This moment you are FREE!


Photo credit: kudumomo

This moment, you are reading this post and THIS is the most precious moment in your life because YOU ARE ALIVE, this moment is the reality and this moment is the truth.

I believe you are AWARE and you are feeling your PRESENCE.

THIS is life.

Everything else is just thought and imagination. Thought is not life. You can never understand life through thinking.

Thinking and imagination is the root of all evil and sorrow. This moment if you are aware and if there is no thought of future or past then you are FREE.

This is what enlightenment is.

You don’t need to go through all meditation and practicing virtue. You just need to come out of your dreamy state. It takes only few seconds.

I’m living it since last 15 years without getting bored or suffering so can you. It is the most easiest thing in life you can do for yourself and it is more valuable than getting a millionaire or becoming world famous.

You can not suffer if you live moment to moment but if you live in ‘time’, if you live in the ‘past or future’, if you live in your ‘personal story’ then there is no way out from endless suffering.

All your wealth, power, success, achievements, love affairs, relationships and marriages are root of your suffering. They may give you momentary happiness and joy but in long run you must know ‘who you really are’, otherwise you will die in ultimate frustration.

And the shortest possible way to freedom is to AWAKE… HERE and NOW!

Nobody can help you and there is no technique! Only you are responsible. You can help your children not by giving them the best education but by helping them to get awaken from this dreamy state of living which is the root of sorrow.

Everlasting happiness is not possible in achieving your dreams but in destroying all dreams!

Realize that you don’t have time, you can not  postpone it, tomorrow never comes.

It’s NOW or never!

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose