people often have negative daydreams. This flies in the face of what society usually says. Also, I think most people do not spend much if any time observing their daydreams and thoughts. Even those who meditate may not observe during nonmeditation times. But IMO, daydreams are a wonderful source of information about yourself and you have easy access to them if you can remember to just look. My question was meant to get people thinking. I do have my theories about why but I also do not feel I understand it fully so I am still asking that to myself as well.

            Yes I do think that fear and negative thoughts inside are a source, but I also think that daydream and thoughts make your reality. However, I do not think they ‘prepare’ you for future events exactly, instead I think they help create future events. Like a lucid dream, IMO first there are thoughts and ideas and then those thoughts and ideas are translated to reality. If you want to change your reality, IMO you have to change your thoughts first. If you stay the exact same person, then IMO you can’t have a different kind of life. So there are these daydreams that are any easy window to what kind of thoughts you currently have. What would happen if you were to observe these kinds of thoughts and try to understand them better? What would happen if you worked to change those thoughts that were not conducive to a better reality?

            1. When you observe your daydreams and thoughts you understand them better and then you automatically get out of the negative thought patterns.

              1. That may work for some people and maybe it would have worked eventually for me too if I had analyzed and drilled down long enough, but personally I found it seemed to work best for me to also put some effort into improving the daydreams, altering the endings to be more positive, spend more time dwelling on the positive, etc. I consider daydreams to be part of our interior programming so I decided I would change the programming to yield better outcome. A lot of people dismiss daydreams as unimportant but IMO, they are a direct and fairly easy to see window directly to the inner programming we do to ourselves every day.

                1. Yes, by observing your daydreams you can become aware of your inner programming and you can also change the coding if you don’t like what you see. Guided daydream (visualization) is the best way to overcome any limiting belief.

                  1. Hi Eva,

                    You said “Most of the people do not observe Daydreams”, yes you are correct, because I think Observation of thought is an Art and not everybody can do it. There is so much written about it and read. There are so many guru’s and scriptures telling the same and if it is so simple then in reality how many people are able to do it and if they are not able to do it, why? Is it really required? If you do it purposely, it’s going to be stressful. (My experience).I can tell you there are so many people who have done this Observation business for long and arrived nowhere. I am one of them. There is very thin line between Thinking that I am observing thoughts and Actually Observing.

                    That is what I read somewhere , I think it’s makes sense :- “It is not at all important that what are you looking at be it your thoughts, emotions or day dreams, what is important is the process of observation itself.” Observed, Observer and Process of Observation are one and the same but Process of Observation is most important out of them. But none of this is my own experience. I am just quoting this as I find this appropriate.

                    To focus on thoughts is good and definitely helps in MANAGEMENT of yourself.

                    I believe, we will never be able to come up with any conclusive theory on why people day dream in a certain way. Because there are so many minds, thinking and behaving differently at the same time for the same situation. It lot depends on conditioning, upbringing, surroundings and many other things. It’s unique for everyone and hence I again believe it’s of no use to us as individual even if we understand how people think and day dream unless we understand our own.

                    There is no denying, Thoughts are good to give directions to your intellect or mind but they alone can never ever create the Reality and it cannot create future. What I mean is in some or other way you have to work on your thoughts and idea to make them reality otherwise they remain fun fantasy. That way there are millions of people dreaming and thinking of becoming millionaire or billionaire Rich. Reality is what is happening right now and you can only experience it and respond to it when it is actually happening.

                    As MG said, in last two articles, shift your thoughts or focus towards positiveness so that you are aware of possibilities around you and your intellect works towards what you have envisaged in your thoughts and then are good chances of achieving what you have thought. You are very correct when you say change your thoughts first but Thinking alone won’t change anything like “Think and Grow Rich”.

                    This is just my random scribbling and I may not be correct at all. Please don’t mind.

                    1. Thank you Amit for your valuable insights. Yes, thinking alone will not change everything. The action part is also important. That action will become effortless if you align your thoughts with your ‘object of desire’. Aligning your thoughts with your goals and achieving the best results is ‘smart-work’. Observing your thoughts and going beyond all desires is ‘wisdom’. There are two ways to go beyond your desires. One is to fulfill your desire and another way is to drop your desire. If you want to fulfill your desire then daydreaming is a great tool to align your thoughts to your desired object. And if you want to drop your desire then simply observe your thoughts, emotions, mental images, feelings, craving and soon you will enter into a timeless state.

                    2. “Thoughts are good to give directions to your intellect or mind but they alone can never ever create the Reality and it cannot create future.” Well.. If what they say is true, that this place is like a lucid dream (not so lucid for most) and considering that in a lucid dream, thoughts DO create reality, what would the answer be then? The thing is I think if your thoughts are straightened out, then action automatically occurs. IMO, the two are not truly separated. IMO, it’s only when one thought conflicts with another that you don’t act on serious thoughts. If you are not acting on your dreams, then maybe time to look for the conflicting thoughts that are blocking.

                      As for many not being able to do the thought observation in the first place, I have been thinking on that. What would make it more doable for the average person? I am guessing you would need to give a reason/motivation for it. After all, in my society (United States), something like spending time thinking about daydreams is taught by society to be a waste of time. You’d need to at least be able to provide some kind of reasoning as to why it’s not a waste of time. Please yeah, some kind of advice as to how to go about it might help. What kind of advice is good to give as far as concrete steps to take or things to ask? What methods might help a large section of society beyond just those few who are currently now meditating?

                    3. Eva, you said, “You would need to give a reason/motivation to average person to do the thought observation”. There is only one reason to do the thought observation and that is to ‘know yourself’. Anyone can observe his thoughts and emotions, it is very simple but most people ask what will I get if I observe my thoughts? And the answer is “Nothing!”. You will get nothing, you will only know your true nature and lose your illusions, that’s all.

                      Daydreaming (lucid dreaming or visualization) and observing your thoughts or observing your dreams are two different things. You can easily motivate people for daydreaming because it can help them to achieve the results they want. That’s why books like ‘Think and grow rich’, ‘You will see it when you believe it’, ‘The secret’ are very popular. But it is quite difficult to motivate people to meditate or simply observe the thoughts.

                      If you tell them “Observe your thoughts for many, many years then you will get brainwashed. Then there will be no suffering, no desires and there will be no future” then very few will dare to jump into that abyss of ‘nothingness’.

                      Only the person who want to know his true nature, who is fade up of all desires, suffering, manifestations, achievements and success can go into meditation. Then he don’t need any motivation.

                      You asked, “What methods might help a large section of society beyond just those few who are currently now meditating?”

                      Large section of society is still running after money, sex, entertainment, power and position so it is difficult to motivate them to drop everything and go into meditation.

                      Meditation (observing thoughts) is not a waste of time, in fact it is the only important thing in life. Without meditation there is no way out of confusion, suffering and disorder. Yes you can motivate some individuals (to meditate) but it is very difficult to motivate masses.

                    4. ALso, I thought if this, I don’t recall any info on the Think and Grow Rich book specifically, but if it’s like others I’ve heard of, it basically consists of attempting to think positively. Many I have heard do not deal with the negative though, like they are just trying to pave over the top of the negative with positive. I don’t think that will work if you have a lot of negative because I do believe you need to deal with the negative and diffuse it or it will still be sitting under there causing trouble.

                    5. Exactly, they are just trying to pave over the top of the negative with positive. They are just coloring the walls but the foundation is weak. Yes, they have to deal with the negative and diffuse it. That negative is like darkness and they will have to bring the light of awareness.
                      Trying to impose positive thoughts over the negative thoughts is like a constant battle. It is like fighting with darkness. Nobody can win if they keep fighting with the darkness. Because darkness is absence…absence of light.
                      Observing daydreams and thoughts (like you said in your previous comments) is like bringing light of awareness to your deeper layers of the mind. The moment you become aware of any negative thought, emotion or feeling it simply disappears. Negativity is simply the absence of light or awareness. Just observing your thoughts, emotions, feelings and dreams with detached awareness could bring the deepest order in your life.
                      For example positive thinkers will try to cultivate confidence by using positive thinking but you can never become totally free from fear unless you observe and understand the fear.
                      In another words, you will have to observe your fears in action. That is what meditation is. When you observe your fears, when you understand how your own imagination and thinking creates fear then and only then you can become totally free from all kind of fears. This is how one has to deal with his/her all negative.

