What is Meditation?

Meditation is not a technique. “How to meditate?” is a wrong question. There is NO method. There is no authority in meditation. NO guru. One has to find out what is meditation. Mostly there is a practice of meditation and a goal to attain something – a god or bliss or peace which is your imagination. It has no value. God (or ghost) does not exist except in your imagination. And there are other methods, teaching you to control your thoughts but who is going to control thoughts? It is a thought which is the controller.

Seeing is going beyond. When you see clearly the falseness of methods, gurus and scriptures, it is finished. Mind becomes quiet and vision becomes clear, this is the beginning of meditation. To see ‘the truth as truth’ and ‘false as false’ is meditation.

Many people believe concentration is meditation but concentration is actually narrowing or limiting your vision to one point. Concentration means to focus at a point.

Our beliefs has nothing to do with meditation. It is entirely different. One has to begin from the beginning. Means you have to DROP all the ideas and beliefs about what is meditation. Only then you can learn and enter into the realm of meditation.

Meditation is NOT accumulation of knowledge, BUT its emptying the mind of accumulated knowledge. Meditation is learning without accumulation. Meditation is not repeating affirmations. Meditation is NOT positive thinking because positive thinking indicates that there is also negative thinking behind it. Meditation is not contemplation on a symbol, image or idea.

Meditation begins when we start negating that which is NOT meditation. There is no beginning or ending to meditation.

2 thoughts on “What is Meditation?”

  1. MG…Man! You are awesome…
    Where did you get all this awesome awesome thoughts/understanding or meaning…its amazing…i totally totally agree with you…everything is so crystal clear…Somehow your understanding matches with J Krishnamurthy’s philosphy…He was awesome too.
    Well it doesnt matter…and its not gonna change anything too…but out of curisity wanna know…where did you get all this stuff from? Books…your own journy? I am curios.

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