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Hello friends, I’m not talking here about traditional methods of meditation but I want you to understand what I am telling you very carefully. This is actually a ‘free style meditation’. You don’t have to set aside time and practice it regularly for half an hour but you have to APPLY it in every situation and every activity. It is not a method but a ‘no method’. Whenever you remember you just have to ‘be alert’ and ‘come back in the present moment’. Simply become aware of what is going on in and around you. Not just the breathing but also the weight of your body, the sounds that going around you, the temperature, thoughts and feelings etc. When you are in the middle of activity just get alert, be more conscious. That’s all. There is no principle or method or rules. You don’t have to get free from thoughts but as soon as you are ‘alert’ there is no mind. It is quick an immediate. One can notice that right now.

Just stop reading and become aware and you will realize that you were not alert. When you are walking or driving just become alert, when you are eating or smoking just become alert and aware. Feel more, be more sensitive. If you want to respond a situation you have to BE there.

Gurus in the past written thousands of books and confused you, and put all kind of shit in your brain. Now it is time to snap your face and just come back in this moment and YOU ARE OUT. There is no philosophy or technique. It’s really very simple. Just breathe out consciously and you are out. This is a free style meditation. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Open all senses. While listening to someone also watch his face and notice his expressions at the same time also become aware of your verbal or nonverbal reactions and breathing and be conscious of as many things as you can.

While reading this post you can also become aware of the gap between the two words and the design or color of this page and the screen and icons and the monitor and your breathing and the sounds around you and the weight of your body and sensations and feelings and thoughts etc. Remember this is a ‘free style meditation’. This is learning from moment to moment and responding every moment spontaneously.

The highest technique is to have no technique. Do not respond the situation with a set of rules or principles but spontaneously. Be watchful and your commonsense and your alertness will guide you. This is the key to solve any problem.

In street fighting you have to be present and alert and respond quickly. You know? This is a street fighters meditation. You can not learn it from the world teachers and their holy…books (in India there are world teachers in every village, people call them “JagadGuru”, they usually smoke bidi and chew tobacco!) but you can only learn it in the day to day situations. You can detach from any emotion or tension or fear in just a moment, just come back instantly to here and now. Quickly get alert. Be spontaneous and then respond in a very RELAX and ALERT way. The response should be NATURAL and SPONTANEOUS. Getting?

I read thousands of books and studied many masters and their techniques and find most of them very philosophical and theoretical and their methods are not natural and spontaneous and when you practice them for years you only become more idiot and stupid, and in the end there is only frustration. You can keep throwing your past or emotions but it doesn’t work that way. You can be impressed with their excellent philosophy but it is only theory, it doesn’t work on the streets or in the adversity. It is not QUICK. Meditation should help you in every situation otherwise it is just bullshit. You can not throw anger on the pillow in front of a person who bullied you, you can not clinch your teeth and your fist to release your anger. You can not observe your mind and analyze hmmm? You should be able to get relaxed and respond quickly with alertness.

Practice that!

There is no principle and there is no philosophy, only ‘alertness in a relaxed way’ and you will know what to do. And there is no compulsion to remain alert to every moment. You can come back anytime as soon as you remember that you are not alert, ok?

Send comments and let me know what you want so that I can be to the point. I don’t want to waste your time.

Hay guys, One more thing I want you to do. Watch animals, see a cat or a dog, watch them when they are in danger. Watch how quickly they get fully alert and learn from them. Not from the books, not from so called sophisticated and philosophical gurus with their artificial techniques but from the nature and animals, and you will get the knack of meditation. Do not follow the Guru instead watch monkeys! Ok, enjoy learning! You know Cobra style meditation, Monkey style meditation?
Ok, learn from the nature.

Have a nice day.

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  1. The best point is to relax and accept it as a temporary condition. Try to forget it is there, because thinking about it will make you more anxious. Do the points you like, whether it’s reading, listening to music, a movie, swimming, tennis. Some thing totally unrelated.

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