Practical God

An American soldier with a joey, 1942
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It is okay to build a temple or church for praying but don’t you think that it is better to see the whole existence as the God? Then automatically your all activities will become your prayer and you will become more loving and kind towards all people and animals. Then you will be able to live a real non violence life which is not a concept but your heart. This is not a philosophy but one can really experience or feel this while reading the following lines.

People are engaged in building temples and churches but it is all illusion. Human body is the living temple of the God and if you can not see the God in your body then how is it possible to see the God in stones? Serving or helping other human beings or animals is the only real prayer to the God. If you can not pray this way then all temples are useless for you.

The moment a person become able to see the God in every human being that moment he is free from fear, anger, lust, ambition and jealousy. This is the only enlightenment I know.

You are already one with the God but you are unnecessary living in the bondage of religions, colors, countries, languages and concepts. You are God; you are not a Hindu or a Christian or a Communist. Once you understand this simple truth then your whole life will become divine. To realize that whole existence is the temple of the God is the only ultimate security. Then it does not matter if you are poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, living or dying because everything is happening within God. Then immediately you will become centered. Then everything is one movement. Then you will not fight and there will be no comparison, because behind every appearance, shape or form there is whole existence. Then nothing is hidden but everything is open and in front of you. Then He is looking to you from every direction, not only from outside but also from inside your heart.

It’s like when you open your eyes you will see the infinite in front of you and when you close your eyes you will see the infinite inside you. It is so amazing and yet so simple!

At this moment if you look around you will be able to see Him in all shapes and forms. He becomes everything for you, the food, the cloths, the bank notes, the Internet and He is enjoying uncovering himself in different ways because there are infinite possibilities. At this point a person understands that one should never seek help from outside because help already exists inside. As your perception change the existence also change. Then this life which feels like a prison becomes a playground. Your parents and children and friends are His different faces (and of course your wife!). Perhaps it is most difficult thing for you to see the God in your wife but try, you may get instant enlightenment!

Once you grow into this understanding then you will realize that sin can not touch your real nature. There are only mistakes and mistakes are nothing but the process of learning.

From this perception a one can easily understand that not a single person is weak. Even if a person suffering from incurable disease or old age is not weak or helpless. In fact everyone is powerful and this power is the ability of changing your perception. Right now you have the power of changing the perception and ability to laugh in the middle of adversity. And using this ability to change the perception and to make the impossible possible is to bring the God in your practical life. Even on the death bed a person is not helpless because he is surrounded by the Infinity.

Once you look into your real nature then this body becomes a temple and it becomes impossible for you to feed this body with alcohol, smoking or flesh. Seeing things this way is to bringing the God in your practical day to day living.

If you are really flowing with me up to this point then you will easily discover that now living means to assume a form or shape and dying means to dissolve into the formless. Every moment you are dissolving into the formless. Then there is total elimination of the fear of death, because you are already living with death. You are not going to finish some day in the future but the process of death happening so smoothly and softly every moment that one can not notice it if he is not aware. If you can flow with it then you will feel very relaxed.

Now this God is not an illusion, it is not your imagination. It is not an image or an idol. It is a happening; it is your day to day life. It is YOU!

Now the God is not confined only to the temple but I can see Him, feel Him in my relationships and experience Him in my daily life in my all activities.

If you bring the God on the earth then every place is divine and all situations are equal and same. Then nothing can shake you. This is the Practical God who is very down to earth. And every person, every flower, and birds and mountains and animals and clouds are His messengers!

(Except politicians!)

2 thoughts on “Practical God”

  1. Your statement, “I’m a gay” is basically wrong, because it is just a projection of your thoughts and imagination. It may be a fact right now but not the ultimate truth about yourself. You were not born as a gay, nobody is.
    Become alert and aware of your projections, thoughts and imagination. Don’t drift unconciously but remain watchful. Watch how your mind drift into the uncocious behavior or pattern. Never condemn or feel guilty about anything but simply watch. Nothing is wrong except living unconciously.
    If you become alert then you will not become a victim of your own imagination. Enlightenment comes sponteniously as you become more and more alert of your unconcious behavior. You don’t have to do anything except watching. Don’t bother about enlightenment. Just enjoy the game of watching your thoughts and imagination.Be playful, there is no hurry. You don’t have to become enlightened but you have to UNCOVER your enlightenment.

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