Blow Your Mind
By kozumel

Desire is moving into the future. Desire create dreams. With desire comes time and future, and this moment is missed. Future is needed because there is desire, otherwise there is no future. Desire means you have to do something, only then will you be happy. You can not be simply happy. Desire has a motivation in it. When you move into desire awareness disappears, desire is unconsciousness. If you are aware, there is no desire.

A religious person changes all his worldly desires into other-worldly desires BUT desire still persists. Now money is no more object of desire but god, uninterrupted happiness which is pleasure. The idea of god or bliss is more sophisticated but still its desire. Whatever god or bliss you can imagine is rooted in YOUR thought.

Whatsoever you desire, plan and dream never comes. And present is always different from your desire and dream. Your desire is wastage of energy. Nothing is new in desire, you can not desire the unknown. Desire is just a repetition of known. Desire never get fulfilled. If a dollar cannot fulfill you how can a thousand dollars be fulfilling? It will be thousand fold more unfulfilling. If one woman cannot fulfill you and create such a hell then thousand women…Just imagine!

When meditation is perfect you don’t change the object of desire but desire is dropped.

5 thoughts on “Desire”

  1. to drop!!!!!!!
    its really hard………
    why drop desires?
    why cant be in middle of this desire and no desire?
    always find myself in these extremities…
    and suprisingly mind has answers to all these questions!!!!
    we just ask question to others just to make it confirmed or get our answers justified.
    if we get a good answer we feel satisfied and shut our mouth
    if answer is bad or against we go on cross questioning till it fits into our bracket…
    AND THE FINAL ONE IS…we know everything about enlightenment,meditation,yoga,heaven hell…….theorotically
    but unable to know the real truth,the ultimate truth is untouched yet.

    1. Dr. Manoj,
      Who is asking questions?
      From where this questions are born?
      Who is comparing the answers whether its good or bad?
      Who is the knower?
      Who is having desires?
      Are you separate from ‘the desire’ which you want to drop?
      Who is going to drop desires?
      What is the ultimate truth?
      Who is the seeker?
      Are they separate?
      What is the mind?
      Who is going to be free from the mind?
      Is there any such thing as the mind?
      Is there anybody separate from the mind?
      If there is no mind then who is going to be enlightened?

      1. !!!!!!!!!!?????????? real ,mindblasting confusion.
        mind is just a confusion and questions……..
        whatever u try it ends in question and with that question there whole lot of confusion………..
        dont know………..
        seems life has only questions to this theres a mind to play with these questions……..if we had answers ,genuine answers mind would have fallen out /disappeared..

        1. Trying is mind, question is mind and answer is also mind. Mind is playing from every side. That is the only way it could survive. Thinking, questioning and analyzing are the ways of mind. Mind has no answer. Mind can never grasp that “what is”. But one should allow mind to ask and doubt and think till it understand its limitations and finish itself. Let your mind become a battle field. Meditation has nothing to do with silence. Meditation is to question, doubt and to be utterly confused until you get your answer or you understand that the question is wrong. Confusion means the mind is trying to KNOW the truth, what is wrong if darkness wants to meet the light. Confusion is a divine play. Enjoy, its your way.

          1. its very pleasure to hear you..
            thank you mg…(dont ask me what for ,..i dont know why im thanking u!!)
            yes i have a last card in my hand…thats to enjoy this confusion,chaos.
            tried all other ways ,last one is need to enjoy this state.
            lets hope i remain purely n fully empty there after tooo.

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