Accept the suffering

Acceptance, suffering

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Suffering is the part of life, you cannot escape it. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, you are going to suffer. Your suffering will have different flavor and taste but it will be always there. One has to know how to use it. If you cannot grow out of suffering then it is useless.

There are people who teach you to celebrate life to enjoy life no matter what happens in your life. They say celebrate death. If celebration does not come from the very core of your being then it is like a fake smile. Deep down you know that you are suffering. Laughing meditation is very superficial while your suffering is real, your pain is real. So why laugh in pain and suffering like a foolish? Crying is not bad, suffering is not bad.

Recently one of my friend’s wife died. She had cancer. She was only 30 years old. I meet her many times when she was ill. There was no moving away from pain. There was no moving away from sadness. And it is perfectly natural. There was no worrying about enlightenment and Samadhi. She was just living in the moment without any expectation. Whenever she feel pain she cried and when death come she died. I didn’t see any resistance. The sadness is natural for her husband and her 5 year old child. Even if they celebrate and enjoy life they are going to miss her because she was such a beautiful and intelligent woman. She will be there in their happiness, joy and suffering. They will not be able to separate suffering and happiness. Suffering and happiness are opposite words only in dictionary but in life you may cry while you are laughing and you may laugh while you are crying.

Yes, I say celebrate life but that celebration is not opposite of suffering. Celebration does not mean that you have to dance and sing. Celebration means acceptance. When there is no resistance in your life, it becomes a celebration. Then your being will dance with moon and stars but you will not get lost in so called Sacchidananda. There will be awareness of suffering. You will know that you cannot erase suffering and pain from the life.

Even if you could get over your all personal problems, even if you become a billionaire the world around you is still suffering, animals are suffering, accidents are happening, people are getting killed and women are getting raped.  Someone who loves you will die. There are infinite possibilities. There is no ending to the sufferings. If you solve one problem then another thousand problems will arise. Suffering and problems are part of life. You can improve your life and make it better but still there will be suffering in the world and you cannot be totally happy as long as a single person is suffering in the world. Stay with the facts. Once you understand the facts then you will understand the proper meaning and place of celebration, joy and happiness in your life. Then you will know the proper way to celebrate the life.

Once you accept the suffering then celebration and suffering goes together. Then celebration has a depth. Then it is not superficial like a fake smile. Then you will not dance like a moron but your being will have a different fragrance. Remember dance has nothing to do with celebration.

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