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  1. is it that easy sitting quiet?!!? im not understanding that state of sitting quietly….y does it bore when we dont do anything….how to drop/trancend doin to non doing??net ,music,chatting,habits hobbies,tv,all keeps us engaged somehow….then whats the meaning n solution ?

  2. We always find escape from ourself through drinking, smoking, net, chatting, music, etc. OK, there is no problem when we do all these things without trying to escape from ourself. Man is afraid of being lonely. It is very easy to become silent or peaceful but man is afraid because it (silence) seems like death. We dont want to look inside the mind, mind is madness and it need great courage to look our MADNESS IN ACTION. We build an image of ourself, and we deal in the real world through that image but nobody wants to look WHAT IS BEHIND THAT IMAGE? Not even so called intelligent or so called confident people dare to look what is inside. This is the reson of running outside. To sit silently and watch the mind as it is is very fringhtening experinnce for many people. But if you really want to find out “who you are?” then seating silently for hours or even days become a very interesting learning process. Then to sit silently and watch every mask you ware and go beyond the mind and come face to face of REAL YOU is most intersting experience.

  3. but its all about how to sit silently?just sitting doing nothing is that sitting silently??doing nothing is just doing something or doing it for something…i mean to say doing nothing is itself soing something…then what to do?how to be naturally doin nothing…i just want to know how can we be there where ur pointing or say that something ultimate,by not trying,(means naturally,if we attain that something by our hard work then how can it be greater than achiever?),then what is true,to achieve it ,or wait for it,pray for it,how to be SILENT?
    confusion is created by beliefS u say…but i think i dont know anything about this ,i dont even believe anything about this .still im into this turmoil of confusion.who am i? n whos this asking n to whom???????
    plz MG let my search ends here..clear my doubts or atlest CLEAR this so called ME,MYSELF…

  4. Dr. Manoj,
    A student once asked his teacher, “Master, what is enlightment?”
    The master replied, “When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”
    You ask: how to sit silently?
    Just sit silently.
    You ask: who am i? n whos this asking n to whom???????
    Oh, I really don’t know!
    You said: clear my doubts or atlest CLEAR this so called ME,MYSELF…
    …let go…let go…let go…

  5. i feel pity on me,n shame…dont know why..but sorry i dint get my answer…im still not clear.can i ask u to clear it more precisely.u say just sit silently…but just sitting doesnt make us silent i have tried it..im not getting this …shall still let it go so…without clearing?????

  6. thoughts will come and go, its not the problem, but if you keep watching then slowly you get detached from the turbulence of the mind and automatically the mind becomes silent.
    for example if you are feeling angree then watch this feeling of anger, become more aware and you will find that as you get more and more aware anger start disappearing.
    you will never get answer from outsde but in meditation all your problems will get dissolved. you said that just sitting doesnt make us silent i have tried it..ok, watch your mind in different situations, always come back to present moment and be aware how your mind always drift into past or future. come back to this moment whenever you remember.

  7. thank u mg..for this moment im satisfied with ur clarification n kind reply to my doubts…ill be watching my mind n be as alert as possible n for most of my activities…hope my all doubts n questions in total my mind dissolves in this whole ,the so called ASTITVA..thank u very much MG.

  8. Dr.Manoj, very good,
    Nobody can help in this matter not even me. I’m having so many friends around me but I can not help or convince them to meditate. Only those who deeply want to know about something beyond mind can help themselves. Only your desire to know the truth is your guru and it will be always there to guide you.
    More you are watchful more there is clarity and automatically your mind will get quite
    Friedrich Nietzsche says,
    One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star!

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