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A Bugs Life - Exhibition at LEA17, Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo

By Dita Actor

It is more important to observe your fear, anger, jealousy and hatred than to know about kundalini and chakras. I was never interested in such kind of fancy things. Tell me what difference is it going to make in your life even if you see light or heard any sound in your so called meditations? Does it makes you more intelligent or mature? As soon as you are out of trance its all gone. All these experiences are self projected.

It is more important to KNOW ABOUT THIS LIFE which you are living RIGHT NOW and try to make it more better instead of wasting time in trying to remember about past lives and past life regression.

Please see the truth or false of what I’m telling instead of asking me whether or not I’m enlightened. Even if I say I’m enlightened/not enlightened its not going to change YOUR life. In my opinion it is the most stupid act to claim enlightenment and it is totally useless for other people because they are not in position to find out whether or not you are enlightened.

Enlightenment is a concept which prevents you to see the life as it is in the present moment.

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  1. i dont understand ,confusion is our very nature or else all the words or saying by mosy people just intesionally changes after some time n they just confuse us… u told no use of sounds or light in trance, ok i agree then whats the use n meaning of the finding n knowing our lives to make it better,y make it better afterall? …ru we all mad ,gone crazy (atleast i feel am raelly mad ..i dont know what for im doing all this)becoz of this mind…we just go on murmuring something,

  2. Living in dreamy state is the basic reason of all suffering. One must come out of this dreamy state if he really wants to end the suffering. We are all mad and crazy as long as we are living in this dreamy state and we just go on murmuring something. The realization of madness is the beginning of the search for clarity and awakening.

    1. Dear MG,
      Who are you? All my life I have been wanting to meet someone like You..
      R u for real? You are something else!
      Do you know Anthony De Mello?


      1. Hello June,
        I also want to meet someone who is wanting to meet me for all life… 🙂
        I don’t know much about Anthony “Tony” de Mello.
        I have never read any of his books.
        But I will try to get his books.
        Thank you!!!

  3. oh my god…what a ultimate creation it is…a questions, answers,wen ans r not upto its xpection it says hey its totally useless,if theres something good then wow its the ultimate truth…my god n afterall whos explaining it to whom???????????????this very question gonna send me into asylum,what to write,whatever i write,speak,think its all mind…n its so cunning it acts from both sides rather from all sides…wen u said the realisation of madness is beginning of search for clearity..mind/ego is just got its food n started to dream abt that ultiamte/enlightenment……..MIND the unpredictable,the unxplainable…knowing all this nonsense doesnt help me to jump out it..then whats the use ??????????

  4. No need to jump out of it, watch, keep watching. Whatsoever you are saying is correct, now dont stop, just watch. There is no hurry. Keep watching all the madness. Watching is the ending of all madness but keep Patience, it needs lot of patience. Yes mind is very cunning, and act from all sides but you remain WITNESS. Witnessing is the begining and the ending of the meditation. First step is the last step. Watching and becoming aware of the mind games is jumping out of duality. It may take a little bit time or you may feel it’s difficult in the begning but in every situation try to maintain your awareness. For example if you are smoking then smoke conciously not mechanically, if you are angree or dipressed become concious, express your anger if you need to express, NOT uncociously but conciously. If you are walking walk conciously. Do every activity with awareness. It is difficult in the begning but slowly you will get the knack. If you loose awreness don’t feel guilty or shameful (as you told in your previous comment), be playfull about it. Whenevery you remember that you are uncocious just come back and become concious, thats all. Do not waste time in feeling low about loosing awareness. It is ok to loose awareness. You may loose it millions of time, but it is just ok. Do not try to jump out of mind, because to think like this is also mind. Mind is not your enemy, but when you become more concious mind become your friend. Hence there is a word “mindfulness meditation”. Meantime you may get many glimpses of no-mind but even if you dont get anything do not bother, there is no hurry. Don’t be anxious or panic because nothing is happning. It’s ok, enjoy being unconcious until you become cocious. Enjoy every step. Just try to become more and more aware of every uncouncious behaviour thats all. Don’t meditate to achive no-mind state, there is nothing to achieve.
    One story for you:
    A Master announced that a young monk had reached enlightment. So some of the monks went to see the young monk. “We heard you are enlightened. Is that true?” they asked.

    “It is,” he replied.
    “And how do you feel?”
    “As miserable as ever,” said the monk.

  5. I have heard that past life regression makes one aware of his immortal nature becoz in the process people experience lot of lives & ultimately their fear of death dissapears. And this in turn will help all other fears dissapear. I have never took any therapy although once I was searching 4 hypnotherapists & hypnotherapy have exited me since childhood but couldn’t ever find one hypnotherapist. What do u think about hypnotherapy n past life regression.

