When I’ll become a buddha?


By DieselDemon

A seeker asked MG, ” I’m meditating since 6 years, when I’ll become a Buddha?”

MG replied compassionately, “After meditating years after years you will not become a Buddha, you will only come to know that there is not much difference between you and a mosquito”.

Don’t expect that you will become a Buddha in the future. Buddhahood is here and now. Future never comes, there is only present. To live in this moment is to be a Buddha. When you start living in the moment you realize that there is no difference between you and others. This moment you are connected with all humanity, animals, plants and the earth.

Buddha is your real nature, it is your presence. To live in past and future is to live illusions. As long as you are in the present moment you are a Buddha.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~ Buddha

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  1. Enlightenment
    A student once asked his teacher,
    “Master, what is enlightenment?”
    The master replied, “When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”

  2. Hello MG,

    do you have an email adress? I have a question and would like to hear your thoughts on it… Basically its about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks in particular… How can you be alert/accept everything when your mind and whole body is in panic und all you feel is unpleasure :(?

  3. One more thing: I mean, for example you have anxiety or panic, and you know that you fear a certain thing or event, and you know that you fear it. Ok, now youre present of it. What now? What if certain thoughts just make you panic? Can you just accept these thoughts? Dont you have to change them into better thoughts?

    1. If you are really aware or present then you will never ask ‘I’m alert now what?’.
      Fear or anxiety is nothing but imagination. It is not reality, it is perception. It is like a nightmare. You are totally unconcious. When you are concious there is no fear, thats all. It can happen this moment. It does not take years.
      When you are alert and watchful, the mind is silent. It does not create fearful thoughts. If you are feeling anxious then it is just an indicator that you are not aware, be aware and there will be no fear.
      Fear is a thought, an image. You create it unconciously and you get panic. Once you understand this there will be no fear. It is your rich, vivid and colorful imagination, and you are associated with that imagination. If you are alert fear just disapear.
      You don’t have to change it into better thoughts. Fear and confidance both are created in mind, both are thoughts and images. I’m talking about going beyond. Because confidance has its roots in fear. Confidance can not exist without fear. They are opposite poles but they are connected. When you undersatnd this whole process then there is no fear.
      Fear is time, it is about future or past, it is never about present. Either you REMEMBER something and you get panic or you IMAGINE something and you get panic, it is not real, it is never in active present.
      It is like a day-dream, if you read this carefully and understand the process then right now you are free from all kind of fears and anxiety forever.
      Understanding brings transformation, so you don’t have to do anything. There is no ‘how’.
      How to get alert is a wrong question. You are not separate from that which you name ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’. So you can not fight with it or you can not accept it. It’s YOU. As soon as you understand this, there is no movement of thought and all fear is gone.

      1. thanks for your answer. Its so hard to understand though 🙁 If I notice that there are thoughts and I am just watching them, I often feel like I cant really name them when I am just watchful, I only know what exactly they contain if I identify with them, which doesnt feel good.

        For example if I have a fearful thought, like “I am afraid to throw up when I eat”, I should just notice that thought and bring my attention to the present moment? Isnt that running from the thought? On the other hand, if I bring my attention to that thought, don’t I make it stronger? Thats the conflict I dont understand 🙁

        Also: You said in 10 dirty secrets that death of mind lies in acceptance. Wheres the connection to the 30 second meditation? Do you even need that if mind is dead? If mind is dead, how can you do practical tasks like learning? Is mind really dead when youre present? Is it not more like it doesnt control you any more but works for you?

        1. Ok, to make it simple:
          First thing fear, anxiety or panic is just your imagination.
          You unconciously entertaining fearful thoughts. So be concious, try conciously to become fearful or anxious.
          There is no running from the thoughts (as you said), infact thoughts are running all the time. Sometimes they makes you happy and sometimes sad.
          You can not hold a thought or state of mind.
          Try to hold your fear or anxiety and you will understand.
          Next time when panic attack comes then make a decision that I want to have this state EXACTLY for one hour. Then you are not running from the thought of panic but it will run from you.
          When you are aware then the mind is not dead but it is more alive and more creative. Then it does not create any trouble for you. Then there is no division of controller and the controlled. Then there is harmony and peace. Peace and harmony is not a thought. Your question is intellectual, you are not aware but you are thinking and anticipating about awareness. Yes when you are aware mind doesn’t control you but it works for you. Anxiety means you are out of balance or out of harmony, when there is awareness there is balance and harmony. If you are having a nightmare you suddenly wake up and the dream is gone, the same way if you are alert the pattern of fear is gone.
          You are reading this right now, and if you are aware of this moment then there is no fear. It only comes if you allow yourself to drift into thought or imagination.
          Don’t create boundries that this is mind, this is body, this is awareness. It’s not like that, it’s all one movement.
          If my books are creating confusion for you then just forget about them, and become more watchful and aware. Words can not explain this properly but your own experience will bring the understanding.
          (I send you email as you asked for it in your previous comment.)

  4. Thanks a lot MG

    I have been searching for 10 years and just in middle of reading “Ten Dirty Secrets” it just dropped.

    I (Mind) just looked on iteself at present and found it still exist probably a neno seconds forward in future, this avoidance in further had a laugh, just big laught and seemed nothing existed

    What I feel now have no words to express and have no desire even to show others, but I can see and feel you understand, that is all

    Lot of love to you and to whole existence which is contineouly helping others to find themselves (that no one separetly exist)


    1. Very good, the only reason I write this blog that someone like you may stumble here… by chance, and fulfill his thirst of ages. A flower is blooming, what more can I say? blessings.. 🙂

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