                    6. “When you observe your fears, when you understand how your own imagination and thinking creates fear then and only then you can become totally free from all kind of fears.” It does work but will it work for everyone? Say someone observes thoughts and notices something like, “I don’t like that girl over there, she is irritating and talks a lot. I’m not going to leave her a tip, she doesn’t deserve it.” OK so say the thought was observed but the thinker may still feel there is nothing wrong with that thought. Will this observation lead to improvement over the long haul? I imagine yes for some, but I’m just not sure if it will work BY ITSELF for everyone who tries it or even the average person on the street.

                    7. Okay Eva, you observe one thought (as you said) ie. “I don’t like that girl over there, she is irritating and talks a lot”.
                      Then next thought comes, “I’m not going to leave her a tip, she doesn’t deserve it.”
                      …and then the next thought comes “OK so say the thought was observed but the thinker may still feel there is nothing wrong with that thought.”
                      …and then next thought comes “Will this observation lead to improvement over the long haul?”
                      …and then next thought comes “I imagine yes for some, but I’m just not sure if it will work BY ITSELF for everyone who tries it or even the average person on the street”.
                      And this self talk goes on and on and on…
                      and suddenly you become aware of this never ending chain of thoughts and there is break..!
                      In that break or in that gap there is NO thought.
                      There is only awareness.
                      In that moment you are beyond the mind.
                      There is no doubt or question whether it will work for everyone or not.
                      Because in that moment you will KNOW if it works or not.
                      There is little difference between ‘thinking about’ meditation and ‘being’ in meditation.
                      When you “ARE’ in meditation, when you light your lamp, you automatically know how you can help people to light their lamps.
                      you can spread the message through your smile and happiness
                      you can spread the message through blogging
                      you can have conversation with your friends
                      you may sing songs
                      you may draw paintings
                      you may talk to audiences
                      Once you got the real thing, there are unlimited ways to share or express it.
                      People will FEEL it.
                      They will desire to KNOW about it.
                      They will catch your vibes.
                      Then your PRESENCE is enough, then you don’t need any system or words.

                    8. OK setting aside what comes after, right now I am still looking mostly at the process to get there. One of the reasons I am asking is because there was a post on here somewhere from someone that was about how he was doing the observation of self but felt that many do the observation of self but are really OBSERVING. I was not sure exactly what he meant but got the impression this has been a very long process for himself and others, like years and years and years of meditation. Plus perhaps he felt that some where not doing it ‘right’ in some way. If he felt that way, likely there are others.

                      Since I didn’t take the path you are taking and that is commonly taught in the meditation schools, I’m trying to understand more about those other paths. Seems like there are a lot of ways and paths, except others use different terms and are not always considered spiritual. There is the meditation/Buddhist kind of way which seems like a lot more passive (on average), then there are things like guided visualization which is more goal oriented, then there are things like neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which seems to be quite fast at least at certain things. NLP also has a lot of observation of thought. Then as already mentioned, there is cognitive behavioral therapy. IME, the people who practice each of these things feel their way is the best way. Each of these things that work have certain things in common, it seems to me. I am interested in the various ways and in those things they have in common.

                    9. MG said, “but most people ask what will I get if I observe my thoughts? And the answer is “Nothing!” (except for know theyself etc). Setting aside that this is what is typically said, assuming at least in part that people in this field would prefer to work with people of more pure intent, feeling they are most likely to be successful (probably correct), I still would disagree. Currently I think such training is usually marketed as and taught as either a get rich quick scheme OR for those who must be of most pure intent.

                      I do agree that chasing after money, etc etc is not going to bring happiness and that it is difficult in the face of such distractions to gain attention of the masses. I also posit that although some get rich quick self help books currently are top sellers, those books still are only read by less than 1% of the masses and are scoffed at by the vast majority. They are not mainstream. I think they are not mainstream because the concepts sound ridiculous to most. They appeal to only a tiny subset of humanity.

                      But what if it were possible to get a more middle of the road approach. Yes, meditation teachers everywhere may cringe that it is not pure enough to their tastes. But if you look at cognitive behavioral therapy (a kind of psychological treatment), it DOES help people with their daily lives quickly. And it basically is a method of thought observation that is taught to people with all kinds of typical problems and lives. It works without the person having any spiritual bent. But cognitive behavior is a psych therapy and traditional psych therapy is considered by the masses to be for ‘crazy’ people. What I would like to see is a method developed that will sit well with and help the regular people, not just those few special ones. I think society also needs this, but to do it, you would IMO need to work within the current system, not demand that people first renounce it. You would need to suggest positive outcomes all the way that could be obtained. Humans are goal oriented creatures and few will work very hard for something that is intangible and seemingly very far away. I don’t see many people thinking along these lines currently as to how such a system could be developed. I think most meditation gurus have long had the goal of weeding out many to only have the few most serious ones remain. They don’t want to mess around with the less serious ones. But i think the less serious ones can still be helped with the right intent and if a good system is developed. Yes, it might well become trendy and watered down and whatnot, but that does not mean it won’t help. If you think about it, say you helped a lot of society only become 5% better people, still that would help society a lot! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Not everyone needs to make it to full enlightenment, just moving a bit closer is still a very good thing. But of course if people are sure it can’t be done (without trying) then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We have been speaking about negative thoughts here, but I would like to focus on positive ones too. How to help society IMO should not just be about how to help a chosen few that are already much closer to the goal.

                    10. Eva, I agree that your intention to help the society to become more awaken is really good. I think first of all few serious people should work on themselves, they should become more alert and aware by observing their thoughts, feelings and emotions then they could help other people to become aware. First of all few people should light their own lamp and then they could help other people.

                      Yes I know about cognitive behavioral therapy. It is true that it helps without the person having any spiritual bent. I think one should teach meditation in the same way just like any therapy without any spiritual bend. There should be no spiritual authority or gurudom. Children should be introduced to meditation in schools and colleges just like mathematics or any other subject.

                    11. Meditation is becoming more mainstream. I see it mentioned fairly often for things like stress and anger management therapy and yes sometimes even in schools. I would assume it’s good for that kind of thing? I don’t know much about short term results on the average person.

                      However, I am not sure how much ‘observe your thoughts’ is incorporated in many of these practices. The few guided visualization meditations I’ve seen lead have been more like on relaxing parts of the body one by one, putting worries on a balloon and imagining them floating away, etc. I also did a bit of Rinzai zen at a nearby monastery in the past and I don’t recall anything about thought observation. It was about sitting still and not making noise (this was the most emphasized LOL!) THen it was about taking long deep breaths and observing the breath, which I understand is a common method, and then trying not to think, ie pushing aside the thoughts. I don’t recall anything about observing the thoughts from a spectator position, because you are not apparently ideally supposed to be having them or letting yourself have them. I will say that over the short term, I personally felt very relaxed after such sessions. And I don’t know if they would have talked about thought observation later but they didn’t say much about thought processes when I was there.

                      So anyway, for the observation of thoughts, what exactly are you doing in your head for it? Can you break it down in more detail? What are you saying to yourself? I would like to understand your specific mental processes better.

                    12. Eva, ‘observing thoughts’ is very simple. Thoughts are going on all the time in the mind and these thoughts are constantly influencing your relationships, moods and beliefs. These thoughts are creating suffering, pleasure, anger and fear. If you become aware and observe your thoughts even for few minutes then you will notice what exactly you are creating in your life.
                      Suppose there is anger then you will notice the sensations of discomfort in your body and you will also notice certain thoughts associated with that anger. If you keep observing those sensations, feelings and thoughts then slowly, slowly your mind will become quite and silent. Then there will be a different action. Then you will not act from the unconscious state of anger, then your action will come from awareness and watchfulness. That action will be beneficial for everyone.
                      You can observe your thoughts while walking on the road or sitting in the chair with closed or open eyes. You can observe what is going on in the mind while talking to your friends or watching a movie. There is no need to constantly observe the mind and its activities. Whenever you remember just stop and observe for few moments.
                      Sometimes you are driving your car and your mind is totally lost in the thoughts. Then you are not in the moment, you are not aware. Yes we can drive unconsciously for hours and hours. If you walk on the road you can notice that people are lost in thoughts, nobody is aware. If you look around you will notice that people are living in a sleepy state, in a dreamy state. They are not fully aware. That is the main cause behind all disorder. What you can expect from such a society which is living in a sleepy state or in a dreamy state.
                      You mentioned about observing the breathing, when you observe your breathing you can not get lost in the memories. Breathing is going on in the present moment so if you want to observe the breathing you must have to come back again and again to the present moment from your memories.
                      Man spend most of his time either in the past memories or future worries. Meditation is simply living more and more in THIS moment.
                      If you start living in the present moment then you will be able to observe your thoughts easily because they are always about past or about future.
                      Just make a simple decision that next time whenever I get angry, depressed or fearful I will not become one with it, I’ll not get identified with it rather I will close my eyes and observe it, that’s all. It is that simple. When you observe it, it will disappear.

