How to get over the barriers?

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Resistance creates more barriers in life. If you stay with ‘what is’ then there will be no barriers. Don’t create conflict with ‘what is’ and there will be no barriers in your life.  If you live with the problem then there will be no problem but the problem begins when you start fighting with the problem. Then this problem creates a new problem and your life becomes a series of problems.

Suppose you are a short tempered person and you lose your temper over small things. This is your habit or nature. If you make this anger your problem and try to overcome it then it will become another problem. Try to understand this. Then people will suggest you therapies, books and meditation. Then you will do Osho’s dynamic meditation. You will breathe faster and faster, you will do catharsis, you will try to throw your anger in the air. You know dynamic meditation?  You will scream and shake your body. You may damage your lungs or some internal organ or people may consider you mad or your wife may get afraid. Your body will have severe pain, you will get tired because he says you have to use 100% energy otherwise you will not be able to do the second stage of catharsis. So in this way you will create another three problems. And after few months again there will be anger because you are creating it all the time. Even if you do dynamic meditation for 100 years you will never get over the anger because you like to become angry. You feel powerful and dominant. You have your own reasons and excuses to support your anger and violence.

Suppose you have fear. You will try to get rid of this fear. Then fear will go even deeper. Then you will start feeling fear of fear. When you start fighting with fear and try to get over it then you will never understand what exactly fear is and there will be no freedom from fear. Now see, so called experts and specialists categories fear in hundreds of type. Fear of this and fear of that, you will get lost into the theories and concepts. There are different methods to overcome different fears. Fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of speaking to woman, fear of water, fear of escalators, fear of disease, fear of eating, social phobia etc. The list is never ending. They will take you into past life regression to find the roots of fear. This is all nonsense. It will take months and years to get over the fear and most probably it will get worst because meantime you will remain the same. And cause or root of fear is not far away in the past. It is here and now. The cause of fear is your imagination. Fear is your own mental picture. Simply erase it from your mind. If you can not erase it then forget it.

Once you accept a problem, once you acknowledge a problem and stay with it then there is no problem. Anger persists as long as you fight with anger. Fighting itself is the anger. Fear persists as long as you fight with the fear. You fight because you are fearful.  Fear, anger are part of you. Just accept them as your physical body. You have eyes, nose, hands, and legs just like that you have fear and anger.

If you want to live as a single then obviously your parents will create problem. They will try to force you to get married. Getting married is not wrong but staying single is also not bad. There are infinite ways of living. There is no limit to creativity. Just understand this fact that few people will always resist you, few people will love you, few people will hate you like hell and someone may even die for you. Just accept this. Don’t create a problem.

Life is a series of problems, barriers and hurdles. Don’t create problems out of problems. Just flow with the problems and these problems will become your entertainment. Look at the problems and barriers as if you are watching a three dimensional movie and you are part of that movie. Whenever you wish you can detach yourself and settle into your own nature within 30 seconds.

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