Solution is not in the mind

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By h.koppdelaney

Do you know Why did Albert Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”?

Simple, because the only way to make all your problems disappear is to transcend them.


That’s what meditation is all about!

Mind creats the problem but it has no solution. Realize that mind is the problem-making machine. When there is no mind there is no problem. In meditation you do not get the solution to your problem but the problem itself get disapeared.

You can transcend all problems with meditation.

When there is clarity there’s no need even to take a decision. You know what to do and just do it.

Buddha said: life is suffering, but once you realize that life is suffering, you no longer have to suffer.

As a human you will always have problems, this is a fact. But if you understand and accept this fact, you are then free from all problems.

One thought on “Solution is not in the mind”

  1. Is there any supreme?
    May be there is or may be there is not. We dont know yet, therefore there is no question of prayer. Second thing even if there is any supreme you can not be dependent on him, because you are not sure whether that supreme will answer you or not. Prayer sometimes get answer but that answer comes from your mind (one may call it unconcios mind)and that answer may create new problems, it is not to transend all problem and live a PROBLEM FREE LIFE ALL THE TIME. I’m not telling that you will get solutions but I am telling that you will never create any problem. You dont have to achieve this state, you just have to observe how your mind creates problem and in that observation you transend all problems.

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