What is jealousy

jealousy, breakup, love break

By sekushy

Jealousy means dissatisfaction with ‘who am I’ and ‘what I have got’. Jealousy comes naturally and effortlessly when you compare yourself with others. You want to be like someone who has more power, more riches, more beauty, more talent and when you are unable to achieve the desired effect, you get jealous. You want to have that beautiful woman and unfortunately she loves someone else and there is jealousy.

Once you get trapped into jealousy it will suck your all energy and creativity. A mind which is occupied with jealous thoughts will definitely loose all creativity, charm and grace. Jealousy also creates inferiority complex. You feel jealous of someone means you are giving a lot of attention and importance to other person and accepting that he/she is better than you. This pattern will create inferiority complex. Then things will become more complicated. This jealousy may manifest on physical level as discomfort and illness which has no remedy in medical science. Recently I meet a person who had a paralysis attack just because his junior got promotion before him. Doctors are doing physiotherapy and massage but actually his soul need to be massaged.

Love-break is another cause of jealousy. A common face and boring person with dumb-ass IQ level suddenly becomes the most important person in your life just because he/she rejected you. And many people (not you) loose their mental balance. This person becomes the center of attraction in your life. You feel jealous of that person who has stolen your beloved. I have a good news for those unfortunate heartbroken lovers that there are thousands of beautiful women searching for a macho man like you in shopping malls and there are thousand of boys looking for a dolly polly girl like you on the streets. So don’t waste time in jealousy, hatred and regret. Use that time in window shopping and evening walks.

Jealousy is total wastage of time and most of the people are busy with comparing themselves with others and finding what is missing in their life and occupied with jealousy. You feel jealous because neighbour has a beautiful wife and at the same time that bastard also hates you for the same reason.

This jealousy has manifested on all levels. Pakistan is jealous of India, India is jealous of China, China is jealous of America and America is jealous of all countries which they find their competitors.

Everyone is busy in trying to prove somehow that I’m better than you. One of my friend often says that other women in her office feel very jealous of her because she looks more cute than others. One day I asked her, “but you are fat and overweight….?” She replied, “Yes, I’m fat and overweight but at least I have a cute face, they don’t have even that!”.

We pass this gift of jealousy to our next generations. We teach our children to compete with others. We teach them ambition which is different face of jealousy. Jealousy is a subtle violence.

Jealousy shows that you don’t love yourself. If you really love and respect yourself then how can you feel jealous of others? In jealousy and competition you loose self respect. If you really want a quick remedy on getting free from jealousy than awaken the fire of love in your heart.