Confusion and clarity

Easy Going

By h.koppdelaney

Thought creates the smoke of confusion. Mind IS confusion. There is no clarity in mind. And in meditation there is no mind.

Confusion arises because people believe in certain things. If you believe people are good, but sometimes they are not and you are going to be confused. You love a man and you have certain ideas about how a lover should behave but no lover ever behaves like that. And when a man doesn’t fit with your ideas you are confused.

So drop your beliefs. If you really want to get rid of confusion then drop all beliefs, whether religious or political. Otherwise you will be confused. Never believe in any belief system.

There are no maps in the meditation. Drop the ideologies, drop the scriptures and there will be no more confusion.

If you are already confused, how can you think and resolve the confusion?

In confusion don’t do anything. Just sit. Let the thought settle by themselves, let the confusion dissolve by itself.

Love is simple. Love knows no complexity. A non loving person is in a confusion and chaos.

18 thoughts on “Confusion and clarity”

  1. i do agree thoughts create confusion,but im not able to agree belief also create confusion,anywy my confusion arises when i encounter different views,whether i believe it or not ,for example,some say effort is need,some say no effort as nothing to achieve,but osho says first tremendious effort n then settle into effortlesss,zen says it as effortless effort,now im not into anyone of these n i believe none but my confusion is whom should i follow…

  2. Beliefs come from others, hence there is confusion, if you KNOW something you don’t have to believe it.
    First of all just see CLEARLY that when you encounter different views it creates confusion ok? (Actually it is not when you encounter different views but your ATTACHMENT to different views) So you stop looking outside for readymade answers. Then what is left? Just questions, your own AUTHENTIC QUESTIONS, Ok? And you don’t know the answers. This state of NOT KNOWING is NOT confusion but simply YOU DON’T KNOW SOMETHING, that’s all. It is a plain FACT. This fact never creates any confusion or conflict. To live with your questions or ignorance is not confusion. The answer should come through your questions and not from others or books and even if it does not come its ok, because now there is no confusion but ONLY FEW INNOCENT QUESTIONS.

  3. yup ur right confusion do arises just bcoz of the attachment to that perticular thought,n i have decided not look for readymade answers outside rather drop my questions ,il let myseif be what im..that phase of search for truth or what we fondly call enlightenment was damn irritating just anguish ,just unsatisfied,desires ..i have decided just step aside of that rael or unreal path,….thank you mg ,i have no more confusions no more questions ,hmm seems no more so called I.. 😉 🙂

    1. hey mg,strange year ago i left myself
      but im still in that loophole….can u believe i reached nowhere.
      same feelings strike me again.
      what im doing?n why?
      how can you attain enlightenment?
      or how can you kick out this very idea of enlightenment?
      i regret my past just becoz i know more but have less
      knowledge corrupts me,im nomore a innocent
      now i dont know whats my question?
      dont know what i need?
      feeling ,,oh no i dont know what im feeling..gone crazy

      1. Hello, dr. Manoj, I’m happy to see you after so long.
        You reached nowhere?
        Where do you want to reach?
        What will you do even if you reach somewhere?
        Life is NOW and HERE.
        There is no need to attain enlightened. The very idea of enlightenment is the mind.
        Past is OVER so why waste time in regret?
        The thought ‘I’m no more innocent’ is really very inocent.
        You don’t know wht is your question, that is very good!
        You don’t know what you need, very good!
        Don’t know what you are feeling, really good!
        Gone crazy?
        Be absolutely crazy!
        Enjoy being crazy!
        That is what enlightenment is.
        Because it is better to become crazy than so call sanity of the insane world.

