Presence of enlightened master

Searching the Ox  -  I

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I received few questions,

you say in ten dirty secrets … kill your guru …throw away the you mean kill the concept of guru but love enlightened person if you find one? one throws something when one understands/realizes that its useless now to come to that stage one has to go through that process are you trying to say that meditation is also useless at one stage so one must use it only as a ladder then jump of it one day?

Arun, how will you recognize that a person is enlightened or not?
And where you will find this enlightened person?
I am insisting you to begin from the basic. You may get the help on the journey but assume that there is no help. And when I say to throw away meditation I’m talking about ‘the techniques of meditation’ because you can not throw something that is REAL. To throw away everything that is false is the real meditation. To SEE the false as false is the ending of false.

do you think meeting with a enlightened person..(please don’t mind the word enlightened as i have no other word to express budhaa, jesus, krishna, kabir , etc. ) can make any difference to guys like me..totally living in habit and too weak to break this cycle. but also with a thirst which breaks through now and then and fills my heart with love..i have seen people who have been with enlightened ones but they seem to be same as they are but i have heard that so many have been touched by their presence and transformed.(even if it was because the guys who were transformed tried and did it themselves) is it easier to try and get yourself transformed in presence of a enlightened one ?

Nobody can help you unless YOU are prepared, no way. It is easier to get transformed in the presence of awakened person but one cannot wait until this kind of things happen. It happened in the past but very rare. You can not depend on it.

The enlightenment is not important but to observe the flow of thoughts and emotions is important. Your thirst and sincere observation of the mind is only the Presence of the Real Guru.