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We are not talking about chronological time, that is time by watch but psychological time.

Mind is living in time. Thought is time. One must understand time to understand what is meditation. Mind is living in time. Mind is living in the past. It is also projecting the future, but if you look closely – it is just polished or more cleverly put together form of the past. There is nothing new. Thought as ambition or goals creates future.

If somebody hurt you yesterday and you are still carrying the feeling of anger or rage then you are living in time. It is so simple. If you are living in anger, frustration, sorrow or fear then certainly you are living in time. Present or this moment is not part of time.

This moment in which you are breathing right now is not part of time. You are totally free from any emotion, or burden of memory right now only if you are aware. You are free from anger, or fear or frustration if you discontinue with mind and become aware of this moment. Living through mind is living in time, or living with memory which is nothing but a huge collection of images. These images prevent you to look into new situations and problems. And these images gives continuity to misery, hatred and fear.

This moment the whole sky and a totally new set of choices is available to you. You can cut off all the burden of misery, hurt and fear right now and start living moment to moment. Because one can live only moment to moment. There is no other way. Actually there is no option. Living in the mind means living in comparison, competition and pity calculations. It is living in a dreamy state. Stress is nothing but your future is pulling you in one direction and past in another.

Living in time is living in dead images which has no meaning. However polished but it is the same repetition. Time is also the root of fear. Because fear is never in actual present. It is always about future. I am safe now but what may happen tomorrow? Fear is thought and imagination operating in time.

Happiness is not image put together by thought. Becoming aware is getting free from time, its like waking from a dream. May be its a very long dream but waking has no steps. It is instant. It is NOW!

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