                    13. –‘observing thoughts’ is very simple.–
                      Well you would think it is LOL! But, at least coming from the direction of growing up in America and from my own perspective, I didn’t do it for most of my life. I just never thought to do it but also I think there was a certain avoidance of doing it. Instead it was all about action and what got done physically. All that time, I was trying to get the tail to wag the dog and was of course frustrated and confused when it didn’t work very well. Are many others like that too? I’m am guessing yes. I don’t think they even know where to start and meditation that I have seen around here so far does not seem to address that issue of thought observation. Anyway, you are catching me at early stages of thinking about this. I am looking for threads and following them to where they might lead. Thank you for being so patient! ;-P I think the different perspectives are very important.

                  2. Hi Eva and MG,
                    My two cents:-
                    Though the intent of the introducing meditation to masses is good but it’s extremely difficult task and moreover it’s individual thing and not really for masses. When people turn to spirituality? Most people turn to spirituality (Say meditation) when they face some tragedy or setback in their life and then they try to find out answer why? Rather, it should be treated as a hobby, like you do swimming, play tennis.
                    Secondly, you need certain level of stability in your life to pursue something like meditation. In this part of the world, India where most people are busy satisfying their daily basic needs. How to tell them about meditation? In my opinion, it’s a thing to be done when your stomach is full OR if you are totally and completely fed up with each and everything. Anything in between is of not much use.
                    Third, there is no Single technique which will work for most of the people. It cannot be measured because I think it’s ON or OFF situation.
                    There could be many more questions and answers and explanations.
                    But the first thing is to find the Switch, Light bulb is already there.

                    BTW, Just the opposite of watching thoughts, there is another technique “Back tracking of thoughts” to become aware of the thoughts.
                    Whenever you become aware that you are in the middle of some thoughts, catch the current thought and trace back the chain of thoughts and find out what originated/triggered this thought process. This may help you to know your thought process and no need to keep constant watch on your thoughts. Whenever you become aware, just start back tracking.
                    If anybody does it, please let us know your experience.

                    1. Actually mind works much like a computer. Now days more and more people are learning about computers, programming languages and software. I think very soon people will get interested to observe their own software and learn about it. Then they will be able to erase bad memories and program strong beliefs. Then they will be able to ‘back tracking of thoughts’ or ‘travel in the future’ consciously. They will learn about psychological time and they will also experience the timeless state. Our generation is much more technical and intelligent then past generations. In my opinion meditation is nothing but learning about your mind not from the books but from the observing the mind (thoughts and emotions) in action. Then you can change your past, you can erase bad memories, create a new future or just drop the mind (illusions, imaginations, desires) and enjoy the present moment.

                    2. MG, yes I think that idea of backtracking thoughts is an interesting one. I may have done it a bit but not with any concerted effort. I find often I become aware I have been off thinking about something for a long time without hardly being aware of it. I think a LOT of that stuff happens under the conscious radar. I wonder how far the method could go. The idea of back tracking somehow all the way to the source is an interesting one. Like how a little kid keeps asking ‘But why but why buy why?’ to everything you say. It would be cool if we could come up with a game plan of potential ideas and techniques and then see if we can get people to try them and report.

    1. Vasu, by concentrating on the destination, you fail to enjoy the journey. Don’t try to stop the inner chattering only keep watching the mind. It is the nature of mind to keep chattering all the time otherwise it will not survive. To stop the inner chattering is like death to the mind. Second thing who is going to stop the chattering? This desire to stop the inner chattering is the mind itself. The same mind which is chattering all the time also want to stop this chattering. This desire to stop the mind is born in the mind. This is mind game. Just look at this game. Just try to understand the subtle ways of the mind. That understanding itself will end the constant chattering of the mind. When you ask how to stop this constant chattering mind is playing trick on you. This mind will find hundred techniques to stop the chattering. And you will get engaged forever in those techniques. You will find gurus, you will read books but this is all mind games.

      When you become aware of this tricks then you never become victim of your mind. You simply have to become more and more watchful and alert. There is no other way except to understand how mind plays tricks upon you. When you observe all these tricks and games carefully you automatically escape from the trap. So do not try to stop this chattering. Simply observe it.

  12. Dear MG
    Thank you so much for the the explanation, i have tried to meditate and quieten the mind in the past and it never worked, This is the first time i observed my mind for few seconds and it worked.I think what you suggested is easy to do but to remember to do is the problem but i am not anxious about this, i know it will become second nature in time.
    Can I ask your opinion of Law of attraction?.
    what do you think of gratitude?
    I don’t know whether you heard about the book “The secret”, Do you think we can achieve whatever we we want
    Grateful for your answer


    1. Vasu, the Law of Attraction says, if you know what you want, ask the universe for it, visualize it being yours, be open to receiving it and letting go of the outcome then you will get what you want.

      However they forget that you have to WORK for it!

      Joe Vitale can not grow hair on his head by simply using the Law of Attraction.

      They say “LOA does work every time – no exceptions”. But it doesn’t work everytime like other laws. For example think about the law of gravity, the math for Newton’s laws works every time without exception.

      Suppose you and your firend loves the same girl and you both visualize her being yours then who will win? And suppose she visualize someone else then what will be the end of the story?

      Are you getting my point?

      Can you reverse your age by using the Law of Attraction?

      It is another thing that you can convince your mind up to certain level by using visulization or by repeating affirmations but still it is NOT possible to achieve everything otherwise everyone will win a gold medal in Olympics.

      It is a popular trick now days to give legitimacy to sell their product by claiming it has scientific backing. That’s why they say that The Law of Attraction is based on Quantum Physics. But is a distortion of Quantum Physics. This law is never tasted in any laboratory. They (LOA people) give only ‘anecdotal evidence’ to support the Law of Attraction. They never give any mathematical equation.

      The movie ‘The Secret’ was creted by Rhonda Byrne but it was not her original idea. Napoleon Hill wroteThink and Grow Rich many years before ‘The Secret’. These products instantly get popular because most of us are searching for EASY ways to fulfill our unfulfilled desires.

      Your desire makes you blind and that’s why you want to believe in the unbelivable.

      It is not the Law of Attraction which attract things towards you. Actually when you want any object you automatically focus on it more and more. You think about it again and again to find a suitable way to your desired object. You become more aware about different possibilities and someday you MAY get that object of your desire.

      It is not a magic but there is a logic behind it. And it does not works everytime.

      You never atrract or manifest things magically in your life rather you have to work for them. Your visualization does not attract things towards you but it only gives you more hope that it is possible. Visualization only strengthen your belief but you have to work for it (to get the desired object).

      Suppose you want a BMW then suddenly you will see more BMW’s on the road but it is not a magic. They were always running there on the road but you were not aware. When you decide to buy a BMW suddenly you become more aware about BMW and you notice them more on the road. In that way you are NOT attracting them, you are only becoming more AWARE about them. See the difference.

      You also asked, “What do you think of gratitude?”

      LOA suggest that you should feel grateful to attract more good things in your life and I say if you really feel grateful then you will never desire anything more in your life. LOA suggest to forcefully shift your focus on gratitude. But in my view gratitude comes naturally when you realize who you are and what you already have.

      Gratitude is fullness.

      In gratitude you don’t want anything more in your life. Then you are already overflowing with joy and happiness. Then you don’t feel grateful for having a second-hand Hero-Honda just to attract a brand new Mercedes Benz because LOA says if you feel grateful for your old car then you will attract a new car. But most people buy a new car because they get irritate of their old car.

      Gratitude is not a tool to attract more things in your life. It is a destination.

      A person who is really grateful will never try to attract things in his life. He is already full. Then it doesn’t matter whether he has got a Hero-Honda or a Mercedes Benz or just a bicycle.

      There is NO desire.

