The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. – Albert Camus

I’m absolutely agree with this quote of Albert Camus. And the only way you can become absolutely free from the society and social hypnosis is to become more alert and more watchful. There is no other way to get free. Changing your religion or to join new group or idiology has nothing to do with rebel. True rebel means to get out of social conditioning whether it may be political or religious.
Meditation is to rebel, it is to wake up from the world of sleep, dreams and habits. Meditation means to throw away authority and tradition. It is to get free from the past, it is to live moment to moment, fresh and alive.
Birds don’t have any philosophy, they don’t need a guru and they don’t know about god. There is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve. No nirvana, no samadhi, nothing. There is no begining and there is no end.

2 thoughts on “Rebellion”

  1. Everything that you do is the creation of the mind. From writing your ebook and posting your blogs/messages are creation of your mind.
    Your busy mind, still existing mind.
    How much longer are you continue to use your mind, MG? Reading and understanding this message/note that I write is from your mind, not mine.
    It is time for you to leave your mind and leave it for a thousand years, and see what happens after a thousand years.

    I think I need to get rid of mind too,
    because I am using my mind to write these words for you.

    Take care my friend.

    Before I go, I like you to help me.

    I have two biggest problems in my life.
    One is addicted to greed (money and day trading)
    And the second one is addicted to pornography (watching online XXX videos and porn DVD at home)

    These two problems consumed all my waking hours and time from morning to morning (meaning all the time)…and basically these are my biggest problems of my life, and these problems going on in my mind all the time. I want to get rid of its but at the same time, I love them so much.
    I love money and porn.

    Please post your reply message at your blogsite, and I will come back and read it, or you can send your message to
    Thank You.

  2. You yourself answered your question when you said “how much longer you continue to use your mind…” yes i use mind as a mechanism, because there is awareness, so I’m not a victim of mind. When you are aware of the mind you are not a victim, you can use it like a very useful and intelligent friend just like a computer.
    You said “I think I need to get rid of mind too,..” This is also mind. why you think like this? As long as you thinking in terms of “getting rid” how will you learn about your mind and its working? This is wrong attitude.

    You are asking: I have two biggest problems in my life.One is addicted to greed (money and day trading)
    And the second one is addicted to pornography (watching online XXX videos and porn DVD at home)
    Well, mind is greedy and wants to accumulate more and more means there is no love and there is emptyness inside which feels like an abyss and one wants to fill that abyss with money, power, knowledge, good deeds etc. Greed has nothing to do perticularly with money but when one feels emptyness he wants to fill it with anything, that is greed.
    Second thing about addiction to porn: Sex is not sin. Addiction is mechanical behaviour. Next time whenever you are watching these CD’s also become aware of yourself that you are watching. Watch conciously. Don’t bother to get free, just become more aware and do it conciously. When you say that you want to get rid of addiction you already moved in the future. There is no hurry. You watched porn for so long, now second step, watch yourself watching porn. And one day you will see the whole stupidity and you will throw it, enough is enough!
    People get addicted very easily to anything because they don’t know how to get relaxed properly or how to get freedom from the mind atleast for few minutes, thats why addiction. A glimpse of silenece. Smoking, drinking, sex, gossiping, chating, bloging everything is substitute of meditation. But very cheap substitute. But if you live meditatively then everything has a very different meaning.

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