Fuck Fear

Hello friends,
New ebook for you: “Fuck Fear”

Fear is your imagination. You are creating it unconsciously. All fear is related to the fear of death. Watching the process of fear in action is the ending of fear. Fear is absence of love.

This ebook will take you to the root of fear and give you a three dimensional view of your unconscious fears, and it will show you the way out.

  • Within 15 minutes you will understand: what exactly fear is?
  • This is a very short book, only 17 pages, I delete around 100 pages to make it to the point and very compact for more effectiveness, but it is packed with simple yet powerful insights to transform you within 20 minutes.
  • You will actually see: how this process of fear works?
  • In that seeing itself is the way to the freedom from ALL kinds of FEAR, PHOBIA, PANIC & ANXIETY
  • You don’t need TIME to get free from the fear. Tomorrow never comes.
  • You will feel the changes are happening spontaneously while you are reading because these insights will change you effortlessly and permanently.
  • No therapy, no technique, no analysis, no complications
  • No philosophy, no spiritual shit, no god, no guru
  • You will be able to face any situation spontaneously without any fear
  • You will never be able to feel unwanted fear again
  • Someone in your family or friend circle may STRONGLY need this book.
  • Its price is 100 TIME LESS (it’s free now) than the money you may spent to a therapist without getting any result for years.
  • After reading this book you will learn how to eliminate the biggest fears of life within few seconds.

After you read this book it will be very difficult for you to become a victim of unwanted, unconscious fear.

Even death will get panic attack before touching you!

There is no death for those who don’t fear. Live with dignity and power without any fear ~ MG


Download: “Fuck Fear”
– by MG

23 thoughts on “Fuck Fear”

  1. Haa….haa haaa ….you fucked up with Death …

    There is no such thing as death …. only thing that does not live on after the body goes into a state of transmuting into other life forms is the PARASITE ….that uses a part of the brain you masquerade as ones subconscious mind ….. and uses the conditioning available from religion, society etc… to create a personality or ego..

    Understanding how this PARASITE operates and mastering it brings one to their highest level
    Like courage ..fear too is an illusion, so is anxiety and other phobias

    1. Alister, if I’m right, I think you are talking about life after death or rebirth? But that is not our concern. I’m not talking about any PARASITE which is going to survive after death. Perhaps there is nothing. That is just a blind belief. We are dealing with ‘what is’ and to deal with ‘what is’ we don’t want to create/believe any concept like something which is going to survive in death.

      1. I think you are confused and miss …… there is nothing as “what IS”

        quote” We are dealing with ‘what is’ and to deal with ‘what is’ unquote”

        When you understand that there is no death ….. then you will surely understand what life is all about and then don’t have to worry about how to go about dealing with IT …and just BE

        1. Well, if there is nothing as ‘what is’ then what’s going on?
          There is no death?
          But my grandma died last month.
          Just BE?
          Then why discuss? just BE!
          Show me how to ‘just BE’.
          You are replying me it shows that you can not just BE.
          Actually nobody can ‘just BE’, one has to respond every situation. Only dead bodies can ‘just be’.
          In your previous comment you said about a ‘parasite’ which survive after death, so I reply you NOT to introduce a concept like a parasite (or soul) to understand ‘what is’.
          ‘What is’ simply means whatsoever happening this moment ‘in and around’ you.
          Any prejudice like ‘there is a soul or a parasite which survive after death’, ‘there is nothing as what is’ or ‘there is no death’ are infact barrier to understand fear, anger, lust, life and death.
          As long as you survive you have to deal with life and its problems. You have to understand and go through it with awareness. You can not escape just by saying its illusion.

  2. Death is the ultimate human fear knowing you cannot avoid it. Regardless this book is well though out and well put im still going through the pages and its been enlighting me still.