  13. Thanks a lot MG
    I agree with you.
    Having gratitude make my life happier, but it does not take away my desire to have more
    Why can’t I be grateful for the Hero-Honda i have now and wish and work for Mercedes Benz? Won’t it work you think?
    I am so grateful for your reply

    1. Vasu, very few people feel gratitude. Gratitude is awareness of what you already you have. You are counting blessings when you feel grateful. You are focusing on good side of your life when you feel gratitude. Gratitude is a way to increase your awareness because you become more and more aware of the things which makes you feel good.

      Second thing there is no need to take away the desire to have more. In the root of all progress there is a seed of desire. You can be grateful for the Hero Honda and work for Mercedes Benz but only gratitude will not magnetize Mercedes Benz in your life. You will have to work for it.

      You will have to workout on ‘How?’ and LOA people try to bypass the ‘How?’. They only focus on ‘What?’. According to their view you should know what exactly you want, you should write it on paper, you should visualize that you already have that object of your desire and then you should let go and be open to receive it. In my view you should have a clear vision of what you want but you should also have a WORKABLE PLAN. Just dreaming and having gratitude will not take you anywhere.

      LOA is good for changing your mindset and developing more positive attitude towards life in general. But when they say that you can just ‘think and grow rich’ then they are exaggerating things. There is a book by Wayne Dyer ‘You will see it when you believe it’. You will not see it just by believing it. Sometimes you need to work on it for years to bring it in reality. It is not that easy. To bring your imagination into reality you need to do hard work as well as smart work.

      For example John is skinny and he wants to become a body builder. Then he should follow the following steps:
      1) He should set a goal of becoming a body builder and write it on a paper (Commitment).
      2) He should regularly imagine himself as a bodybuilder so that his mind will start believing that it is possible to achieve his goal and it can happen. (Visualization)
      3) And finally comes the most important thing that is he should join a gym and do workout for years and years. Only then someday he will become a body builder. (Hard work)
      4) He will start getting the results in first few months. If he feel gratitude for his small success then he will feel more enthusiasm. (Gratitude)
      5) If he take advice from a good fitness instructor then the results will be even faster. (Smart work)

      But in all this scenario his daily workout in gym has the biggest role in achieving his dream. Without daily workout he will never become a body builder. He can bypass all other steps if he regularly go to the gym.

      1. Personally, I think the LOA is legitimate and would work except that there are other ‘laws’ that may get in the way. If you think about it, if you really want something, why are you not trying to get it already? If I am hungry and I see out my window a ripe apple, wouldn’t it be natural to put on my shoes right away and go outside and pick and eat it? No one is so lazy that in a natural state, they would not go out and get the apple vs just sitting there being hungry. Or would I sit in my chair and try to make the apple float into my hand? My point is that if you really want something, you would be already going after it. Both your body and your mind would be drawn to do and think the things needed to get it. And IMO, the law of attraction would work in your favor too. If you are not already doing those things, then the most important question is why not? What is stopping you? What excuses are you making? What obstacles are you imagining in your mind? What fears may you have about it? Maybe you have a fantasy that this thing will make you happy? If you get it, do you think you will be happy or maybe you will actually be depressed when you find that this thing did not make you happy. Maybe a part of you sees ramifications to getting it that you are not realizing consciously right now. Dig through your mind and see what is going on. Once you sort out all the things that are blocking you, you can easily get what you want, or maybe once you sort it all out, you will realize you don’t REALLY want that thing after all. Either way, you can learn a lot about yourself!

        1. Eva, you said, “Once you sort out all the things that are blocking you, you can easily get what you want, or maybe once you sort it all out, you will realize you don’t REALLY want that thing after all. Either way, you can learn a lot about yourself!”
          Yes, true. I’m 100% agree with you on this point!

  14. Well said MG
    I very much like the clarity in your answer, Eventhough I knew the stuff you mentioned, your are very bold and to the point. Not many people can say it with this amount of clarity. I am ever so grateful.

    I am oberseving my my mind for 30 second or more. I hope I will do this more offten!
    What is your opinion in oneness? Have you ever felt it, or are you in that state all the time? I know you will say it is the mind projection or mind illusion!
    I have read so much about this. I really really want to feel this oneness at least once, so that i can come out of this “little me” concept.
    However much i tried, I still feel the seperation all the time, sometimes less sometimes more.

    Is there any thing I can do, apart form observing the mind?

    Thank you so much


    1. There is nothing you can do except to observe the subtle ways of the mind.

      You asked, “What is your opinion in oneness? Have you ever felt it, or are you in that state all the time?”
      I can only remain silent on this question.
      Why you want to know my opinion about oneness?
      Is it because all scriptures are describing the state of oneness?
      Mind wants to know that state of oneness but the mind can never know that state. When the mind becomes quite there is oneness. It is not like you feel oneness rather it is like you disappear into oneness. Then there is no ‘me’, then there is no mind to feel or record this oneness. You asked, “are you in that state all the time?” but this is a wrong question because time can not measure timelessness. If I answer you, “Yes, I have felt it and I am in that state all the time” then it will be a wrong statement.”

      When your mind will become quite you will understand my difficulty. It is my experience that whatever I say instantly it becomes wrong.

      You said, “I have read so much about this. I really really want to feel this oneness at least once, so that i can come out of this “little me” concept.”

      I say forget whatever you read about this oneness because it is the mind. Just observe this ‘little me’ moment to moment. There is no hurry. If you want desperately to come out of this ‘little me’ then this wanting will become a barrier. You are focusing on the destination while I am saying that you should enjoy the journey and forget about the destination.

  15. Dear MG

    I found this on June 12011 reply to sandy

    .”Take a hundred pages or two hundred pages notebook. And write down your all dreams and plans and goals. Write down what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Written goals are messages to your subconscious mind. Once you get a clear idea then everything becomes very easy. Research says that more than 80% written goals manifest within a year or two. BE creative.
    Visualize the life you want to manifest for yourself. Imagination is more powerful than will power. Imagine vividly your ideal life which you want to create for yourself. This regular exercise of conscious dreaming will create new neurological paths in your brain. And your life will transform. Live in the present moment but set 1000s of goals and achieve them. Goals improve every area of your life. Set goals for every area in your life”

    It looks like you kind of agreeing with Loa, you have mentioned that 80% written goals manifest with in year or two, Please explain to me


    1. Vasu, in my recent reply to your question I have already said that LOA is good for changing your mindset and developing more positive attitude towards life in general. Once you write something on a paper it is like a commitment and there is no chance to forget it. But that is not a magic.

      I said 80% written goals will manifest within a year or two, the reason is that we can not achieve most of our goals simply because we forget them. Once you write them on a paper there is no chance to forget them. You can not remember 100 goals all the time in your mind that’s why I said that you should write them on the paper. They will not manifest magically in your life simply by writing on the paper but writing them will help you to remember them.

      Imagination or visualization is a very powerful tool that too I can never deny. I said LOA is exaggerating the power of day dreaming too much. To have a dream is the first step but you have to take the action. You have to work on your dream to bring it into reality.

  16. Hi MJ, is was searching some meditation stuff and landed on your blog, i read it and could not stop myself from posting a reply. You had wrote in some post “In my view you should have a clear vision of what you want but you should also have a WORKABLE PLAN” this is one of the many lines of yours that makes me feel that you have merged the spiritual knowledge with materialistic one in such a way that people are convinced because you are giving them hope that one day you will achieve what you plan. But person who is aware does not live in hope, he lives here and now. You have prepared a sort of khichdi which has a message in disguise to just follow your dreams/desires. But my friend desires are not dropped forcefully, once a person gets aware of himself desires evaporates automatically. And in that state of pure consciousness one realizes the reality of this existence. And folks i tell you if you are reading this blog you have a seeker in you, there are hundreds of techniques of meditation, see which suits you, n practice it, there is no other way, no body can fulfill you except yourself.

