Where is your attention?

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On this blog we often discuss about ‘meditation’ and ‘living in the present moment’ or living with ‘what is’ but that does not mean that one should not try to change ‘what is’ and remain stuck with ‘what is’. For example someone is having poor health or financial problems. Then focusing on ‘what is’ will only repeat the same experience and it will just give continuity to ‘what is’. One should be able to look for the better aspect in ‘what is’. There are always so many things happening around to which one can give attention and feel better.

And this is not running away from ‘what is’ but finding ‘better feeling aspects’ in ‘what is’. This is the first step. If you could just find something better in every negative situation you will feel much better. And every morning if you just make a small decision to see something better in every situation or every person you will feel much better and get aligned with good feelings. If you just do this small experiment for few days you will find your health will improve and you will become more energetic. Giving attention to everyday worries and problems however they may seem important only increases them. Your focus or attention only increases them. This is the second step to understand that your attention to negativity only increases negativity. First step was to look for better aspect in every situation and second step is to understand your attention to unwanted things only increases them.

For example you if someone is ill and if he is worried about his health and constantly finding what is wrong in his body, he will always find something wrong. Ok this is simple. Instead of finding something wrong see what is working well. Or just enjoy watching good movies, reading books or whatever makes you feel good. Distract your mind. Give your attention to something makes you feel better and your body will automatically start healing itself, and you will start getting better. Your attention to disease only magnifies disease. So your attention is the key. Your attention to illness prevents healing.

Now third step and that is using your imagination. This is the most powerful step which guides your brain to ‘what to create’ for yourself. If you imagine vividly anything you desire ‘as if it is already there’ sooner or latter your mind will create it.

People know it since thousands of years and almost all healing methods are using imagination. It is simple. Suppose you are skinny then regularly imagine yourself going to the Jim and eating healthy food, entertain how you will feel when you will get muscular and how will you feel when you will get strong. You don’t need to bother about ‘how you are going to be muscular’ because your mind will automatically find the easiest way to achieve desired result. Just imagine yourself walking in the street with your new healthy and muscular body with six pack abs of course inside your shirt and focus how will you feel when people will appreciate your new look. Make it more real and feel as if you are already having it.

If you are diseased then remember how you feel when you were healthy and as you entertain the feelings of healthy body your body will start getting better. It works in every situation. And use your imagination in easy situations or problems so that you can use it someday in difficult situations.

If you want to become financially stable then run a movie of yourself getting financially stable and effortlessly earning and living a rich and lavish life. Run this kind of movie in every detail and stay focused on this mental picture and always give attention to this picture in your mind whenever you remember. Enjoy being rich in your imagination and one day it will become your reality.

If you are afraid of public speaking then imagine that you are the best orator and people are appreciating your speech and you are talking to great audiences confidently, and you will achieve the proper alignment with those feelings and thoughts. Be consciously aligned with ‘what you want to achieve’ or ‘what you want to become’ with your thoughts or imagination. See as if it is already happening and feel inside how you will feel if you get there.

Remember your body is actually your thought in three dimension and your reality change with your thought. Your attention is creating your life experiences so learn to give attention to better aspects of life and stay focused on good feelings and prosperity of life. Your attention is your life.

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