Kundalini and chakra

MG was seating in the bar as usual with his friends. The discussion turned towards the topic of metaphysics and esoteric.

One friend asked MG, “Why there are different numbers of Chakras in different scriptures? Somewhere they are four, somewhere six and in some books there are twelve. All masters talking about Kundalini rising but Gurdieff said it is a buffer, Kunda Buffer and Krishnamurti not even mention it. How to know who is right?”

MG takes a sip, lights his cigarette and replies, “They are just maps and the map is not the territory. Enlightened masters created roadmaps for the convenience of disciples. Suppose you travel from Mumbai to Delhi by train then there will be many stations, but if you travel by airplane there will be very few stops.”

“By the way you can also sleep in Mumbai and wake up directly in Delhi; in that case you will not notice any station.”

“And MG, how you made your journey, waking or sleeping, by train or by plane?”, asked the friend.

MG took a long puff, made a big circle of smoke in the air and replied after a short pause, “Actually I realized before starting the journey that ‘Mumbai is Delhi’ and ‘Delhi is Mumbai’ so I canceled the trip.”

4 thoughts on “Kundalini and chakra”

  1. forget about chakras, forget about kundalinis….but I know smoking is injurious to health. Mr MG would you please be compassionate to yourself and stop it.

    1. Smoking, drinking, dancing, flirting all these things are part of my life. I’m compassionate with myself so I give total freedom to myself. I’m not a chain smoker, it’s not my habit. But I smoke sometimes when I feel like that. I’m not alcoholic but sometimes I drink with my friends. I drink and smoke since I was in the school. But still I’m not a slave to any habit. I’ve also tried marijuana in my college years.

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know about kundalini too much but I’ve practiced alot of qigong/neigong. Reading the stuff on your website i agree with it all and you are obviously very wise but i wonder if you can shed some of your light onto the energy side of things.

    It seems to me that when you cultivate energy the energy forces open blockages and when all the blockages (at least in your head) are open you get that ‘no think’ or enlightenment state. It makes it easier to reach that state also if you do like you say and stop thinking and just become aware of your surrounding… it is like killing your ego from 2 opposite directions.

    However building up large amounts of energy i feel this is putting more stress on your organs, accelerating your metabolism while also increasing healing at the same time. If someone were to have an illness by using the chakras and energy one could circulate large amounts of energy (microcosmic orbit) in a ‘not thinking’ body to heal their body very quickly. However doing this for a long period of time could actually wear your body out. That’s my thought.

    Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

    1. Most of our energy is wasting in worrying and thinking. Most of the time we are not aware and in the moment. Mind is just wandering and that is really wastage of energy. When you live in the moment the mind remains silent and it respond to the situation spontaneously. It looks at the problems with a fresh look. Then you automatically get creative solutions to your problems. You feel more energetic. Most of the problems are created by ego, self centered thinking and prejudiced thinking. Energy is always there but it is flows in wrong direction when it is used by ego. You can live a totally problem free life from this moment. Forget about enlightenment and no-think states. If no thinking state doesn’t come then also it is ok. Thoughts will be there, don’t fight with them. When you don’t give them energy by paying attention to the false needs created by ego, they will automatically vanish. You don’t need to reach any state or you don’t need to stop thinking. You just need to redirect the energy. Just come back from the mind to the present moment. Living moment to moment is very simple and natural state. All plants and animals are living that way. The only difference is that we have the mind and when you live moment to moment your mind has an order. It thinks in a very calm and relaxed way. It may help you in healing because many diseases are psychosomatic. When there is order and peace in mind then it will automatically accelerate the healing process. You don’t have to force awareness on yourself. Whenever you remember just come back to the present moment and be watchful.
      Your body has an intelligence. Trust that intelligence. Because it is natures intelligence. It knows how much energy you need and it balance itself all the time. You really don’t need to do anything else. Don’t interfere with its working. So called spiritual techniques actually create disturbance in this system. Just forget about all esoteric concepts, samadhi, enlightenment, chakra and all spirituality and your 99% journey is complete. Because then there will be no mind. Mind is filled with all this junk. Drop it, and move on with emptiness. You don’t have to practice living moment to moment because there is nothing to achieve. Your body is already living in the moment, it is only the mind that is wandering in time. I say just be with the body. Body is already living in the moment. That’s all.

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