When a political party or a religious group forcibly change your attitude by giving you a new set of beliefs by persuasion or repeated suggestions is nothing but brainwashing. This brainwashing is based on reward of heaven and punishment of hell.

There are many brainwashing techniques but basics are the same – persuasion, threats or reward. Since millennia people are getting tortured to change their religion at the edge of sword.

Repetition of so called divine songs, worshiping dead Gurus and Messiahs, strange techniques of stopping thoughts and sacred rituals are disguised brainwashing techniques.

In the name of dead Gurus or imaginary Gods their disciples are collecting billions of dollars and building holy places while majority of human being is not able to fulfill their basic needs including medicine, food and shelter. There are many organizations which seem very innocent if you look superficially but deep down it is a gutter of religious doctrine in which common people feel grateful and happy to get brainwashed.

It’s really amazing how these people are developing soft skills of persuasion and they are really professional. They can rob almost anyone without being noticed. Their living is very luxurious. They are successfully using media and internet to brainwash and collect donations for maintaining their high living style.

Common people regularly visit so called Holy Man or Sacred Places expecting to get solution for their common everyday problems of relationships, disease or poverty. Root cause of this kind of spiritual slavery is nothing but LAZINESS!

Just because someone put on a robe or raises his hair or braid does not mean that he knows all the answers or the meaning of life. He may even get confused if you simply ask him ‘Who are you?’

Unfortunately he will not be able to answer you. His answers will come from the outdated doctrines. He is not living in the present. He is ancient, he is past, and he is already dead. He is not a man, he is a tomb. I asked very simple and basic questions to many so called famous spiritual leaders but they are only able to talk about past lives, ghosts, spirits, kundalini and samadhi. They want billions to make you enlightened but they don’t want to give you courage to stand on your own feet, which could be done free of cost.

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