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A person must be free to do whatever is necessary in any given situation, and not be limited by techniques, systems or concepts. Techniques or systems create a box and limit the individual’s ability to solving any problem. Having lots of techniques may give you flexibility but it’s not freedom. Freedom comes naturally when there is no ego.

Every time you are put in different situation and you must deal with that situation in a different and unique way.

You don’t need techniques to solve the problems but you need to know how to look at them. All problems bring their solution with them. Everyone’s expression of solving a problem is different. One should be able to express himself and move naturally in his unique way in all situations.

The mind or the ego is moving constantly between past and future. Both states are not real and hence limit your ability to perceive the present moment.

All problems bring the solutions when they arrive. If we relax and observe, the solution will become visible and all we have to do is implement it in a natural way which is suitable for us.

Technique based systems of therapies or meditations obviously produce technique based solutions. These artificial solutions may create further complications.

The magic box of techniques however large and powerful, limits your possibilities and how you can adapt to each different and unique situation.

Problems are never the same. If you have a knowledge of techniques and concepts, however large, you try to fit the problem into the existing structure regardless of whether it is proper solution or not. This technique based mind does not allow for new possibilities that may exist.

Like a machine or computer, the mind itself becomes limited. A bigger box is still a box, and a longer chain is still a chain. So for getting the solution of any problem you don’t need series of techniques but to grow in consciousness. You need alertness and simple observation without prejudiced technical mind of a therapist, expert or philosopher.

A person who is alert and wise never seek to control the chaos, he ride the wave of it like a surfer. You cannot control the forces but if you don’t fight you can use them.

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    1. I said, the mind or the ego is moving constantly between past and future. Ego means self centered state or activity of the mind. Ego is a false center. Although it is a mechanism which helps you to grow and to survive but still it is a fiction. If you don’t have ego then there is no difference between you and an animal. You need it if you want to live and survive in society. To fit in society you need some set of rules, that is ego. It works like a fence. This ego is not the real center or universal center. It is not real that’s why it is always shaking. It wants to be protected (or on the top or ahead of everyone) so it needs constant paddling, this constant paddling is the mind. Mind means constant flow of thoughts to keep the ego alive and vital. Without this paddling the ego is just nothing. It does not exist. Ego is not separate from the mind, it is just a false image which appears to be real because of the constant flow of thoughts. Mind or ego are different words of the same phenomena. As long as a person don’t know ‘who am I’ ego gives him a false identity. To protect this false identity all the circus is going on, this circus is the mind. Every person, nation, religion, community and organization has this false center or ego which is in conflict with other centers, this is the birth of all problems of humanity.

  1. Hi MG. Can you explain with some real examples that how a problem brings the solution with itself. Sirshree always said this but I never got it. Also explain your last para, “A person who is alert and wise never seek to control the chaos, he ride the wave of it like a surfer. You cannot control the forces but if you don’t fight you can use them. ” with real examples.

    1. Aniket, actually there are no problems, but ego needs some so that it could survive. So basically 95% problems are bogus problems. If you just look deeply into them they will get dissolve. Only 5% problems are real or practical which you need to solve. And if you could free yourself from 95% (imaginary problems) then your mind is quite. Then it is easier to solve remaining 5% which are real. Problem brings solution with them means if you look into the problem, chances are they will get disappear, because they are not real. All problems are created. If you fight with illusion you are going to loose the battle or get tired. So you need to see whether the problem is real or I’m fighting with the shadow.All problems are relative, for example what seems a problem to you may be an opportunity in my view.
      If you resist then you are tense.
      If you know little bit about Akido or Judo, they never resist the opponent but use HIS force to redirect and take him down. In Russian Martial Art Systema, instead of blocking any (a punch or knife) attack they redirect. It is comparatively easier to redirect then to block or stop a strong opponent. Do you know Bruce Lee’s famous quote, “Be like water”. This way you never get tired. Go with the flow, use your limitations. Think how could you use your problems or limitations for your benefit? What you could do with them? How you could play with them? There are unlimited possibilities.
      If you are loose and relax you can see many loopholes in any problem which you can use for your benefit. But if you are tense and resistant then this resistance itself becomes a part of the problem. Then your focus becomes narrow. Solution is not far away from the problem, if you are relaxed then the problem itself presents the solution.
      I’m not good enough in giving real examples but, suppose your girl friend dump you then either you may get frustrated and panic or you can use this problem as an opportunity and write a best selling book, “How to Enjoy Life When Your Girlfriend Dump You” and earn $$$ …dollars.

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