Eating meditation

Eating with awareness is a very wonderful experience.
Sit comfortably and become aware of people sitting around you. Become aware of the food in your plate.
When you pickup a morsel of food look at it mindfully and realize that each morsel of food is a representative the cosmos. Just look at it for half a second and really recognize it. Identify it with your mindfulness. Be mindful of every action. For example you pick it up, and you put it into your mouth, know what you are putting into your mouth. Become aware and mindful when you chew it, and know what we are chewing. It’s very simple. It takes only a half second. You just have to become mindful of your actions and the test, the color, the flavour, the smale, as many details as you can. Most of the time we don’t know what we are doing. We are either in the future or in the past. We are not aware. We are not with the action.
Awareness should flow with the action. And you may find, while looking at a morsel of food, one can see the whole cosmos in it, the sunshine, and the earth. It has come from the universe for YOU.
While eating do not put anything else into your mouth like your worries, your tensions and concerns.
Be in the moment.
Chew only the food, not your worries.
This is what living in the present moment.
If you could do this simple thing you will find this is really a miracle.
Learn to enjoy your food and your eating. Let the food become a reality.
If you are not here and now then the food is not a reality.
People don’t really eat their food rather they eat their sorrow, anxiety, anger, sadness and fears. To be present means to be united physically and mentally. Then only you are here and life is also here. Then you will find the simple piece of the fruit is the masterpiece of the universe.
Then the simple act of eating is enough to make you happy.
This eating your food mindfully with awareness is really miracle.
You can become mindful with anything you do.
Whatever you do with awareness is meditation, then simple things like washing your cloths or cleaning the floor become a miracle.
Meditation is not something you do for half an hour, every action you do can become meditation.

3 thoughts on “Eating meditation”

  1. Very well written post MG. Perfectly describes the term meditation which people have been trying to grasp.

    Also, people who overeat and become obese, actually do not even taste their food after a while. They just gorge on their worries like you have written.

    If one is aware while eating, he would be conscious and realize that he has to stop after his body's requirement has been met.

  2. Yes, absolutely right. If you eat conciously then you will eat only that much which your body really requires. You can even try this experiment with smoking or drinking. If you are already a nonsmoker then there is no need to try but if you are a regular smoker then smoke conciously and you will find that you get satisfied with very few puffs. And if you continue to smoke conciously then one day you will find that you lose interst in smoking and only awareness will remain. Habitual mechanical behaviour becomes impossible with awareness. You can not remain a smoker or drinker with being aware. It become impossible to eat meat if you are aware and concious. There is no need to quit anything but just be concious and few things will become impossible.

  3. Something else which is really fun is increasing the taste of food. When you eat something you really love and you get that feeling and taste you really love, just double it, then double it again, and keep on doubling it so that the feeling and the taste is just SOOO WONDERFUL!! Any bite of food you eat can be the most delicious mouthful you’ve tasted in your whole life! And there is no limit to it. The feeling can always keep on increasing and getting stronger!

    And you can do this with everything not just eating.
    The best things you’ve experienced in the past need only be the baseline of what you will experience in the future.

    Be thrilled to the bone! 🙂

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