    1. Vishal, You said, “And folks i tell you if you are reading this blog you have a seeker in you, there are hundreds of techniques of meditation, see which suits you, n practice it, there is no other way, no body can fulfill you except yourself.”
      Your statement itself is full of hope.
      You are hoping against hope that people will listen to your advice. That’s why you spend you precious five minutes to drop a comment on my blog!
      Now tell me,
      Is there a spiritual world different from a materialistic world?
      Personally I don’t see two different worlds like spiritual and material. There is no border. They are two faces of the same coin. Everyday you must fulfill some of your material needs. You can not escape from that.
      All goals are material. Even the goal of enlightenment is material. Most people think that enlightenment is endless pleasure. There will be no suffering and that’s why they chase enlightenment. So ‘enlightenment’ is also a material goal.
      For example in your case, you are saying that there are hundreds of techniques of meditation. If you have already dropped your desire then why should you meditate?
      If you are meditating then you are still trying to achieve something by doing meditation (living in future) and if you are not meditating then you can not advocate people that there are hundreds of techniques of meditation.
      Do you think that the desire of enlightenment is different than the desire of money? A desire is just a desire.
      They both are same. When you desire enlightenment then also you are focused on the future. When you do hundreds of techniques then you are focused on the future and you are moving forward in the hope.
      You said, “…you have a seeker in you….” What is a seeker? A seeker is that person who is NOT satisfied with his ‘here and now’ or present.
      A seeker is not satisfied with ‘WHAT IS’.
      So he is moving forward with HOPE.
      So if I tried to help or guide someone to solve his financial problem then what is wrong?
      Some people will become happy when they find god but most people will become happy when they will find bread and butter.
      What’s wrong in achieving something in life?
      You are sitting in front of a computer but that computer was also a vision of someone and he worked on his vision to bring it into reality and that’s why you are able to comment on this blog.
      If you don’t do anything to achieve your plans then your kids will die with hunger and poverty.
      If everyone drop their desires, visions and plans and sit in a Buddha posture then half of the world will immediately die.
      You said, “this is one of the line that makes me feel…”
      See your feelings are your problem. You try your best to get over them by using your hundred techniques of getting enlightened.
      If someone is fighting for food and ask me how to solve his basic financial problems or how to educate his children in a better school then I will definitely try my best to guide him to solve this problem instead of advocating him to drop his desires and get enlightened.
      You said, “There are hundreds of techniques of meditation”.
      Okay, tell me how many techniques you have done?
      How many hours you spend practicing those techniques?
      Since how long you are practicing all this garbage?
      What you have got by doing all those techniques?
      Why should one practice hundreds of techniques if there is no desire?
      You stumbled upon my blog that only shows that you are still seeking for the truth, god or enlightenment in the darkness.
      In your last line you said, “there are hundreds of techniques of meditation, see which suits you, n practice it,…”
      For what?
      To achieve something, right?
      You hope that if you practice some foolish technique for many years then one day god will appear in front of you. This is a hope. You are practicing hundred technique because you hope that someday you will get enlightened.

  17. Hi MG, first of all thanks for considering my post and replying. MG you are right i’m not enlightened or have attained any buddhahood. But yes i do meditate. I you have done it ever or anybody who have been doing it will feel what i’m saying. Let me try again to explain. See sometime the word meditation itself confuses, lets not say it meditation, call it “dhyan”. Being indian its easy to feel the essence of word dhyan. When we sit for dhyan, the technique is to feel yourself, it starts with feeling the body, once your dyan goes to every part of your body your body naturally relaxes. This is very first and very easy step. If somebody is reading this comment please close your eyes and feel your body just for 3 min, say starting from feet to head. One will experience that at certain part of his body he himself was stressing it unkowingly. Once your dyan goes to such places your body natural tendency is to relax and it does so. Like we have read in school days that electron loves to be in a lower energy state/we could say electron wants to relax. i’l just give an example its a very famous example some of you may have heard it. And It also happens with all of us. Suppose if somebody’s house is on fire, and with the help of villagers he is trying to put off the fire. While doing that thorn struck in his foot. But at that very moment his dhyan was totally on putting off the fire so he could not feel the pain due to thorn. Later when fire if put off everything seems to be calmed he suddenly feels the pain in his foot. Because now his dhyan is removed from house and came back to himself. Thats how our dhyan works.

    Now in meditation whole process is to move this dhyan deeper and deeper inside your being. And being materialistic means to move the same dyan to the outer world, to search position, to search respect, to search money, etc. Dyan is the same just the directions are opposite. Now one may question that what is the need to go deep inside when our whole life depends on outer world. My answer to this question is, if your want the answer you have to meditate. Because words are not enough to explain it. Its Like You try to teach a person who has never been in love, you can explain him lots of theories but to understand love, one has actually to be in love. Same is the case here.

    So folks i dont force anybody to do meditation, but if somebody asks me which is the way to realize the self, there’s only one answer i give and that is meditation.

    And MG dont misunderstand me when is say practice meditation, its not like we are practicing it to achieve something, its about realizing, there is lot of difference between achieving and realizing. Achieving is like invention, you invent something which does not exist. But realizing is like discovery, something is already their you just have to discover it. And the thing that already exists which we discover in process of dhyan is whatever you call, god, bhagwan, allah, etc.

    In the end i’l just try to clarify the confusion about hope. If i go to any person and say him meditation is the way to get rid of hopes and live here and now, generally the person will start meditation with a hope that one day he will be able to live here and now. And once he start the journey one day he reaches that state. Remember story of gautam buddha, he had a hope that one day he will find some way to get rid of all sorrows and pains in life. And one day he did, n that day he was desireless, hopeless, living here and now. See journey started with hope ended with no hope. It was about the inner journey, and if the journey is outward (as i had already explained how dhyan direction are) selfrealization never occurs. One will invent computer, invent internet, invents blog etc. But will never discover his true being.

    1. Vishal, did I ever talked on searching for position or respect?

      I don’t know why you are exagrating things.

      Money is needed for survival. If you don’t have money then you can not buy a computer or a cell phone. Without money life will become very miserable.

      I’m not against money. I am against GREED.

      Please try to undersatnd the difference.

      I’m not agianst setting or achieving goals. I am not against future plans. I think one should have a sense of direction.

      When I look around I could see there are many good people stuggling for getting financially stable. They are not able to provide proper education to their children.

      Money is not evil.

      Even if you want to do something good you need money. If you want to run an orphanage you need money. The problem comes only when people become greedy for money.

      No doubt, to meditate (means to observe your thoughts and emotions) and to know yourself is very important but to feed your children, to provide better medication to your family members, to help the helpless people is also important. If every intelligent man have a vision and a workable plan for this then the world will become more happier. Just living here-and-now will not help much.

      If you live here and now then you will become happy but if you have a vision for the world, if you have a workable plan to create wealth then you will also make the world happy. There is a huge difference between a GREEDY PERSON running after money and a CARING PERSON trying to create prosperity and wealth to make the world a better place.

      From your reply it appears to me that you are a meditative person so I hope that you can understand my point of view.

      In my perspective a person should be all rounder. He should be wealthy but he should NOT be greedy, power hungry or corrupt. He should be healthy, prosperous, loving and happy. He should progress in all directions. He should meditate to know himself but at the same time he should also focus on making his career. He should be peaceful and loving but he should know self defense and martial arts. He should not have any weaknesses in any area of his life. He should be able to move in all directions. He should be rooted in the present moment but he should also have a vision for the future. This is my view.

  18. Dear i respect your view, but we do have a very thin line of difference in views, chalo ab aur baal ki khaal nahi utartey :-), it was nice sharing views with you, best wishes.

    1. Okay Vishal. some differences in views will always remain, after all we are all walking on different tracks. Here I would like to quote Bruce Lee, “Take what is useful, discard what is useless”.

      Thank you, best wishes.

  19. Amit and My two cents:-

    Amit, yes I generally agree with you, currently only certain people turn to meditation. I think that at least here in America, there is room for a lot more people to be helped by some methods of meditation even if it’s not called meditation but something else that might seem more palatable to them. They may not make ‘official’ enlightenment but IMO, that does not mean failure. Progress is progress. When you get further along, then perspectives shift and you can see still further.

    From my perspective here in America, most people here have basic food and shelter and their stresses are more complicated than the basics. From my perspective personally, what I see is that what goes in your mind is what determines your life around you so it becomes a stubborn cycle. Your mind is uneasy, so your life reflects it, but then you blame your uneasiness as being the result of your life around you. But you did it to yourself, but you don’t know that so you keep trying to get the tail to wag the dog, you keep trying to do it backwards. Once you suddenly realize that you were trying to do it all backwards for your entire life, then I think you can’t help but see the irony. It’s one hell of a perspective shift.

