Self hypnosis

self hypnosis

By notsogoodphotography

Without going into any technical details and complications I am going to show you directly the most simple yet very powerful way of self hypnosis. You can do it any time but it is better to try it before you sleep. This is the very basic induction.

Seat on a chair or lie down, if you lie down it will be much better. Then close your eyes and notice the sensations in your body. Feel the weight of your body, temperature in the room, your breathing etc. Then pay attention to your feet and tell them to relax.

Just repeat mentally, “My feet are getting relax now…my feet are getting relax, as I go deeper and deeper”…and feel that your feet are getting relaxed. Keep repeating this thought for few moments and your feet will get relaxed. Then repeat, “My calves are getting relax and comfortable as I go deeper and deeper”. Then come upward, “My thighs are getting relax as I go deeper and deeper….my stomach is getting relax as I go deeper and deeper”.

Don’t be hurry, just give attention to each part of your body and suggest calmly to get relax. Relax  your chaste, your neck, shoulder, arms, face and your head. “My body is completely relaxed now”… “Now my breathing is getting relax, my breathing is getting”….Then repeat, “My thoughts are getting relax, my mind is getting relax now…my mind is …”, repeat this thought for few moments. “My mind is calm and relax now”.

Then tell yourself, “I’m going to count downward, from 10 to 1 and with each count I’ll go deeper and deeper. 10… going deeper and deeper, 9…going deeper and deeper, 8…, 7…,6…,….,…1….now I’m totally relax and comfortable”.

Now you are in the trance. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this process.

Here you can program your mind to get relax in any situation instantly in the future, just join your three fingers and say to yourself, “Whenever I join my fingers together like this I will instantly reach this level of relaxation to program my mind for anything”. But you have to repeat this process for three weeks. Then you will find that you can get relax anytime simply by joining your figures with your eyes open. This will automatically improve your memory and learning skills. If you join your fingers in the class room your mind will become silent and your learning ability will increase.

Affirmations are simple positive statements which you repeat when you are in a deep trance to program your mind for improvements.
For example,

  • Every day in every way I’m getting better, better and better
  • I’ll always maintain healthy body and mind
  • I’m confident
  • I’m attractive, I can confidently approach people.
  • I’m the best orator
  • I’m loosing my extra weight easily…I’m getting thin…etc

You can make your own positive statements according to your own need. Just remember that you should never use negative statement. For example, instead of, “I’m getting less fearful” say “I’m confident”.

Your affirmations must be in the present tense. For example, instead of, “I will get healthy” say “I’m getting better and better”.

Pain and healing

You can also reduce pain and speed up the healing process by programming your brain at relaxed state by using following affirmation.
“When I repeat the word BANISH PAIN my pain get disappear and when I repeat the word HEAL my body immediately starts the healing process”.
If you repeat this process for few weeks and program your brain to BANISH PAIN and HEAL, then in future if you have any physical problem you can test this method and find for yourself that it always works.

Images are more powerful than words. French psychotherapist Emile Coue says, “When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.”

Imagine yourself while repeating the affirmations in the trance and you will get the results very fast.

Finishing the session
After completing your trance work say to yourself that I’m going to count from 1 to 5 and at the count of 5 I’ll be wide awake felling wonderful and refresh. 1..coming back, 2…,3…getting more alert…4,…5 awake and refreshed, feeling wonderful.

There are many possibilities to use hypnosis. You can use it to improve your health, memory, increase or reduce your weight, healing, confidence, public speaking, getting free from smoking, getting over break ups, forgetting your ex, develop a muscular body, improve performance in sports, seduction, competitive exams etc.

Be creative and use your imagination. This is very basic technique to relax your body and mind, but it’s very powerful. By using this technique you can install any powerful belief in your mind. If you regularly practice this technique then within few weeks you will see the expected results.

6 thoughts on “Self hypnosis”

  1. Hi there nice post!
    I was looking for email contact with you, but I’ll ask here:
    Could I translate your ebooks into polish?
    Those ebooks are the best ebooks I’ve read about spirituality/meditation/etc 🙂


  2. Hi MG,

    Really, I can say you as \”Modern Guru\” for the whole world.

    I tell myself, am Santosh, studied B.Sc. Currently, working as a Senior Executive in a BPO company.

    I do meditation from 3 years ago and found myself calm and able to control in any situations.

    I gone through your articles almost all from the website. Still, I didn\’t find any new thing, since I read so many spiritual books like from Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Sharada Mata, Sri Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurbindo Ghosh, Bhagwan Buddha etc.
    But, the difference is only the way you expressed.

    My question is, why you don\’t believe in rebirth?
    Whatever the deity names mentioned above they themselves strongly believed in rebirth.

    Waiting for your reply.

    I am greatfull to your NO PROFIT AND NO LOSS BUSINESS.

    If you don\’t mind, could you please describe yourself personally like Born and brought up, or else atleast staying place and about your job, expecting comments other than the comments in \”Who is MG\” article.

    Finally, I like to say after going through your articles, my belief in the mentioned deity has become stronger than before reading …………….


    1. Santosh, I prefer to live anonymously just to save myself from becoming a guru. And if I remain anonymous I can do my work better. But if someone really needs me I’ll definitely meet him. There is no problem. I’m constantly traveling, so there are chances that I may even come to your home if you live in Maharashtra, Gujrat or Karnataka 🙂
      Nothing is new under the sky and still everything is new, every moment is fresh, so I’m.
      You will not find anything new in my articles or books, but still it’s new and it is original otherwise Google will penalize me. Currently I feel afraid of only two things in my life, first is copyright law and second is Google 🙂
      You asked about rebirth, and I say you should believe in rebirth only if you remember your past life. But then you will not need to believe it, because then you will KNOW it. It will be your EXPERIENCE.
      Another view on this topic is that you are dying every moment and you reborn every moment.
      Life and death is happening every moment. From this perspective there is rebirth.
      It is not a question of belief but it is a question of EXPERIENCE. Do not believe in anything unless you experience. I avoid speaking on the things which I can not prove to anyone.
      I am not saying that ‘there is rebirth’, or ‘there is no rebirth’. I only say don’t believe until YOU EXPERIENCE.
      Actually it is very complicated to answer. I can give you seven different views on this topic and all views are true in some way.
      See, at the deepest level you were never born and you will never die so there is no question of rebirth. In deep meditation you will find that there is no ego, only life is. Life is always there, only forms are changing. There is always present moment, it never comes and goes. Everything is as it is. But still everything is changed within a fraction of second.
      It is not simple just to say that ‘there is a rebirth’ or ‘there is no rebirth’. One must go very deep into that question and find for himself the truth of that question.
      About my job?
      My needs are very few, I write on some Blogs and social sites with different identities and earn money. I don’t remember how many articles I published on the net with different names and I didn’t keep record. Most of the time I spend traveling with my friends. My parents are happy with my living style. I don’t have a single responsibility in my life. In short I’m living a very luxurious, lavish and happy life.

  3. MG, Thanks for your concern. Yes, I accept that we can work better by living anonymous than by public life.

    I am really happy by hearing that there are chances to meet you personally, since I put up in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    I hope my wish will come true sometime in future.

    1. Yes, sure, I will let you know before I come. My nephew had an open heart surgery in Narayan Hridayalaya (by Dr. Devi Shetti) at Bangalore when he was just 1yr old. Now he goes to school. He is totally cured. We visit that hospital sometimes to show his progress.

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