    Thank you

    1. Death is the ultimate human fear as long as a person doesn’t know how fear operate. One should watch fear in action and see clearly how thought creates fear. Once we go through this process with awareness then there is no fear. Once we become concious of any unconcious behavior or pattern it loose its power over the mind.
      Actually people do not afraid death but they are afraid of loosing their past.
      Death is unknown, how could a person get afraid of unknown? Fear is only because of the known, the past.
      There is fear because death is ending of all known, all possesions, knowledge, relationships, attachments and self image.
      The ego is afraid of the ending but once you see this ego is nothing but a collection of dead memories then there is no fear of ending, because it is already dead.

  3. Finally finished reading the little book. I loved the title and more i loved the spectaluar vocals inside the book. I was blown away excellent work and credit to the writer.

    Will look forward to more of your work

    Thank you

    Aurora Designs

    1. thank u MG..
      its all ur support n help ,otherwise i was in deep confusion…ur simple words cleared all the smoke ..im under clear n open sky now.

  4. MG…I can’t help but wonder if you have truly conquered fear. Death comes to all physically, but this is not it! It is why so much time is spent trying to prove or disprove an afterlife and God. We want to believe, but it seems impossible…to good to be true. Our spirits are ever searching out that question. The answer is JESUS. I realize He is today as He was 2000 years ago…not a likely God. Just the same, please do as much research in why He exists as you do trying to disprove existence. Respectfully submitted:)

    1. Keith, do not think in terms of ‘conquering fear’, because the language of ‘conquering’ is the language of fear. You have to understand fear. Do not fight with fear, do not try to conquer it. Fear is like darkness, bring some light of awareness and it will disapear. You don’t have to conquer fear but you have to SEE how you are creating it.
      Death does not come in future, it’s already happening every moment. Every moment is an individual moment but mind gives false continuty and that’s why there is fear.
      Answer is not Jisus, Krishna or Buddha.
      YOU must see this process of death and how your mind projects fear.
      We are afraid of fear because we never encounter it conciously. We never SEE it in action while it is present. Fear is byproduct of unconcious living. It is like a dream.
      You don’t have to conquer it, you just have to wake up.
      Next time when you find yourself trembling with fear, just become concious and look inside, and you will find fear melts away like mist if you are alert. Then you will not become victim of fear.
      It is your imagination.
      Become alert. You don’t have to fight and conquer your own imagination, you just have to become alert and it will stop.
      What I’m telling is not a miracle or belief system.
      Everyone can experiment with it.
      If you really want to get free from fear then do not walk with any messiah but walk with YOURSELF.
      Walking with messiah is running from yourself. Holy places are not invention of God but it is invention of man out of fear. A fearful person is ready to believe in anything angels, god and holy spirit.
      When there is no fear then there is no god, no scriptures, no prayer, nothing holy and no ghost.
      There is only clarity and peace.
      This person does not have faith or belief in any system.
      Why you need to believe if you could see?
      This person will never try to impose any ism, belief system or religion on others forcefully or covertly.
      When there is no fear there is love and compassion.
      Look deeply into the abyss of lonelyness, fear, anger and lust and go through it conciously. This is what I call ‘the dark night of the soul’. It is to deny the authority and stand on your own feet even if you are trembling with fear.
      Do not find the answer somewhere else, the answer is in YOU.

  5. Fear is the feeling generated by a feeling out of alignment of your true natural self.

    Is is a belief in the negative.

    I don’t agree to the statement that all fear is fear of death.

    1. What is true natural self?
      How should a person (who is fearful and panic) find his true natural self?
      Suppose you come across someone who is trembling with fear or phobia and you tell him,”Hello, you are out of alignment of your true self”, then what will be his reaction? How should he find the alignment with his natural true self?

      I never said that you should be agree or disagree with me. Everything on this blog may be totally wrong.

      It is my understanding that if you scratch any smallest fear then you will find that there is death hiding behind that fear. Every fear has its roots in death. If there is no possibility of death then there will be no fear.

      Even fear of public opinion is the fear of death, because you are afraid of loosing your self image and you are nothing but your self image or ego.
      Take any fear, for example fear of darkness. Anything can happen in darkness, a snake may bite you or a ghost may suddenly appear in front of you…death.
      Take fear of heights, you may fall down and you will die.

