Make it simple

Make your life simple, do not make it complicated. If you have a wife, then do not find a girlfriend, because it will create unnecessary complications. Make life as simple as you can. Remember one day you are going to die and you will not be able to take anything with you. So do not get attached with anything. Love is not attachment; in fact you can love only if you are not attached. Love means freedom. Love is simplicity. If you love then you will not make your life complicated.

Collectomania is nothing but insecurity. Love is total security. Love and death goes together. Love means to die every moment and NOT to collect the past. Then there is no recording of hurt. Love is NOT forgiveness but when there is love one simply does not blame so there is no question to forgive. When you are alert then there is no recording of hurt. If you are aware and somebody insults you then it does not create a disturbance or turbulence in your mind. You are alert and that moment is gone without leaving any mark. It is finished. This is to make things simple. But if you carry that hurt or insult in your mind then you are unnecessary making your life complicated. Don’t waste life in hate and regret.

If your partner is dumb and duffer or stupid then learn how to enjoy living with him/her, this is intelligence. If you are not having enough money then of course try to make more money but meantime learn to enjoy being poor. You can still laugh on yourself and few things only poor people can enjoy. You can take it as a thrill, a challenge or you may feel helpless, it is YOUR CHOICE. If your business is not running well then you can give some time to your family, friends and parents and enjoy. If you are diseased then you can spend time in reading or listening music. You are born with infinite possibilities and capacities, and to use this capacity to focus on worrying is only stupidity.

In adverse situations you have a chance of testing and increasing your mental and physical capacity. Do not find excuses because they also come from the same mind which is having all possibilities. It can give you ‘an excuse’ or ‘a way out’, it only depends on what you are EXPECTING or looking for.

If you stop making complications and make it simple for you then everything is easy. Carry a loving heart with you and things will become simple for you, or remember death and you will automatically avoid all complications or just imagine that you are wearing magical glasses on your eyes and as you look through those glasses you perceive every situation, person and life simple and easy for you.

Egoist person make life complicated and difficult. Ego drains your energy. Ego is a burden. It is stupidity to carry a stupid and non existing ego for your whole life, get hurt upon small things and die with heart attack.

Living simplicity means going with the flow, and flowing with the life. You don’t have to make it better because it is already beautiful and perfect than you can imagine. To love others is difficult so I’ll not advice you to love others but at least love yourself and have mercy on your little pity brain because it can not afford to bear the burden and bullshit which your ego wants to carry.

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