    1. Aniket, Milton H. Erickson the greatest hypnotherapist lived on the earth never talked about using hypnotherapy for past life regression. Richard Bandler, another genius hypnotherapist and the co-founder of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) never talk about past life regression. It is only so called spiritual or cult leaders having very superficial knowledge about hypnotherapy make such claims.
      Death is happening every moment, so you don’t need to go into the past lives. Yesterday is your past life, and it is finished, that’s all, this is death.
      It is possible that if you go in deep hypnosis with the intention of remembering your past life, your mind will unconsciously create a scene or project a dream but still it is just imagination. Hypnotherapy is good to break from habits, getting free from fear and phobia, to solve relationship problems and there are many possibilities. Richard Bandler is famous for his fast phobia cure technique.
      To get free from the fear of death there is no need to go into the past life. It is complicated and there is no guaranty.
      Osho also talk on hypnotherapy and past life regression but after studying Erickson and Bandler I’m doubtful about his knowledge about hypnotherapy. I never come across any Osho sanyasin (including so called enlightened souls) who remembered past life and who can prove it authentically. Osho himself talked about his past lives but there is no solid proof, it’s all vague. You only have to believe and he is a good orator so he can convince you anything. But it is surprising to me that he never mentioned Milton Erickson’s name in his talks on hypnosis, and without Erickson hypnotherapy is zero. The only reason to avoid the worlds number one hypnotherapist Erickson is that, he don’t support past life regression theory.

  6. Thanks for clarifying…i won’t go for past life regression. But do we have something like past life? can u give the name of any helpful & short self hypnosis book?

    But one thing I am now really thinking is that can a person like Osho be wrong or misguide or have a wrong information. I think he has once called himself as reincarnation of buddha…obviously this cannot be proved since budhha was born thousands of years ago.

    1. The question is not whether he is right or wrong but is that useful for you? Even if he is reincarnation of Buddha how is it going to help you? How his designers cloths are going to help you? How his 100 Rolls-Royce going to help you? He is teaching the most simple things such as living in the present moment but his people lost in his 650 books, meditation camps, 100s of meditation techniques and tapes and become very complicated scholars. If you want to become silent be silent, no need of such contradictions and chaos. If you read Krishnamurti you will get headache, if you read Gurdjieff you will not understand what he wants to say, Meherbaba saying that I am avatar, Vivekananda saying aham bramhasmi what is the use of all this for a common man like you and me?
      Enlightenment, love, meditation and awareness are very vague words, they carry hundreds of meaning. Whole spirituality is shit, all religions are full of shit. It is all mind game. If you drop the search you will get silent, if you don’t bother about past lives you will get free from the fear of death because ‘the possibility or uncertainty’ of the continuity is the basic reason of the fear. If you accept that I don’t remember past life and I don’t know what is going to reincarnate again, there will be no fear. THE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE PAST LIFE IS THE ACTION OF FEAR. If you forget about awareness you will be in the natural state. If you kick out god, guru and religion you will become sane.
      In my view if you don’t cling to the past then there is no fear of death, so there is no need to go into the past life. If you are living in the past then you are already dead because past is no more. It is finished.
      There are many helpful books about hypnosis but if you really want deep understanding of this topic then Richard Bandlers – ‘Trance formations’, Erickson’s – ‘Hypnotic Realities’ and ‘My Voice Will Go With You – The Teaching Tales Of Milton H Erickson’ are the best. Erickson is the master of ‘Conversational Hypnosis’. If you study Erickson then you will know how to hypnotize people in normal conversation. You can learn traditional hypnosis or self hypnosis within few hours, (just search google) but to learn Erickson style hypnosis may take few months. Erickson’s hypnosis is not something mysterious but it is a creative art, it’s all about how to use your language and create rapport.

  7. I am very much attached to search & concept of enlightenment…i tried to discard enlightenment but unconciously it always appears…and as soon as I try to discard both things, life feels very empty..i feel impatient. Can self-hypnosis help me with this? or what else I just can’t throw it out of mind.

    1. Mind wants to remain occupied, whether it is spiritual search, politics or conflict it doesn’t matter. Emptiness is death of the mind. Self-hypnosis can not help with this. Hypnosis can only help you to somehow adjust with society. If you accept that life is empty and meaningless and stay there then the problem is finished. Enlightenment is a meaningless word. Life feels very empty because it is empty. When you clearly see that all search and efforts lead you nowhere then you don’t need to discard enlightenment. Don’t try to throw it out of mind, just see that it is just a mind game and let it play. Your mind will get fade up very soon if you don’t stop it.

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