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Thoughts are thoughts, whether happy or sad it doesn’t matter. Any moment a happy thought can turn into a sad thought. The more important thing about thoughts is that they are always moving, so you can not hold on to a happy thought. Any person who know even very little or nothing about meditation can understand this. This is very basic.

HIPPY thoughts are better than happy thoughts!

At least Hippy thought or Hippy philosophy is rebellious, it questions authority and rebels against society, tradition  and rules. It needs lots of intelligence and energy to think, question and rebel.

Forced happiness is not happiness.

Any moment the thin layer of happy thoughts can vanish and you will see the ugly face which you were trying to hide behind superficial happy thoughts. A thought can never bring you happiness.

As soon as you came face to face with this ugly face which is the fact, meditation begins.

Meditation means to courageously facing and going deep into that ugliness and clean it from the deep layers of your mind. As long as you keep  covering this ugliness with superficial happy thoughts you will never get free.

This moment you are surrounded by all kind of stupidity and nonsense, you are getting manipulated by so called blind  spiritual leaders and politicians and you are trying to be happy but deep down you know that this happiness is nothing but running away from yourself. This is cowardliness.

You can never become happy unless you clean the the shit which is there from centuries.

Don’t find easy solutions. Happy thoughts and sad thoughts are not different because they are rooted in the SAME MIND. It is your misunderstanding that if you hold happy thoughts you will get free from sad thoughts, no it’s always there and waiting. As soon as you hold to happy thoughts you automatically get bind with sad thoughts.

Happiness and sadness are nothing but two poles of the SAME thought. When you hold the one end you automatically hold the another!

Happiness and sadness go together. Watch this for yourself. You want happiness and never ending pleasure but pleasure and pain goes together. Meditation begins with Detached Alertness of Thinking Process and if you expect happiness then you missed at the very first step.

Meditation is a surgery.

When you open the door of your unconscious mind you don’t know what you are going to face. You may face fear, jealousy, hatred or violence. And if you are avoiding this by projecting positive thinking or happy thoughts then you are running from yourself. And the door of meditation is closed for you.

You can never become happy as long as you are following  a guru, a religion or politicians!

The moment you stop following bullshit ideas and concepts of blind people and become courageous to stand alone and start observing the movement of thought you become free.

3 thoughts on “Happy thoughts?”

  1. Happy thought is just cover to hide the sadness behind it.

    Why happy thoughts and why not
    “Worst Thoughts”
    any way its only thought.!

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