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I received few questions,

you say in ten dirty secrets … kill your guru …throw away the you mean kill the concept of guru but love enlightened person if you find one? one throws something when one understands/realizes that its useless now to come to that stage one has to go through that process are you trying to say that meditation is also useless at one stage so one must use it only as a ladder then jump of it one day?

Arun, how will you recognize that a person is enlightened or not?
And where you will find this enlightened person?
I am insisting you to begin from the basic. You may get the help on the journey but assume that there is no help. And when I say to throw away meditation I’m talking about ‘the techniques of meditation’ because you can not throw something that is REAL. To throw away everything that is false is the real meditation. To SEE the false as false is the ending of false.

do you think meeting with a enlightened person..(please don’t mind the word enlightened as i have no other word to express budhaa, jesus, krishna, kabir , etc. ) can make any difference to guys like me..totally living in habit and too weak to break this cycle. but also with a thirst which breaks through now and then and fills my heart with love..i have seen people who have been with enlightened ones but they seem to be same as they are but i have heard that so many have been touched by their presence and transformed.(even if it was because the guys who were transformed tried and did it themselves) is it easier to try and get yourself transformed in presence of a enlightened one ?

Nobody can help you unless YOU are prepared, no way. It is easier to get transformed in the presence of awakened person but one cannot wait until this kind of things happen. It happened in the past but very rare. You can not depend on it.

The enlightenment is not important but to observe the flow of thoughts and emotions is important. Your thirst and sincere observation of the mind is only the Presence of the Real Guru.

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  1. im confused how to start (acording to me im the most confused creature here on earth).anyway i have heard,read whatever ,that i(?) should be ready/preapared to to get that what we call enlightenment or taht ultimate truth..i have tried many times ,many techniques,n finally my mind yeah my mind started proving im not ready or prepared for it so better leave it…so what shall i do. i have read ur ten dirty really dirty tech. n i do agree (might be bcoz i dont want to meditate or else something like that)..
    one more thing ur 4th secret its happening now ,who is going to enlightened ? its a truth im believing it..i meant it as im mind beyond mind is the space or nature which seen ,observer, feel this is to get enlightened but when we kno wthis theres nobody to feel actually as no minds there…then whatever im doing is right.then even whatever im writin is my mind ,whatever i do is mind,then evrything is wrong if our true nature is not mind…….as we should be out of or beyond the mind,then what to do ,to be beyond this turmoil..(i think i dint put my question rightly,im really confused of that state )
    last question is ,ur 4th secret is just enlightning secret im much satisfied n agree with it .im into a certain type of ecstacy by knowing that nobody will be there to be enlightened ,tehn this very astitva is in this body watching n dealing with itself,but how to be there without this shitty mind ,everytime it peeps,comes into n just vanishes that ecstacy..
    can u please clear my confusion .. please let me know where im n what im feeling..

  2. First of all forget about enlightenment or ultimate truth, just leave it. Don’t bother. It is simply a word, a notion or a concept. You don’t have to get enlightened, hm? Relax. Why a man should get enlightened? Is it necessary? This kind of concepts creates confusions. You are exactly where you need to be. Don’t worry. It’s OK..! Confusion arises only through the answers provided by others. If you are confused then drop all that comes from others and live with your own questions. Questions never create confusion but borrowed answers definitely create confusion. Whatsoever you do to come out of mind is the mind. If you try to resolve your confusion it will only create more turmoil, so just accept it. Don’t resist. Once you accept it, it is no more. Just note down THE FACT that the confusion is there that’s all. And it has to dissolve.

  3. ufff..ahh a very moment i dropped everything ,even that alien enlightenment..n after that moment i read ur precious reply,n ur cent percent right confusion arise becoz of others answers…n whenever i tried settle it somehow i was into turmoil of confusion ,a tsunami it was…sometimes i felt i was very happy being ignorant ,unkown about this enlightenmint moksha all that shit..i was just terribly n horribly fed up with those stuffs,i want to just kick em out of my life..whatever may the least bothered…feeling freedom right now ,as i was dragged hear n there fpr that enlightenment…thank you very much what else i can say ,thanx forur kind n gracious reply…thank you verrrry much mg.

  4. hi MG

    its about your book “ten dirty secrets… i feel your book ( not you as person but the words of your book) is negative …written for people who live with their minds (good with analyzing talent)who can understand that useless things have to be first removed to make space for the useful things… but you don’t talk about the useful things may be because you believe like many other masters that when all waste is removed whatever remains is the truth (neti-neti)…but for people who live with their hearts who are less intellectual…who understand or relate to positivity much better will find it difficult to use your book … as person you seem so loving and full of kindness but your book seems to be very harsh … don’t you think you should write one more book … which shows the other side …”ten beautiful secrets of enlightenment” although contradictory on surface but just the other side of the same coin … just a thought! please let me know if i am wrong it will only help.

    with lots of love and gratitude

  5. Right, negative approach!
    Its like cleaning and making space but not for something useful but for “nothing”!
    It is to destroy all concepts and notions and to live without any priciple in the light of awareness.
    Don’t you think “Ten dirty secrets..” is also “ten beautiful secrets of enlightenment”
    Any doubt?
    Yes I will keep writing but you know my difficulty, I don’t have anything to say except “Awake”!

