Should I forgive jerks?

troll-face, jerk, bully

One should set the boundaries for how much you should forgive and for how long. It is alright to forgive if your forgiveness is really going to help the jerk. I never recommend forgiveness for the criminals. After all you are not a Buddha or a Gandhi. Do your best which you can do. Your love, meditation and friendliness should not become your weakness.

Religion says do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

That is true but how many times? It is alright if he is slapping me but what if he is stabbing me? If you don’t resist the evil person one day he will become a serial killer. All good religions are teaching peace and love but their blind followers are throwing bombs.

The basic idea behind the forgiveness is to get free from the past. It is to free your mind and emotions from the negative thoughts. If your forgiveness is really going to help and change the jerk then go ahead, forgive him but if he is going to consider it as your weakness then you must think again. That’s why I say never stick to any principle.

If you are bursting with anger then what is the use of forgiveness. It is a simple arithmetic that you should never forgive a person who consider himself stronger than you, who try to crush you or dominate you. In my view it is against spirituality.  Every strongest person has his own weaknesses. Jerks are over confident and over confidence is weakness.

If you live in the moment with total alertness then you are going to forgive people even for their greatest mistakes. But they are not going to forgive you for your kindness. A criminal is only a person who is living in sleep. If your forgiveness is going to disturb his sleep then go by all means but if not then you should give him shock treatment. One should always see what is needed in the particular situation.

Many people who are walking on the spiritual path have fixed views. Forgiveness is one of them. I’m absolutely for forgiveness. First forgive him and then give him a slap. There should be awareness behind your slap. Slap is just a metaphor. You can use your own strategy for punishment. Always see the seriousness of crime before you forgive someone. Punishment should be exactly proportionate to the crime he has done to you.

Spontaneous action or punishment coming from alertness is better than to forgive blindly. If you are alert and if you see that a good punch is absolutely needed in a particular situation then forget about Gandhi or Jesus. Again punch is just a metaphor. You can use a kick, you can use verbal abuse, you can go to the police or you can take legal action. You can use any destruction policy which you find appropriate in the moment. One should use his creativity. Free style meditation means you should be able to spontaneously move in any direction according to the need of the situation. Destruction is a part of creation.

Sometimes a person needs Homeopathy, sometimes Ayurveda, sometimes Allopathy and sometimes he may need surgery. Good punishment  is like a surgery. You should avoid it as long as possible but you can not avoid it permanently.  Sometimes it is the need of the situation.

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