Lessons of life

Lessons of life are easy to know,
Difficult to understand
And almost impossible to apply.

Knowing is not enough, you must apply; willing is not enough, you must do. – Bruce Lee

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  1. जिंदगी की असली उड़ान अभी बाकी है, मेरे इरादों का इम्तेहान अभी बाकी है,
    अभी तो नापी है मुट्ठी भर जमी हमने, अभी तो सारा आस्मां बाकी है

  2. hi MG

    you say in ten dirty secrets … kill your guru …throw away the meditation.

    do you mean kill the concept of guru but love enlightened person if you find one ?

    one throws something when one understands/realizes that its useless now to come to that stage one has to go through that process are you trying to say that meditation is also useless at one stage so one must use it only as a ladder then jump of it one day

    please take some time out and explain i would be grateful


  3. hi MG

    do you think meeting with a enlightened person..(please don’t mind the word enlightened as i have no other word to express budhaa, jesus, krishna, kabir , etc. ) can make any difference to guys like me..totaly living in habit and too weak to break this cycle. but also with a thirst which breaks through now and then and fills my heart with love..i have seen people who have been with enlightened ones but they seem to be same as they are but i have heard that so many have been touched by their presence and transformed.(even if it was because the guys who were transformed tried and did it themselves) is it easier to try and get yourself transformed in prenscene of a enlightened one ?

    please please please take some of your time to answer what you think ?

    with all my love

  4. thanks for your reply..please accept my gratitude.

    i understand i have no way to recognize a enlightened person.

    but tell me if somebody has real thirst wouldn’t this thirst feel the presence of water ?
    i also understand that water is me too and in everything in nature (that’s what seems logical either its everywhere or no where)but my whole outlook is outwards inside me i have only seen thirst no water but when i read or hear people who say they have quenched their thirst i feel drawn towards them more easily doesn’t one feel a little assured that if one has achieved i can also do that. it helps you to go on when doubts try and deviate you or weaken you…

    the major fear is what if i am not able to blossom this thirst.?

    i live in postponement is it because i am doing nothing to fire up this thirst…one cannot postpone if the thirst is acute only when its not one ignores it …its been 14 years and i have been drifting around it. why its never do or die situation for me what’s the problem ?


  5. Arun, this moment, while you are reading this comment, take a moment to notice and ask yourself who is reading?…. and you will feel a PERSENCE, a presence which is always there and everything is happening in THIS PRESENCE, thoughts & feelings are coming and going, molecules of body coming and going, but THIS PRESENCE is always there, unchanged. Your 14 years of search happened in THIS PRESENCE which is eternal and this presence is the EXISTANCE!

  6. hi MG

    thanks for answering although i can see its not a literal answer to the questions i asked but what you have said is also a great help i honestly believe i do not deserve it(because i myself do not do anything for myself) ..it has to be your kindness..

    i had read many times about this question who am i? but today i really asked who is reading with full attentiveness..the first answer was arun ..then i asked who is arun ? and for a fleeting moment there was nothing just attentiveness may be that’s what you called PRESCENCE..



  7. (and for a fleeting moment there was nothing just attentiveness may be that’s what you called PRESCENCE..)OK thats right, now that Presence is The Real. At that moment you are free from conditioning (as long as you are alert), in the begining one may not understand the full significance and meaning of this Presence but we are never present, we are always living in imagination or dreams, in the past or future. If you start living from this Presence or alertness you will see everything is new and fresh, this Presence is timeless, it has no begining or end. From this place there is Spontenious Right Action and freedom form the concepts and notions. Enlightenment or meditation does not happen in time. It is to live through this Presence. Just walk on the street with full awareness or this presence and you will see that the whole city is living in sleep. Nobody is awake(then you will realize what is lacking). This Presence is precious, carry it in all situations. Watch your thoughts, emotions and feelings. To watch means to BE Present.

  8. MG but how ???? how ?? it doesn’t even last for a fleeting moment how to remain 24X7 in something which doesn’t even last a fleeting moment.a moment which is difficult to remember even after few minutes.. its so frustrating …the same technique doesn’t even work second time..the same quality of attentiveness just comes very rarely 10 times in 15 years while other times i am in such a deep sleep that i live in total control of my habits a total mecahanical living ..how MG how? how do i live in that attentiveness do you have a answer!

    with love and pain

  9. Why do u want to remain awake for 24/7 hrs?
    Arun this is mind. Do not expect to remain 24 hrs awake. Once you get the test (glimpse) it is enough, and it will take care of itself, you don’t have to seek it. One ray of light is enough to finish the darkness of ages. This awareness can grow AUTOMATICALLY, and EFFORTLESSLY once you really REALIZE the IMPORTANCE of it. Actually it is your nature. Enjoy even if you can not remain awake for even 1 minute, what’s wrong? It is ok. 99% people never get even this glimpse. Now you know something which separates you from rest of the humanity. Rather than feeling frustrated if you could enjoy those moments when you are not awake then only you can LEARN to TRANSFORM those moments. Now you know there is something beyond mind. That is more than enough. Don’t feel pain for those sleepy moments, instead just watch (whenever you remember, even for few seconds) that which you call MECHANICAL LIVING and HABITS. Do not try to get out of it, JUST WATCH. Watch and enjoy your sleepy automatic mechanical living, its really fun. It’s a GAME, be PLAYFUL about it. Even if you don’t blossom as you said in your previous question what’s wrong? You never lost it. Actually when we get too much attached or panic for getting more awake we lose it. When we seek result we lose the present moment and move into the future. If you are having a dream and if you wake up for just a second what happens? The dream is finished once and forever. Of course you may drift in another dream (because it’s an old habit) but what’s wrong if you could say yourself proudly that HAY NOW I CAN WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DREAM!

  10. dearest MG

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !! (if you would have seen my face i wouldn’t have to say anything but in absence these words)

    i pray one day i could meet somebody who helped me so much. but i also pray that at least for that moment when we meet even i should live in what you call presence or our true nature …

    with gratitude and love

  11. here is my confusion,u told when a ray we have it will take care of the darkness,yeah i do agree, but when i had a glimpse of the ultimate truth(i do have that phase of glimpse whenever i remember or just try to memorise ur fourth secret theres nobody to call it enlightenment as its beyond mind theres only that ultimate space ,i have felt it ,n wen i feel it im into tremendious ecstacy!!!) it should remain forever or else its not like it will be there after sometime or needs time to complete version to feel,as u only told its now ,enlightenment is now not in future,then ur telling here feeling presence,attentiveness for a moment is enough,it will take care of itself.what does it mean ,then its not now its future,future is mind mind is time,time is hope,…can u please clear my confusion…

  12. Dr. Manoj,
    Don’t remember your ecstasies and don’t expect them to happen again. The problem begins when you say “it should remain forever”. Second thing people make it serious problem when they want to remain alert for twenty-four hours. This expectation creates tension. When there is tension there is no attention. But once you taste this alertness it will happen again and again and you will come back to the present. There is no future except in the mind. Past, present and future is a concept; time is nothing but your mind dreaming in the present and drifting into the past or future. Time exist in the mind only. Otherwise you are always in the present since you were born if there is any birth. Whenever you are little bit alert you will get the test of the present.

  13. Man you rock!!!
    You are the most beautiful person on this planet.
    I totally agree with you…those moments, glimpse are eternity…heaven. Its so relaxing…I feel I am with nature…I am with flow…and I am living without conflicts.

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