Comparison vs. Being yourself

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Comparison is the game of the mind. It is programmed deeply into the human brain. Teachers and parents teach children to compare with others.

In reality nobody is greater or smaller. Everyone is exactly same. Each person is made up of flesh, bones, thoughts and emotions. Even animals are just same like men. There is not much difference in a mosquito and a man. Technical or scientific progress on physical plane does not make humans superior than other species.

There is life on many planets and perhaps more advanced than us. They may consider us as a mosquito comparing to their scientific and technical progress.

People live in silly conclusions and judgments. A secret comparison with others is going on all the time in the mind, unconsciously. The brain is programmed to judge people according to their financial status and power. People never go behind the beautiful face to see the ugly mind. Therefore celebrities and politicians are very important in society.

If a politician eating or dancing with a tribal then people will easily get impressed but his eating with tribal is not going to end the poverty of the nation. This is a clever way to make you fool.

If you live in comparison then money and power will become god for you. Money is a piece of paper with a particular print on it. It is just a system to exchange your services. It is not a status symbol.

Your level of awareness is your status. Your PRESENCE is your status.

Next time when you find yourself comparing with others and feeling superior or inferior, become aware and see if this person is having his PRESENCE? Is this person living in the light of awareness? Or he is just a human machine?

A person who is famous or popular does not mean that he is also aware and alert. Perhaps he is also living in confusion and conflict and programmed to believe in stupid ideas. I read somewhere that a famous film star donated millions of rupees to a temple, if he is little bit aware then he could have feed the hungry people on the foot path in front of his house but his mind is programmed to believe in that particular stone as god which will give him more fame and money.

Often I see big portraits of god-mans, saints, avatars, and messiahs in the cabin of surgeon and doctors. If Satya Sai Baba cures your patients then what the fuck YOU are doing? Why should I pay you?

Brain is programmed to respect the old people. Getting old does not make people mature. Many of them spoiled their life and families in alcoholism or egotism and leaved a spoiled, sick and idiot generation behind them.

Brain is also programmed to respect spiritual authorities and their opinions. People switch off their brains when they come across a person wearing a robe. Any human machine who wear special robes and mala, having long hair and beard, doing some nonsense which he believes as meditation is only programmed to behave like this.

Sign of awareness is to question authority and beliefs, not to follow like a sheep.

Long hair or shaving head does not make a human machine free from his mechanical behavior. He is still living in the world of comparison and measurement. Just attaining some meditation camps or belonging to some cult or group does not makes you free. Actually it strengthen your mechanical behavior. It can make you feel different or special than others but this is not freedom.

There is no difference between a man having hundred dollars and a man having billion dollars. All the people on the top position are not different than you. You are not superior or inferior than your friend or neighbor. Having things more or less than others does not makes you special or inferior.

We are living in the society where lovers changing their partners and people changing their wives or husbands but there is not any difference. All human machines are the same. Difference is very superficial or skin deep.

If you stop comparing yourself to others, stop worshiping celebrities, politicians and foolish people involved in the power game then this ACT OF REJECTION itself is the awakening of intelligence and maturity. Then you will feel deeply relaxed, you will save your energy and you will never feel superior or inferior then your friends.

Instead of comparing with others be rooted in yourself. Be yourself.

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  1. I agree totally with this: “Sign of awareness is to question authority and beliefs, not to follow like a sheep.” and your well-stated opinions. I have explored self-awareness since an early age and am now 74, having tried many avenues of furthering it. The results of this can be seen, for example, at under the following pages against guru-dependency
    I also have a study of self-awareness at which might interest you.
    Thanks for your input.

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