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The brain is like a computer disk which is connected to the internet. You are interacting in the society where people are infected with ‘thought viruses’ of limited beliefs. If a person is not aware then he is prone to these viruses.

Your ‘awareness and doubt’ acts like a filter or ‘Anti-Virus’ program. If you can identify a limiting belief before it affects your consciousness then only you are safe.

How your consciousness gets affected with this thought viruses?

This process is very interesting. Suppose you are talking to someone, and he is having a problematic relationship. He is complaining you about his wife. Now there is no way to understand him EXCEPT you literally imagine that situation in your mind and place yourself in his shoes. And as soon as you do so you get infected, you come home and his problem is now yours.

A person can easily get infected with thought viruses while listening to a politician or so called fake spiritual leader who is appealing for creating a strong vote bank of a particular religion or encouraging you to fight over pity things, getting?

Being around a negative person is like visiting porn or phishing website, fully loaded with Trojans, Warms and Bugs. In that case, sometimes even an updated or latest virus definition can not protect your disk.

Many times a thought virus is a gift from an authority person, for example your doctor or your parents! When a doctor does not believe in the recovery of the patient he is planting a thought virus of his limiting belief on the disk of the patient. When parents impose there limiting beliefs on their children they are infecting their children with limiting beliefs.

If a person is vividly describing or exaggerating his relationship problems, physical discomfort or hateful thoughts then beware! His hateful thoughts can actually program your disk and ruin your relationship. Vivid imagination of his illness can send a message to your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind does not know what is good and what is bad. It simply acts on the message received from the conscious mind.

If that particular patient or that child is able to ‘identify and doubt’ that limiting belief and ‘deny access’ to that thought virus then he is able to protect his disk. ‘Denying access to Limiting Beliefs’ and ‘Doubting the Authority’ is the beginning of Meditation.

Sometimes this limiting belief has a very strong and positive intention behind it and that’s why it’s very difficult to recognize it. It is like a Trojan. It is embedded in sweet sugar pill of positive language.

Many times a person who is spreading this Trojan does not know that in fact his own disk is infected. He works hard for spreading his own limiting belief system or his ‘message’. It’s like a mission for him, and he is a messenger, a messiah. He creates a religion, communism or something like this. Millions of people blindly follow him and never question his belief system for centuries. Millions of disks malfunction and goes on creating an insane world having divisions of nations, religions, languages and colors. The ‘ethnic method of cleansing’ discovered by The Messenger is called ‘The Holy War’ or ‘The Revolution’.

Spending billions of dollars on building holy places or developing atomic weapons while one third of humanity is starving for food is a sign that the whole planet is infected.

Dude, as you finish this article you automatically get updated your virus definition. But still there is no guaranty. You must have to keep updating your definitions regularly with ‘keen awareness and doubt’. And you must scan your disk on regular basis for limiting Beliefs, religious Viruses, political Trojans, emotional Bugs and Mal-ware of different ideologies.

New thought Viruses are regularly being invented and old viruses are getting reproduced. This process goes on, on the unconscious level. Being more conscious by monitoring and regularly scanning your memory is the best option.

Remember, without awareness there is no difference between a computer disk and a human disk which you call ‘The Brain’. Awareness is NOT a concept but a LIVE PROCESS OF MONITORING the belief system and spontaneously denying access, quarantine and deleting Trojans and Viruses.

There are two powerful ‘Anti-Virus’ programs available free on this website for Scanning and Deprogramming the Disk which you people (living on The Planet of Sleeping People) call ‘The Brain’ which you carry on your shoulders, but it is not your own until you free it from the invisible chains:

1) The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened

2) The Thirty Second Meditation

Instead of formatting The Disk and loosing important data, Download and Update your Virus Definitions.

After reading these two books and updating your virus definition you will notice how easy it is to stay on the track with the changes you have made in your lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “Thought viruses”

  1. I try Not to Let Other Peoples Thoughts effect my Minds Hard Drive but you Have to be Careful because a Simple Article or Email can Change How your Mind is Programed. But if you have a Linux Style mind then Anti Virus is not Needed

    1. Linux is designed in such a way that self-replicating code doesn’t work properly. Of course, it’s possible to create a virus for Linux by finding an exploit which allows for this, but such exploits are usually patched at the kernel level. But still I agree with you that ‘Linux-MindSet’ (really nice metaphor coined by you…! ) is much safer.

      1. Many times I thought on this that why OS is allowing self-replicating or that kind of problem to be on OS.

        So, Lets we Update our Kernel & Firewall, to not allow all that things to be entered into our system,

        Let the traffic pass by our side only, let be out of it….

  2. I even changed my motherboard….CPU and disk, but it keeps coming back…I have to be very awake to not ending up in the ditch
    Thank you for the post…it is crystalclear to me

  3. MG, unfortunately, my OS is Windows-like. I will try formating it, installing a new OS and then I will tell you if worked!

    That´s a very, very, very nice text! I really liked it! Can I borrow your ideas to write something in portuguese? If so, can I also create a link informing that my text was based on this text?

    1. Thank you Ricardo for your comment. I hate Windows OS. I use Linux. It is virus free and open source.
      Yes you can take anything from this blog, translate in Portuguese or any language. There is no need to create link. If you like it then use it anywhere. I don’t have any problem.

  4. Greetings;
    I appreciate your bold voice in the world of illusions! I was inspired to edit your ’30 Second Meditation’ ebook. It’s a simple edit just for grammar and doesn’t interfere with your ‘voice’ and style. I’m not looking for any recognition; not even interested in being on your email list. It may seem odd to you. It’s just a simple ‘giving’ thing in appreciation for speaking your truth. It’s something easy for me and may be something you can benefit from. If you’d like the edit (I can’t attach it here), you can send your email or whatever means for me to send it.
    And, as a reminder, please don’t add me to your email list. I will check in when I am inspired to read more.

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