Nobody can make you fool except your desire

butterflysmFreedom is not far away. It is very near. It is there when you are not making fool to yourself. Nobody can make you fool except your desire and lust. Desire is not good or bad but it cuts you from THIS moment.

Mind wants endless pleasure and project colorful pictures, this process is called as lust or desire. Time does not exist if there is no desire. Desire is time. Even if you desire enlightenment then you are living in time.

Bright future does not exist except in your imagination. At the most you can become a president or a king but they are also suffering. You can lust for a beautiful woman but the beauty will fade away in time and your mind will desire another woman. As soon as you posses a woman she becomes ugly.

Ordinary love is also a kind of binding. Love is not love it is a prison. Lovers suck each other. Freedom from love is enlightenment. And marriages are hell. I don’t even talk on marriages. A wise person should avoid to produce a child in this polluted atmosphere and sick humanity.

We know Taj Mahal as symbol of love but other lesser known facts: Mumtaj was Shahjahan’s 4th wife out of his 7 wives. Shahjahan killed Mumtaz’s husband to marry her. Mumtaz died during her 14th delivery. He then married her sister. Question arises what kind of love is this? And your love story is not much different than this story.

A  dollar is just a printed paper but people are mad after dollars. Yes you need some dollars to survive and live happily or even a luxurious life, but there is some limit.

You can not become the richest person even if you try your best. Someone will be always ahead of you. Miss world or Miss Universe is illusion, you will find beautiful women in every village. According to theory of relativity numbers game is an illusion. Every woman is beautiful from some angle.

Everyone wants to be on the top. This madness is making people crazy. Top position is false. When you do not seek for the top position and stop running in the rat race you are free.

No one can go on the top level unless there is some some kind of madness, sickness or inferiority complex. There is deep rooted violence which wants to show everyone down. It is very sophisticated and innocent way to insult others. But in that process you are making yourself fool. If you reach there you will definitely feel like a fool. The concept of the top position exist only in the mind. Suppose you do not like Football then you do not bother who is on the top in Football.

Krishna says in Geeta, “Do the Karma but do not expect the fruit” because when you expect the fruit or the result you already in the future. The moment is missed. And freedom is in the moment, in the action itself.

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