The Guru

Countryside - Lipperland

By h.koppdelaney

Guru means who dispel the darkness and doubts. Guru means who brings light and clarity.

If a person who claim himself as a Guru, Avatar, Yogi or Mahatma but does not know his real nature and living in his own prison of ideas and tradition then he is neither Guru nor Yogi or Avatar. He is just dead past. He is living example of illusion and stupidity.

A person repeating religious stories in front of mob is not a guru but he is also a part of that same herd. Those stories however beautiful they may be will never raise your consciousness.

A Guru is a person who is one with the moment and who is living present.

Gurus selling meditation and techniques are only businessman. Some Gurus are even giving certificates of enlightenment to their disciples as if it is a school examination.

This is foolish.

Some Gurus are only good politicians in religious clothes.

If a Guru has a label of any religion, wearing a particular robe, following any religious routine then know well that he is not a Guru. If someone is spreading religious ideas of any particular religion then he is not a Guru.  He is just spreading the ashes of a dead religion. He is living in the prison of religious ideas of thousands of years hence having no relation at all with the present moment and life.

A real Guru has no religion and religion can not produce a real Guru.

Real guru is he who makes you free from suffering, past tradition, illusions and stupidity. Meditation is not carrying the past however glorious it may be but to live in the present moment and watch the flow of thoughts and emotions moment to moment.

Miracle makers are jugulars not Gurus. They never helped humanity to get free from confusion and suffering. People follow those Gurus even after they are dead to fulfill their desires and get free from fear. But this kind of worship only sustain and increase fear and dependence.

A real Guru is he who teach you that ‘you exist’ and your existence is the biggest miracle.

The person who wants to know the truth must be free from all tradition, Gurus and conditioning.

A person who claim enlightenment is not enlightened. You can never hold the truth and that is the beauty of it.