    But how to help people break out of the cycle? There seems to be many ways (IMO) but right now here in America, 2 ways seem to be the only ways considered seriously and taught as roads to enlightenment. Those ways are meditation schools and yoga schools. And of course there are a lot of variation between the schools and there is a lot of arguing between them about small details and which are better. And there is a lot of guru worship, which seems to be par for the course with humans who don’t understand or aren’t able to believe (yet) that the power is within their own selves, not actually in the hands of some other guy. There seems to be a chronic problem of people looking to others for power and I did it myself for a long time too.

    Also, there seems to be in many meditation circles a discouragement of people speaking of how far they have gotten with it. Maybe that is a backlash to the opposite end which is ego bragging, but it also has limitations. Hopefully a middle ground can be found and so that you can maybe see better what I am trying to see, I will clarify. I can’t go back to the state of looking for the preliminary kensho (or whatever you want to call it), because I already made it that far. For my personal life, it’s still very unstable but it is there so the current project is to stabilize it more into my daily life.

    With that came this interest in working with a big section of those around me that are not into the ‘airy fairy’ stuff but could probably be down with something like ‘mental efficiency training’ or some such. That is the territory I came from so I know that territory fairly well. So that is where I am currently headed generally and maybe the further parts of the road will look a lot different than the early parts or maybe they won’t. I guess it would be kinda boring if I knew the end of the road completely before I took the first step.

    To be honest, I am not sure how I got here myself. It was a long and winding road that included a lot of flailing and cluelessness. I didn’t even believe in what I believe now until the very end. If you’d asked me a few years ago, I’d have told you it all sounded like BS. My goals were to fix my problems and in part I thought I could do that by looking in my mind and finding the source of them. I didn’t believe much in Kundalini but I thought it would be cool if it gave me ‘power.’ Hehe, that makes me laugh now! All the ‘distractions’ served their purpose by keeping me interested enough to continue the search. But with all those ‘wrong’ motivations, I still made it and that makes me think progress can also be made for others as well. Even if your motivations are selfish and misdirected, I think you can still go through the steps and make progress and gradually your perspective shifts and your motivations change.

    When you teach a young child, what is more efficient, do you tell the 2 year old to do something because 16 years later there will be a benefit? Or do you offer the 2 year more immediate motivations and rewards as well? Once the child is older, THEN the child can maybe be motivated by goals that are more nebulous and further into the future. But first at an early age must come the lollipops!

    I think many gurus, probably feeling there are only so many hours in the day, are mostly only interested in working with the ‘older’ children. But I think the time has come to widen this thing out and get more people on board and that IMO might also require a different perspective on assumptions and different methods of influence. We may need to think outside the box in some ways but since I came from outside the box, that I think give me that kind of general perspective. ;-P

    1. Yes, that is true, you came from outside the box and that’s why your mind is open for trying new experiments. I really appreciate your good intentions and efforts. You said, “All the ‘distractions’ served their purpose by keeping me interested enough to continue the search.” If the distractions keep you interested to continue the search then nothing can stop you.

      1. Well at the time, the distractions kept me interested enough to move in the generally right direction. But I lost interested in most of them over time. It’s just that looking back, I consider them as having been like stepping stones. They opened my eyes to the metaphysical side of things and showed me things I needed to see at that time. From the more traditional meditation perspective, I do see why such distractions are considered a trap and certainly I can see how they could be and are for many people. Those traditional perspectives have a worthy goal of trying to lead everyone efficiently in the right direction. But realistically, I know of no system that can lead everyone alive to enlightenment in this lifetime. In fact, I know of no system that leads everyone who practices it to enlightenment.

        So for everyone else, it could be that a more efficient and organized use of the carrots/lollipops along the path may help people move in the right direction. You have to consider that most Americans do not even believe in the concept of meditation leading to some kind of grand knowledge, so asking them to put forth huge effort for some nebulous far away goal that they don’t even believe in is unlikely to work.

        1. For a moment forget about the word ‘enlightenment’ and just think about happiness, peace, harmony, balance, being in the moment, going with the flow, clarity and you will see that many doors will be open. You will feel the ease and simplicity. Because you have experienced all those states at some point in your life.
          Enlightenment seems impossible while ‘being here and now’, ‘happiness’ or ‘letting go’ seems possible.
          Yes, I agree with you, you can simplify things by using carrots/lollipops to help people to move in the right direction. But at the same time you should be aware that these carrots/lollipops should not become the cause of distraction, it should not become an obsession. There must come a time when people should throw these carrots/lollipops and move on.

          1. I see enlightenment as being like a big shift in perspective. You see what’s behind things and why reality is the way it is. Because of the shift in perspective, then you get those other things, happiness, etc that you mentioned. Although from some of the biographies, it seems the happiness does not happen right away for everyone. There does also seem to be some major physical energy shifts in the body as well, which I don’t understand well but I assume that is what the yoga people are going after, trying to drive the process from the perspective of the body to influence the consciousness. It makes sense though, that if consciousness creates the body, then shifts in consciousness and shifts in the body system will be concurrent. Anyway, I don’t think it’s possible to know what it’s like in advance, everyone I have heard said it was different than they had expected, but I do think that anticipating an overall positive future, without getting too locked into details, is a good idea.

            Yes, I agree the danger so of the distractions are that you will get stuck long term. But I think the majority of the populace has no current intention of giving them up, so the likely alternative is to try to pass through them and move on. You have to work with what you have, even if it’s not so ideal (yet).

            BTW, you mentioned before the techniques of Osho and Gurdjieff, but I haven’t had much luck finding the specific methods, just a lot of talk on basic theories and the overall controversy. The info was too vague to be of much use for actual implementation. Not that my personality is compatible with such negative overall paths as theirs, but it would be interesting to know their exact methods as implemented specifically. I see that Gurdjieff is known for his ‘shocks’ to the psyche of others, but even then, I didn’t find any specifics as to the when and how of application.

            1. Eva, all techniques and method actually makes you more and more mechanical, just like a robot. That path leads you in a wrong direction from the very beginning of your journey. You may experiment with it (for few days) if you wish so.

              Suppose you have a strong desire to know the truth, to know what the life is and who you really are!
              And there is nobody to guide you, nobody to help you, you don’t know any technique or method, then what will you do?
              There will be only questions in your mind without any answers, right?
              Can you live in that state of not knowing?
              Because then there will be no confusion because there is no knowledge.
              Then you know (and accept) that you don’t know.
              Then there will be no doubts because you are not following techniques invented by some Guru.
              Then your mind will automatically become calm and quite.
              In that silent state you are able to perceive things more clearly.
              Then there are no distractions.

              The enlightenment is not in the future. There is no journey. You don’t have to take even a single step. You are not going to achieve anything. You are not going to add something to you. You simply come back to this moment. If you are totally present in this moment, focused on your work or simply listening to the sounds around you then you are already there. Enlightenment is nothing but awareness or being in the moment, that’s all. That’s why all techniques are useless. People want techniques because they assume that they will become happy when they will become enlightened. And according to me whenever you are happy you are in meditation, when you are peaceful you are a Buddha.

              You are already that which you are seeking. There is no journey and that’s why there is no technique. But you don’t want it right now so you ask for techniques. Eva, this moment you can have a good laughter like a Zen monk, this moment you can drop your all past and become totally free. Really..! I think I’m the only person on this planet who believes in you 🙂

              I have absolute faith that this moment you can become a Buddha but you want to help people, you what to invent techniques, you want to search, you want to read the books, and scriptures and the mind will go on. You will try Zen, you will try Sufi, you will try Yoga, you will try ancient and modern techniques. And I’m telling you that when you stop searching and trying you are already there.
              I’m saying that when you search, you miss.
              When you try, you miss.
              When you follow any guru or authority, you miss.
              When you become a part of any spiritual organization, you miss.
              Because then you lose your freedom. In my opinion getting free from all these things is enlightenment or freedom.

              In my opinion Kundalini, Yoga, techniques, scriptures these are all distractions. The biggest distraction in this world is a Guru because he is talking endlessly. Enlightenment means to empty your mind from all these things. Enlightenment means that moment when you come to know that all spirituality is nothing but bullshit. Techniques lead you away from yourself, actually all techniques are waste of time. Enlightenment happens NOW and not in time. It has nothing to do with rising kundalini or opening the third eye.

              Look at any child, he has no knowledge, no guru, no techniques, no past, no future and no questions. He lives in the moment and he is happy. 24 hours he is in a relaxed state. You are born with this state. It is your natural state. It is the most natural state of any human being on this planet.