        1. my god you are really dangerous than osho…!!!
          u know i was something before read osho..but when i read osho n i was nothing.just confusion remained.
          n now its you ..
          seems u will take me beyond this state.
          i said dangerous bcoz if ur very words can destroy my question…
          seems im empty now ,no question is left,not bcoz i got my answer.
          u know that why im empty… words cant collect feelings !
          hope i wont cling to this old question again after sometimes…
          as im still mind ,mind clings to old after few time..
          example is here..last year i asked u a question ur answer relieved me..after a year im or say mind again into same state.

            im feelng somewhere my ego is satsified now, as u said its very good whatever im now is good!!!
            ,why its so……?? really a strnge ,unexplainble situation it is.
            see how much i am confused
            in a moment my feeling or my views changed to the extreme
            i really dont know what im feeling now..and….
            i dont know is it really good,to be confused,crazy,…
            my god its just like tsumani..u cant catch ur feeling into basket of ‘word’

          2. Ok, so Osho run his buldozer on you, that’s why you loose the old track.
            Now its very difficult to go back, and you are searching for the old
            Dude he format your disk, now rest in peace!

          3. yeah osho run his bulldozer …he would have formatted my disk he dint,rather he corrupted my hard disk!!!!!!! im left with corrupted hard disk and confusion 🙁
            nothings old left in me now. except confusion
            right now im playing with this confusion….as i dont have anything else.

            1. Don’t worry, nobody is able to corrupt or format your disc without YOUR consent. Confusion is unfinished business. Confusion is contradictory ideas. Look deep into that, play with it because nobody could enter in your mind except yourself. Yes you might be going through very difficult stage but enjoy it. Truth is uncharted journey, there is no map. So there is confusion, but is is worth to accept go through it happily. Nothing is wrong, mind will try hard.

              1. yeah im into very badly in difficult situation..never been into this much confusion.
                and overthat im fed up with trying to escape it just by finding dropped my idea to run away from this or to run towards scriptures/readymade answers……. just trying accept whatever comes my way

                1. hey mg can i contact u personally? on ur email id?
                  or personal messaging?
                  have a terrible situation now
                  my id is […Edited by admin…]

                    1. hey thank you mg
                      its will be really great to meet you..
                      but im far away from bangalore nearly 500kms..

                2. Just trying to accept? I’m not telling you to accept helplessly but I’m telling you to stay with the reality …that you are confused, and that confusion is YOU. You are not separate from it, so there is no way out. There is no question of acceptance or rejection because this is the fact. If you stay with the fact, things become easier. There is no TRYING. See, your spiritual knowledge, the answers you know and the questions that arises from your knowledge, everything is YOU. Then there is no effort or try. Once you see the fact then there is no need to try to accept because it is obvious. Trying means there is still hope, if there is no hope then why should you try? Look, you are totally confused so you can not find the way out (because you are already confused) and nobody could enter in your mind to clear your thoughts so what is left to do? Confusion is not a state, it’s always moving but if you do anything about that, it will only increase. So what is left?

  4. I’ve been going through deep meditation and I started realizing people have been possessed in the past. The only reason why I bring this up is because I experience almost getting possessed in my dreams and this didn’t happen until I started meditating. I’ve also had an experience with dark entities while I was awake as a child before I knew of mediation. So this is where my confusion derives from. I want to go further in meditation but i fear that my body will be used as a vessel for the spirit world. Can you remedy my fears? I long to meditate because I have depression and it helps allot but I fear that I’ll lose control over my body and my actions.

    1. All so called experiences with dark entities are just images in your mind. It is only your imagination. You said that you fear that your body will be used as a vessel for the spirit world. Okay, I would like to ask you what will happen if you don’t do meditation? Are you sure if you don’t do meditation then spirit world will not use your body as a vessel? Where is that spirit world? In my experience ordinary people are more dangerous than spirits and ghosts.

      Scottie, I can assure you that you will never lose control over your body and actions. You can lose control only when you are possessed by ego and desires. When there is no mind there is nothing to lose control.

      You said, “I want to go further in meditation….” Don’t go further, just remain in the present moment. Whenever you get time simply observe what’s happening in the mind. In this observation all fear and doubts will disappear.

      Just drop the fear, there is nothing to worry and nothing to lose. If you go further in meditation then you will only lose fear and nothing else.

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