      Take worlds number one fear, fear of public speaking.
      Why people feel afraid of speaking in front of mob?
      These people are not going to kill you but still you feel afraid. Because if you make any mistake then people will laugh on you. If people laugh on you then your ego will get hurt, and you are nothing but ego. Without ego you are nothing, dead. Ego is afraid of ending. Ending is death.

      Ego is just like a shadow. It is nonexistent. It is just a huge collection of images and thoughts. It is just a memory. When you understand the true nature of ego then you automatically become free from fear.

      ‘True natural self’ is just a mental concept. This kind of concepts are actually barrier to see things clearly. You don’t know anything about true natural self. All you know is about fear and you have to go deeply into fear itself so that you can understand it. In that understanding itself is the freedom from fear. Solution exist in problem. It is not far away. Your so called ‘true natural self’ is actually a distraction to understand fear as it is.

  6. Hi MG,
    I am following your instruction to get level with my fear.
    As of today, not able to succeed, so this direct question.
    I have a fear of driving though I drive well and never met an accident.
    But whenever I drive I feel nervous and anxious about driving or rather I keep feeling nervous and anxious for hours before I actually drive. This nervous ness and anxiety is much more when I am not actually driving and less when I am driving. I am afraid of road rage and accidents, I always feel that I will get into a dirty fight with someone on the road and I will get roughed up by someone or else will get involved in some kind of accident.
    How should I manage? I don’t want to give up driving either.Right now, I am going to drive back home and my heart stated pounding faster..
    Sorry for asking personal questions and I do understand that you are not a therapist but still .. could you please help me?

    1. Hello Amit,

      Fear is your friend. Every moment hundreds of people are dying in accidents all around the world. Your mind is just giving you signals to become more alert. Fear is not a curse. It is a blessing. Don’t look at fear as if it is an enemy rather see it as a signal. Then you will not feel fear of fear. When you get free from the fear of fear, almost 90% work is done.

      Second thing, just tell your brain to stop those annoying signals because you got the message. Mind is very suggestive and obedient. Just to give you an example, I never take any pain killer. Whenever there is pain anywhere in my body I simply focus my attention on that particular part and give suggestions to stop the pain and heal that area. It works every time since I was a child.

      You can use this same technique to reduce your fear and anxiety. Suggest your mind to reduce those signals. Just repeat mentally, “Stop those signals, I have got your message, now I’m alert”. Chances are within few minutes you will feel calm and relaxed.

      Another way is to observe your fear and anxiety. When you observe your thoughts you become detached. This is a sure way to get free from all type of annoying signals, emotions, thoughts and feelings. But it takes some time. Detached observation of thoughts and emotions is quite difficult for many people because we are trained to get identified with our thoughts and emotions. We are not trained to observe with detachment.

      Third technique is visualization. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and see yourself driving confidently. Emile Coue said somewhere,”When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.” So IMAGINE yourself that you are driving confidently. See in your minds eye that you are calm and relaxed while driving. Play this movie again and again in your mind every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep. It is very easy to imagine. Believe me, it works.

      Many years ago when doctors suggested me bed rest for one year I used to imagine myself doing exercise in gym and I recovered very fast. Then I imagined that I’m running 10 km. and I did it. Then I imagined that I’m doing 500 push ups in 5 sets and I did it. Then I imagined I’m doing 100 pull ups in 10 sets and I did it. When you imagine things vividly in your mind, you mind get convinced. At that time I was underweight due to my illness (39 kg) so I used to imagine myself as 65 kg and I achieved that ideal weight. Since last ten years I’m exactly 65 kg. simply because I used to imagine myself standing on weight machine and see clearly that my weight is 65 kg (when I was only 39 kg).

      Right now you are playing fearful images and thoughts in your mind so your mind is becoming fearful. If you change those pictures and create a new mind movie then mind will play that new movie. It is just like creating a new habit or learning a new skill. If you imagine regularly (just for few minutes) that you are very relaxed and confident while driving then very soon your mind will learn to remain calm, relax and confident while driving. Visualization works more powerfully then auto suggestions.