              1. You say that techniques are a distraction but you have already kindly given me info on several techniques. To observe thought is a technique and so is to observe thought and try to to trace it backwards in time. To sit in meditation is a technique and so is to follow the breath or whatever you want to use. Yes, I do think to observe breath is a distraction, IMO you are trying to distract monkey mind enough to quiet down the random chatter by giving monkey mind something to keep it busy, ie observe breath.

                I have yet to see any practitioner that did not use any techniques. Everyone has things they do to help manage thoughts and emotions, even if it’s just to take a deep breath, count to 10, or whatever. Gurdjieff’s method apparently was something like making people confront as much as he could everything they disliked until they got over their dislike. I don’t see this way as being easily workable other than on a one on one basis plus you would need some fairly obedient followers. Osho, not yet sure about him, he had that moving meditation and whatnot, but I haven’t found anything super specific. I also don’t see any one technique as likely being the best for every single person. People will find the path that suits best according to their personality and issues.

                I think I’ll disagree with you on the nature of enlightenment. You can reach a perspective shift where you see what is behind everything. Once you realize, then you see how ironic your life has been and so yes, it is quite amusing. I understand now why those Buddhist guys walk around chuckling, although if you had asked me a year ago, I would have had little idea. However, I don’t think enlightenment is one magic moment that you suddenly become all powerful. I think it is more like a particularly dramatic point in the process of learning. It’s not to say that there will be no further learning beyond that point or that you will know everything at that point. You will still have plenty of questions but they will be different questions from before. And it’s not even to say anything specifically has changed other than you reach a point of understanding a lot of stuff you have already heard but from a much deeper level and being able to see the implications much more clearly. It’s the difference between just hearing something and really getting something.

                And from that point also, it seems, there awakenings a desire in many to help others see it too. But how can you do that? A person can’t really see this kind of understanding just by me or anyone telling them or them blindly believing some guru. People have to go inside and clean out the bs in the psyche and find that understanding in themselves. There seems to be certain ways to make that happen more efficiently, like meditation, yoga etc. Those are the techniques to get a person there they are techniques to help train people to look inside themselves and find out for themselves. (but yes, some of the guru techniques are not always that purely intended or used in every situation).

                As for the various religions, no I will not chase those. I am not a religious person and have not seriously considered joining a religion since I was a little kid. Because I am not a follower by nature. I won’t believe something just because someone tells me, not you or any guru. However, I do think religions, like people, have kernels of wisdom and advice that are useful, some more than others. Many of the ‘enlightenment’ religions have been trying to lead people to the perspective shift for a long long time so there are likely good ideas to be learned inside there from all that experience. Just bypass the dogma parts! ;-P

                1. Since you believe so much in techniques, I mentioned briefly about few techniques which are already popular since ages. I mentioned them so that you can test them, you can play with them and find out if they really works or not. For me, I have tested and find them useless but if they work for someone then…okay! Go on!
                  “Observing what is going on in your mind” is NOT a technique unless you do it mechanically everyday for 30 minutes in a particular posture. You have to observe yourself in different moods and different states. You have to observe your anger, fears, frustrations in action without using any technique. That’s all. If this is also a technique according to your point of view then it is okay.
                  When I use the word ‘enlightenment’ or ‘meditation’ it has quite different meaning but still you MUST disagree with me not only on ‘the nature of enlightenment’ but on everything I said, actually that is what I want and that is what I encourage.
                  Personally I have rejected all masters, scriptures and techniques and I encourage you to do the same with me!

                  1. Looks like we disagree on the definition of ‘technique,’ which is fine. But I don’t see where I disagreed with you on ‘everything.’ There were lots of places where I have agreed with you in writing.

                    For enlightenment or whatever you want to call it, I am speaking from what I have seen personally so far. I have seen there is something to it. I am not saying I have seen all the way to the end of the path or even super far along it. But what I have seen so far, I was able to go online and read that others have experienced similar, so I don’t think it’s just me. Obviously, I am not going to agree that something does not happen when I have seen it myself. Just because you have not so far experienced something does not mean it does not exist and that the only possibilities are those that you have already experienced. On the flip side, I don’t expect many people to believe wholeheartedly in something they have not experienced themselves. I’m just saying you might want to keep an open mind. I don’t think either one of us knows all that can happen and that is true and not true in this world.

                    I do think that observing thoughts throughout the day is a very good idea, but I suspect that how people do that and even how they get to that point most efficiently may not be exactly the same for everyone. IME, people tend to assume that what worked for them is the best way for everyone else as well, and I think gurus tend to teach from that perspective also. But I think that each way is actually probably best for only on a certain subset of humans, each according to their nature. Still, you will tend to see certain commonalities between methods and the commonalities are something I am especially interested in.

                    1. When you go for a walk how you look at trees, birds, clouds or people?
                      Is there any technique?
                      Is there any method?
                      Do you need to learn how to observe ‘things’ from a specialist?
                      You simply look at the things as they are, aren’t you?
                      If you are sitting on the bank of a river how do you look at the flow of water?
                      Is there any technique?
                      You can look at your thoughts and emotions the same way as you look at the things around you.
                      You can look at anger, fear or any emotion.
                      Normally, when people get angry they never observe the anger.
                      Either they give justification for their anger or they blame others.
                      But when you simply look at anger without any judgement you learn about anger. Then you see every movement of thought. Then you see the whole structure of anger. In that seeing itself there is freedom from the anger.
                      Same with fear or any other emotion. When you look at fear, you notice how your thoughts create this feeling of fear. This understanding itself gives you freedom from fear.
                      The disorder is in the mind. And in my opinion why don’t you look directly into the mind?
                      Why don’t you directly observe your fears, anger or any disorder in action and learn about them? Because that simple observation will give you freedom from all kind of disorders.
                      There is no technique for it.
                      When you are angry watch your anger and when you are sad watch your sadness.
                      When you observe, anger gets disappeared,
                      when you become aware, fear and sadness get vanished.
                      Then what remains is a ‘natural state’.

                    2. Most people don’t know how to do things like just look at anger without judgement. THey have always had judgement and the two have always been paired since childhood, since before they can remember. Trying to learn that kind of thing is why people sit in meditation for years. For instance, are you always lucid in your dreams? WHy not? WHy don’t you just do it with your mind? The waking world is like that too, not everyone can just do something just because you tell them. They are in a fog and they don’t see they way.

                      Did you tell all your friends and family to just observe their anger without judgement? Did they all do it and become souls who do not get angry? Why do you think they didn’t? It’s because they haven’t all reached a point where they can see the path to doing that or even the advantage to doing that. Just because you were able to do something does not mean everyone else can do it the same way just because you tell them to ‘just do it.’ Just because your mind is a certain does not mean theirs are. If that worked, then everyone around you would be doing it. But some are not doing it, so what is your plan for those people who even though you told them to just observe are still not doing it?

                    3. No, I don’t talk about this to everyone, I talk to only those who are interested.
                      Most people can easily do this but I never said that everyone should do this.
                      I can tell them but I can not force or convince them. I can only discuss with them.
                      Those who are interested will listen to me and they will work on themselves.
                      Some of my friends have zero interest in all this so I never discussed on this topic with them.
                      Yes, there are many friends who observe their thoughts and emotions without judgement and they share their experiences with me. I only talk about this if this topic arise in a normal conversation. Suppose someone is talking about spirituality and religion only then I share my views, that too if he is open to listen to me, otherwise I never talk.

                      My nephew Udayan (studying in 6th standard) find this stuff very interesting. Sometimes he gets angry and I tell him to stop and observe his anger. After ten minutes he tells me which thoughts were moving in his head and which images were running in his mind. He telles me that first of all his body get tense but as he start observing his thoughts, his mind gets calm and his body gets relax. I can notice his inner silence on his face.

                      There is someone who observed his fears and panic attacks and get cured. He told me that he spend many years (and money) trying different therapies without any result. Some readers send me email about their personal problems, relationship problems, breakups, depressions and I always tell them to observe their mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sooner or later most of them tell me about their improvements. Actually all human problems are created in the mind. They are created by thoughts. If you observe them, either you get solution or they get disappear. When you observe them you go into the dipper layers and understand their structure. In that understanding itself you get the solution or the problem gets dissolved.

