This moment you are FREE!


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This moment, you are reading this post and THIS is the most precious moment in your life because YOU ARE ALIVE, this moment is the reality and this moment is the truth.

I believe you are AWARE and you are feeling your PRESENCE.

THIS is life.

Everything else is just thought and imagination. Thought is not life. You can never understand life through thinking.

Thinking and imagination is the root of all evil and sorrow. This moment if you are aware and if there is no thought of future or past then you are FREE.

This is what enlightenment is.

You don’t need to go through all meditation and practicing virtue. You just need to come out of your dreamy state. It takes only few seconds.

I’m living it since last 15 years without getting bored or suffering so can you. It is the most easiest thing in life you can do for yourself and it is more valuable than getting a millionaire or becoming world famous.

You can not suffer if you live moment to moment but if you live in ‘time’, if you live in the ‘past or future’, if you live in your ‘personal story’ then there is no way out from endless suffering.

All your wealth, power, success, achievements, love affairs, relationships and marriages are root of your suffering. They may give you momentary happiness and joy but in long run you must know ‘who you really are’, otherwise you will die in ultimate frustration.

And the shortest possible way to freedom is to AWAKE… HERE and NOW!

Nobody can help you and there is no technique! Only you are responsible. You can help your children not by giving them the best education but by helping them to get awaken from this dreamy state of living which is the root of sorrow.

Everlasting happiness is not possible in achieving your dreams but in destroying all dreams!

Realize that you don’t have time, you can not  postpone it, tomorrow never comes.

It’s NOW or never!

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

4 thoughts on “This moment you are FREE!”

  1. A few days ago, I was figuring out why I find myself in constant confusion, sorrow or even depression without any reason. but then I realised that I live(always feel) like a dead person. Then from that moment whenever I feel sad or heavy, I decided to remind myself that ‘you are alive’. I ask myself that when I am alive, why don’t I feel alive or what it feels to be alive. That keeps me aware and yes negative thoughts go away, I don’t feel sad then. that’s a good indication.A few times I also realised that I have got my own presence. I also sit sometimes idle to see how it feels to be alive. but sometimes it feels like I am working hard to keep myself aware or even like something is always pulling back when I try to be aware. I just can’t go deeply into anything. And this thing bothers me lot.

    And yes about ‘spam comments’ I prefer Akismet plugin, it always works best for me.

    1. Very good Aniket, to remind yourself that ‘you are alive’ is a good example of using affirmations. Next, you said that you ask question to yourself “when I am alive, why don’t I feel alive or what it feels to be alive?”, that keeps you awake and there is no negative thoughts or sadness! So till this point everything is OK!
      This is excellent use of affirmations for getting alert and aware.
      BUT the moment you say, “I just can’t go deeply into anything”… the problem begins…:)
      This ASKING for more, to go more deeper into the moment or into the present will definitely bother you.
      Don’t ask! There is no deeper or higher or more, there is only alertness, a simple awareness.
      Awareness is awareness, it is not deeper or higher or more! When you are alert, you are alert, you are not on the higher or deeper plane of awareness. This is very important to understand.
      You don’t need to work hard.
      Just BE!
      And if you forget to remain alert then also it’s OK!
      It is a trick of mind to want to go more deeper, mind always ask for more. So don’t be fooled! 🙂
      1% alertness is perfectly OK, please do not ask for 100%. Because ASKING FOR MORE IS THE MIND! And it will create tension. The moment you are alert, you are arrived but mind never get satisfied, it asks for more and more and more. The moment you are alert, you are suddenly out of the mind but immediately the mind comes back and says “some more of it, some more of it” , “gee mee some more, gee mee some more”.
      Just try to understand this contradiction, alertness is the death of the mind but the mind is still asking for more alertness. This is the old cunning trick of the mind. This is the only way it can survive. So next time when the mind ask for more alertness just tell your mind, “Uncle you don’t know what I’m doing, so please keep quite.”
      (Aniket I tried Akismet for 6 months but I find Spamfree works better, now I just keep adding new IP addresses from where I get Spam. There is no use of Captcha because most Spam is sent by humans and not by Spambots)

  2. Do you ever experience ESP and belief in these kind of things?

    Paramahansa Yogananda and other Masters taught and claimed that Man can connect with the realm of Omniscience here on Earth.

    I know your thinking about Gurus, practices and desires, I have read all your posts and ebooks.

    What I would like to know from you, is your perpective on ESP and Omniscience.

    Thank you MG. You have inspired myself.

    Sorry about some english faults, it is not my first language.

    1. In my perspective the more you stay away from ESP and Omniscience more there is possibility to ‘see the life as it is’. The dictionary meaning of Omniscience is ‘the capacity to know everything infinitely, or at least everything that can be known about a character including thoughts, feelings, life and the universe, etc’. And logically it is not possible. The moment you realize that the life is a mystery which mind can never uncover/understand completely, the mind stop. And this moment first time you gaze directly into that which is ‘unknowable’. You look into the abyss and the abyss also looks back into you. Here Yogananda and other masters who claim about Omniscience simply disappear into this abyss.
      To me walking on this earth is more miraculous than telepathy, ESP, past lives, ghosts, LOA and etc.
      Just look at the flowers, or face of a child, a roadside doggy, a beggar..isn’t that all mysterious? What is going on my friend? What is going on around you? This vast life, never ending…? your eyes, your heart…pumping? you breathing? isn’t that a great mystery?
      YOU EXIST! This is the biggest mystery on this earth!

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