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Most of you, if you are doing martial art training, may know this principle, “Speed is a relaxed muscle contracting very quickly”. You can use this principle to speed up your alertness. You can come out of any negative emotion within a fraction of second. But you should develop this ability in day to day life so that you can use this principle effectively in any conflicting situation where emotions overwhelm you.

You should train yourself to suddenly detach yourself from your mind. It should happen very quickly and suddenly, like a flash of lightening. This ability is very useful. In this way you don’t watch your mind, emotions or thoughts but suddenly you step back and become aware of your whole body, your breathing and your surroundings. It happens in a fraction of second. There are no steps. This sudden alertness should be intense and speedy.

You can try this when you totally lose your mind. Suppose somebody insults you, you get hurt and you have lost your control. You are going to react and suddenly, like an accident you become alert and you stop. You look at your body, you feel your breathing and you are totally out. You become alert and you are out.

This is very effective strategy in any overwhelming situation. Don’t do any analysis, don’t judge or calculate. Just come out as if a dream is suddenly broken and become totally alert. And I say totally, not partially. Totally means one hundred percent not ninety-nine percent.

This way you suddenly move on. There is no way to look back. It’s over and you are out. It happens in an instant. Suppose you are cleaning your bathroom, suddenly stop and close your eyes and look within and feel your breathing and feel your whole body but this should not happen in sequence. It should happen simultaneously, not step by step but quickly. One moment you are in a dreamy state and the very next moment you are completely alert, one hundred percent.

If you can do this then you will never feel afraid of any negative emotion because you will know how to knockout your mind within a second. Develop quickness and power. You don’t have much time. You cannot afford to waste months and months to come out of a negative state. You have to break it within a moment. The moment you feel uncomfortable, realize that something is going wrong in your mind, instantly become alert. Be quick and intense.

In this way you escape from the hold of negative mindset or emotions before they take roots in your mind.

One last thing you should be relaxed and not tense up while practicing this whole shit. Do it swiftly but there should be no tension. You should do it softly. Be relaxed but quick, as quick as lightening. Suddenly bring your whole attention to the present moment. In the beginning of this post I said, “Speed is a relaxed muscle contracting very quickly”. But here you are doing exactly opposite. One moment you are tense, angry or panic and suddenly you throw the whole thing and you become totally alert and relax.

If you drink alcohol then you can try this to know how it actually works. It is strange but my meditation techniques works better for alcoholic people then for normal people. Anyway, after three or four drinks when you feel intoxicated and your body gets drowsy and heavy suddenly shake your body, throw out a deep breath and instantly become alert and throw the euphoria within a fraction of second and become totally normal as if nothing has happened. But do it very softly and naturally. Other people should not know what is happening.

Develop a knockout power in your alertness. The moment you realize or notice that you are in hell next moment you should be in the heaven. Fear, anxiety, anger, panic all these emotions are like hell. These emotions will come again and again in your life. Once you master this way to handle your mind you will spend very less time in negativity. Uncomfortable feelings are like signals. Once you get the signal, suddenly you should become alert. Don’t spend hours and hours to deal with negativity. You should spend at the most five seconds in any negative emotions. Buddy, you deserve the best life.

I say you can wipe out your strongest negative emotions within a second then why to waste years and years in therapy and techniques? There is no need to chase any guru. They are nonsense, they occupy your whole life like cancer and don’t left any space for you. They are hanging on your walls and in your neck-less. It is all nonsense.

Whenever negativity arises just clear the ground and move on.

I said practice coming out of mind within a second.

Mind it!

Do it thousands of time every day. Break the cycle again and again. Don’t sit in meditation, do it while you are walking, driving, talking. Do it everywhere, do it anytime. Do it in your bathroom, on your commode. After all this is a free style meditation. Everything is holy. Even your commode is holy, that’s why they say holy shit.

Do it even in sleep. In the middle of night if you wake up, suddenly become fully alert. Remember again, I say fully! Hundred percent alert. The moment you wake up, don’t open the eyes just become fully alert with your eyes closed. Within a second gather yourself, collect yourself. Most of the time we are scattered into the peaces. So collect yourself. Focus on the moment, feel your body, feel your breath, listen to the sounds or silence around, notice warmth or coldness in the weather. Be completely detached from the mind. Relax, don’t be tense. Do it smoothly. Nobody should know what you are doing, otherwise they will think that you are silly. Keep it secret.

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