  6. hi MG

    this in response to your reply for “ten beautiful secrets …

    while reading your answer it just struck me that dirty and beautiful are secondary ..its the secret which is primary.. even after reading thousands of these secrets by thousands of masters they still remain secrets for most of us ( at least to me ) because instead of trying out the actions indicated in these secrets i just wanted to discuss with you about your approach /style of writing ! how smart i am ! ..i know thousand and one way to escape/postpone .. and i hate this great talent of mine! please say something on this ! whenever u get time …

    with love

  7. you said that you know thousand and one way to escape/postpone, don’t hate this great talent, because one day you will use this same talent to escape from the prison of your mind, and you will postpone everything except this permanently.
    You realized that you are smart, and ofcourse meditation is SMARTWORK!

  8. MG says meditation techniques aren’t needed and he is right just like when enlightened ones day ‘enlightenment is easy’ when infact it is the easiest thing to do in the world.

    ….HOWEVER….. although it is easy and not hard, it can be very difficult if you don’t know how to get to that state. This is where GOOD meditation (not just relaxation) techniques come in. In doing them they show you the path to enlightenment. The reason enlightenment is ‘easy’ is because you don’t need to do anything to reach it. Infact you’ve got to stop doing what you ARE doing to reach it. But the problem comes when you think you are doing nothing but in actual fact you are doing lots of things, and if you don’t even realise you’re doing them how are you supposed to stop doing them? Meditation techniques can show you what you ‘are’ doing so then you become more and more enlightened as to what you are doing (even when you think you are doing nothing) and you can stop doing them.

    I think people can becomed enlightened in an enlightened one’s presence, I saw a documentry about Sri Ramana Maharshi, the guy who wrote the ‘who am i?’ book, pretty famous enlightened dude, anyhow there was a lady on there who said she became enlightened just when she saw him. Didn’t even need to look him in the eye or anything. I’ve seen other people reach that point for a moment too by looking in the eye of someone who was purposely trying to make them enlightened for that moment. I’d like to be able to do that one day.

  9. Something more… to become enlightened it’s your mind that you need to lose. There is no mental step by step process you can use to become enlightened because you can’t use your mind to escape your mind! Being a meditative guru and becomming enlightened or any normal person becomming enlightened still needs to make the same jump into losing the mind. The difference is when you meditate you can begin using the mind to meditate, then when you can do this you can use your practiced behaviour consciousness or your gut mind to do the same meditation, then because your mind is quietened the path becomes clearer. You make the jump with less (even though they may be more attractive) distractions.

    This practiced behaviour consciousness is like walking. you don’t need to think “how” to walk you just walk.

    Just my thoughts anyhow!



  10. sir, i read your book”Fuck FEAR”.i really like that book,, because it is having naked facts. but still i am not able to fuck off from my fear. i am suffering from psychological stomach pain… i know there is no real pain in my stomach…. but still i am suffering with that problem.. which hindering my concentration..i used all techniques,, finally iam tired… please give me suggestion to come out of it…dont tell just accept the pain…….
    waiting for your answer….

    1. Ok Chandra Sekhar, pain is their and that pain is real. I can understand your problem. You said it is psychological stomach pain. Body and mind are not separate, they are connected. If your mind is disturbed then it will reflect on body. Sometimes emotional turmoil is great and it may take some time to dissolve that pain.

      Perhaps your imagination is so strong that you are suffering physically. But still you can come out of it. Perhaps it may take some time. Pay attention to your thoughts and notice which thoughts or images run inside when you feel that pain. Ask yourself, “How my mind and body create that pain” and notice your physical and psychological reaction.

      Feel that sensation again and again. Observe it as if it is an object. Feel its size and shape, feel its hardness or softness, feel it’s exact location. If that pain is associated with some past memory and you know about it then run that movie inside your mind and watch it again as if you are watching it on a screen from a distance.

      I write that book for a guy who was suffering with almost same problem. In our email conversation he feel relief but the problem didn’t dissolved immediately. From our conversation I feel to write a book on that topic. After one year that guy told me that he is almost free from that problem. Before observing fear in action he also tried many techniques and treatments. But later he come to conclusion that only he can help himself.

      In my view no technique is helpful. You must observe every moment of your thought, emotions and energy. Keep patience. That pain is just an automatic mechanism. It is unconscious. Observe it very closely. See how it is connected with your brain. In that watching itself you will get free. Don’t accept, don’t reject, it is there, so just observe every movement of it. Don’t wish that it will get dissolve by your watching, just keep watching as long as it is there. It will keep changing, sometimes it will be intense, sometimes it will be less, sometimes it will vanish totally and some day you will just forget about it totally. Just watch. After all it is just mind, it is just energy. It is not static. It will keep changing and finally it will get dissolve.

      Second thing, don’t take it too serious. Be playful. That knot of fear in your stomach is a very small thing. Don’t waste much time on that thing. It will get dissolve even if you don’t do anything about it. Life is too short and there are many things to enjoy and learn. Just move on with that knot. There are many people who are living with real cancer and tumor. At least your pain is not physical or real, it is psychological and most important thing is that you know about it. That stored energy could also be released very easily by running, jogging or dancing in few months.

      If you have any problem then feel free to communicate.

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