                      I don’t have any plan for those who are not interested in such things because I don’t want to waste their time (although they are already wasting their time).
                      People are interested in other things…so I can not convince even to those who are very close to me but sometimes a stranger immediately understand this and starts his journey.

                      When a person is interested, it takes only few minutes but if he is not then you can talk endlessly without any outcome.
                      Even so called genius and intelligent people will miss this because they don’t want to stop their endless inner chattering.
                      I’m not interested to change anyone because the world is like this since the beginning.

                    4. Yes, exactly my point, some people can’t and won’t. They are not that far yet. But is there advice that can be give that will get them closer to the point where they are ready? It’s actually a lot of people that can’t and won’t or won’t and can’t, that yes they do want help for their problems but they aren’t ready for that kind of help yet.

                      Actually, a lot of what you describe is used in psychology in cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistic programming. You observe thoughts and then analyze them and ask yourself if those thoughts are logical, useful, etc. THey have a tad more detailed techniques for it but it’s basically the same thing. It is one of the commonalities. What words are used that make it easier for them to understand? What is the most effective way to explain the process to different types of people, those that are more emotional, those that are more analytical, etc? What scripts are you saying to them to encourage them to think it through? Those are also techniques but they don’t have to come from a guru or entail guru worship nor do they all require long term dependence. By themselves, they are just tools and how they are used depends on the those wielding them.

                    5. No, I’m not suggesting to analyse thoughts and ask yourself if those thoughts are logical or useful.
                      I’m telling you to just observe them.
                      When you analyse the thoughts the mind will make you fool. Because who is going to analyse them?
                      The mind itself will analyse them.
                      One part is creating the problem and another part is analyzing the problem.
                      It is the same mind playing on both sides.
                      You don’t have to interfere, you simply have to watch.
                      The most effective way to explain this stuff is being simple and straight forward. I talk about observing thoughts in normal conversation without any predefined script or pattern. It is just a spontaneous and normal conversation. From their response I understand if they are getting this or not. I give different examples or further explanation according to the situation. It is all trial and error.

                    6. It is the same mind analyzing but wouldn’t it also be the same mind observing? Does the observing mind form no opinions on what it observes? Anyway, I can see this would work but BY MY DEFINITION, you are using techniques, you are just using a variety of them, of ways of explaining according to what results they get from your first words. You say something, then listen to their results, then you say something else according too their response. This is what psychologists are trained to do in general. In some branches of psych, the psychologist never gives any advice ever but just keeps saying things to try to get the subject to think about it themselves. One on one methods can be great if the teacher is good at doing it and you can tailor the next suggestions according to what the subject says has happened so far. However, what if it’s not a one on one situation? What if the teacher is not good at explaining or if there is no teacher available?

                    7. If I apply your definition to everything then eating food, drinking water, walking on the road, window shopping or chatting with a friend everything should be considered as technique. Well, I don’t mind it..I already told you that if you consider this a technique then also it is okay. There is no problem at all.
                      To me what is important is to observe what is going on inside your mind. Whether it is a technique or not is not much important.
                      When you look at the mind, observe your thoughts you directly look at the source of your problems or disorder. Because these problems are created by thought.
                      But when you are doing so called techniques like opening third eye, rising kundalini, opening chakra etc then you are avoiding the real problems which are created by your own thinking. This is what I mean when I say that observing your mind is not a technique.
                      You said, “The same mind is analyzing but wouldn’t it also the same mind observing?”
                      When you are observing thoughts you are passive.
                      You are not interfering the flow of thoughts.
                      In other words you are observing the thought which analyzing other thought.
                      Analysis is like one blind man helping other blind man to cross the road.
                      Yes, it works if they are lucky or other people become aware that two blind men are crossing the street.

                    8. I am interested in techniques on observing thoughts! ;-P I do think it’s a good way and basically what worked for me. For the other popular techniques, I don’t have much opinion on them currently. I will need to learn more first before I can say how well other methods work.

  20. Hey MG (Mad Guide ) have you read care fully what wrote? and what you wants to prove? fact is, to prove something wrong or right need to provide some new thesis and you have done that by writing that mentioned in your crap in SECRET OF ALL SECRETS “Do not teach your **** to others” (from me “please mind your word while communicating with society) and the last Sentence ” People are already confused, because so many paths and so many concepts
    about truth and reality.Now you do not introduce a new one”. What you doing now with your blog & etc? You are that poor creature who always violets the rules creates by their own. it is clear with your appearance and word that you are a troubled person. have patient be good spread smile be careless about religion (for You Only) You will have Peace. GBU

  21. You have ended my search and brought about great liberation. I would thank you if it was possible to express my level of gratitude – but that is far beyond me. May your blessing be many, and may many others find liberation through the truths that you teach.

  22. Thanks for sharing great article!!! Now i have been totally confused for meditation. Please clear me how can do dhyan. And tell me your views for famous guru paramhans ramakrish

    1. If you are totally confused then be with that confusion. Observe it closely. In that observation you will find clarity. That is what meditation is. Dhyan means simply observing your thoughts and emotions. When you observe your mind you understand the surface structure as well as the deep structure of your thinking process. That understanding itself brings clarity and makes you free from all confusion.
      You also asked me about my views about Paramhansa Ramkrishna. I don’t have any particular view about famous guru Paramhansa Ramkrishna or his well famous disciple Swami Vivekananda. I remember I used to read their books when I was studying in school. I read Vivekananda’s Karma-Yoga when I was in 4th standard. One day my father’s close friend gave me an old trunk (that time I was studying in 9th standard), it was full of Swami Vivekananda and Ramkrishna’s books. I finished reading every single book in my summer vacation.

  23. As per ur views all meditation gurus are nonsense. The are meditation nothing??? If this is nothing resulted no meaning of chakras. Today so many gurus are in world such as brahmakumari, shri shri Ravi, sudhanshu, asharam, baba ramdev, nirmala devi, osho, etc. All they have different technique for meditation. Diffrentiat please what correct . Hence i m totally confused

    1. Personally, I do think there are really people who have reached various levels of understanding and enlightenment and are trying to help you do it too. Just that there are also a lot of fakes and those who are collecting lots of money from their followers and are making the process of enlightenment about THEM and not about YOU are not the truly enlightened ones. You can’t get enlightenment from someone else, most of the process is you looking inside yourself. Other can give you a bit of help and some advice but you have to do it inside yourself. If there is a person saying they want to help you but they are really just taking a lot money and fame from you and acting they they have all the power, be suspicious of that person, they are probably not as enlightened as they claim. Those people do not have any power over you unless you give them that power. Do not give away your power blindly just because someone is like a popular rock star and makes a lot of promises. In the end, all the power for your life is inside you already. No one else can give it to you and no one else can take it from you without your permission.

    2. Just think if you born on a planet where there are no gurus, no meditation techniques, no religions then what will you do? One thing is certain that there will be no confusion. If you don’t know ‘what is the truth’ or ‘what is the meaning of life’ or ‘is there any god’ or ‘is there life after death’ then there is no problem. The problem begins when you pick up the answers from these gurus or books.
      Just realize that ‘I don’t know who am I’ and ‘I also don’t know the answers about the basic questions of life’ and there will be no confusion. Then you will feel much more relaxed and calm. Then there will be only five or ten questions in your mind. Live with those questions. There is no problem. Sooner or latter you will find the answers. Even if you don’t find any answers one thing is certain that you will not live in illusions and confusion.
      You are confused that means these gurus and there answers and techniques didn’t satisfied your quest. Drop them and move on. Have courage to stand on your own feet.
      Suppose there is too much data and unnecessary software on your computer hard disk then what happens? Your computer runs slow.And if your data is virus infected then it becomes even more slower. The same way when you believe in different (or contradictory) ideologies (or belief systems) your brain become slow and confused. Then Osho is pulling you in one direction and Ravishanker in another direction and Baba Ramdev in another direction. If you follow all the gurus available in the market then schizophrenia will be the result.

  24. Hi, I am very grateful for your book. It helped me to experience truth for the first time. However, I have lost this experience, and I am very confused why this has happened. Do you know what could have caused this loss, or what I can do to find it again?

    I also have a lot of fear, as I always feel panic. When I was in direct experience, this fear turned into ecstasy, and I was able to relax for the first time in a very long while. When I fell out of direct experience, the fear returned but is many times stronger. Fear is ruining my life, and is my main motivation for finding enlightenment again.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, again I am grateful for having had that experience. I hope you are doing well!

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