      Imagine vividly and very clearly. Get into the feeling of comfort and confidence while you are driving. Imagine that you are driving at the speed of 100 KM per hour and you are enjoying the ride. See the speedometer and notice your sensations. There is no need to feel afraid of accidents at least in your imagination. Imagine that you are listening your favorite song. Get into that feeling. That is very important. Once you get into the right feeling in your imagination then you will become successful.

  7. Thanks a lot for helping me and for your kind suggestions.
    I will do what you have suggested. Also I will let you know my progress.
    Is it Ok for you to share your personal email ID?

  8. Thanks for sharing your invaluable knowledge and experiences.Your efforts to spread the message of AWARENESS are really appreciable.

    I am trying awareness, though most of the time remains unaware.Please advise me that when we do some work in office, then we have to think for doing various office works like for taking decisions, analysing information, reading etc.At such time when our mind is involved in thinking process for the purpose of performing various professional duties,then how can we remain aware at that time. Is it possible that we could be able to watch our such thoughts and also doing our office works simultaneously.

    1. Hello Rajan, you can not try awareness. Either you are aware or you are not. There is no trying. Trying is un-awareness. The moment you realize that you are not aware, you are aware. Some people are practicing different techniques to increase awareness. This is simply un-awareness. Awareness means simply being in the moment. It helps you to take proper decisions. If you are aware then you can analyse the information more properly. If you are aware while you are reading then you will understand the topic more clearly. If you are not aware then your mind will wonder everywhere and you will lose the focus. In my view you need more awareness while performing various professional duties.

      You asked, “How can we remain aware at that time?”

      If you realized truly the importance of being alert and aware then that realization itself will help you to remain aware and alert while performing your duties.

      Normally our minds are running everywhere but when we are aware and alert we come back to the present moment and automatically become focused on the task. If you are not alert then you will get lost in the thoughts. If there are less thoughts then there will be more clarity. Thoughts makes everything cloudy. A calm and relaxed mind is more capable to take right decisions.

      You also asked, “Is it possible that we could be able to watch our such thoughts and also doing our office works simultaneously?”

      Forget about watching thoughts, simply come back to the present moment. Bring your mind back in the office. When you are at your office look around at the walls and tell your mind that you are not allowed to go anywhere. These walls are your boundaries. You should simply remain focused inside those walls. This office cabin is the only reality everything else is just imagination. If you do this simple thing then 95% thoughts will suddenly disappear from your mind. Make this a rule that when you are in the office cabin your mind must be present in the office cabin only. That’s all you need to do.

      Then you will notice that there are two types of decisions. One comes from your mind, from your past experiences. These decisions are prejudiced. Second type of decisions comes from your present moment awareness. Second type of decisions are more accurate. When you live in the past, your choices are based upon your past experiences but when you live in the present moment you make spontaneous right choice which may be totally different from your past experience. Then you will become more creative. Then courage will follow you like a shadow. Then you will take risk of doing something totally different and new. When you live in the moment your mind is fresh. It is like there is no mind, just energy flowing in the right direction.

      If observing thoughts and emotions seems difficult then simply start living in the moment. Whenever you remember just feel the present moment. Feel your breathing, feel that you are alive, listen to the sounds around you and notice what is going around you and there will be present moment awareness. There will be less thoughts and you will feel more relaxed. You will breath little more deeply. In this state you will do your task more efficiently and creatively without any burden.

  9. hi MG
    I like your website
    but when I downloaded ur book
    after I download it…….its not showing where s dat
    book in mh Phone memory!!
    plz help
    Leave a Reply

    1. When I download the book on phone, it goes to ‘External SD card/Download/Adobe Reader’. Try to find Download folder on your Internal SD card or on External SD card. In Download folder there should be Adobe Reader folder, in that folder you may find the book. Download settings may be different on different phones.

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