Why should I meditate?

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By h.koppdelaney

Many people want to know why they should meditate. Well there is no reason. They can continue as they are living. If you want to get peace and happiness in life then meditation will not give you peace or happiness instantly. Meditation is to look within, to look into your mind. It will give you clarity and you will understand why you behave like this. You will know about your fear, anger, lust, ambition, ego, time, love and death from your direct experience or direct contact with yourself. You will also know whether there is such a thing as eternal life and if you are part of that life or not. It will be not just a belief but your own experience. Then you will not wonder about what happened to Jesus or Buddha. Then you will know from your own experience what exactly happened to them and how people misinterpret them.

Forget about the word meditation because it has many misconceptions attached to it. Observation is more accurate word then meditation. This observation has no goal except to notice your mind carefully. When you look at your mind carefully then you automatically go to the roots of any problem in your life because all problems have their roots in your own mind.

You should look at your problems from every angle. Each thought represents a different angle so you should be able to watch without any judgment. This observation of the mind is only way to understanding the self. Maturity means to understand the self. This self is made up of thoughts and images. Self is the center of your life. Don’t say this is the false center and I’m soul which is never born and never going to die because it is not reality for you. Currently you live into the confined space created by thought.

You are surrounded by the walls created by thoughts, beliefs, concepts, religions, scientific conclusions, isms etc. This is your reality and you have to look into all this garbage. So don’t expect that meditation means running away into some fanciful state like sacchidanandaa(truth, bliss, happiness).

If you want sacchidananda then alcohol is the shortest way.  Meditation will bring you nightmares. You will not believe what is happening in your mind. There are layers upon layers. First few days, months or may be years you will feel like you have lost in jungle. You will find that your beliefs and faiths are standing on doubts. You will find that Jesus and Krishna are not going to save you. All psychological consolations will be shattered. Whatever you have collected in the name of spirituality will have no meaning at all. This is the clarity of mind. Clarity means to see things as they are. This clarity will bring you frustration but it is worth because this is the only way to know the truth.

Why should you meditate?

You should not meditate; you should observe yourself in different situations to discriminate what is false. You should observe how you get angry and exactly what happens within your mind when you get fearful or jealous? You should also observe how you get hurt. You should try to understand the mechanism of mind. Reading books about how to control your mind has no value. You should watch your mind in action.

In extreme anger you behave like animal. Suddenly stop, close your eyes and watch this animal in action. Don’t say anger is bad. Don’t say why anger is necessary in this situation. Just look at anger intensely, deeply. Look at all the images running in your mind. Observe the sensations in your body. This observation will show you the path of liberation. There is no hurry. Careful observation is more important than enlightenment. Actually enlightenment has no meaning at all. This observation is the beginning and ending of all spirituality. Everything else is just bullshit.

This observation is not for the lazy man. One should get crazy about this. One should get addict of seeing what’s going on in my mind. It should not have any motive. If you are lazy then it is better to have faith in the father who is living in the heaven. He will save you from lots of fears. But you will never know what fear is.

When you observe the mind you never know what will come out. In this honest observation there is no place for kundalini, chakra, sounds, or any mysterious experiences. If you keep observing your mind then it will become more orderly. It will not live in illusions or false conceptions. And that is the only benefit of meditation. To live without illusions means to live a truthful life. Then there will be equanimity in all situations. Then your actions will not come out of beliefs and concepts but they will come from the light of awareness.

5 thoughts on “Why should I meditate?”

  1. Just some of my own thoughts and experiences…

    I think also whatever happens within the mind happens within the body. You can watch the mind and the body, infact everything together. You can watch how the outside effects the inside and what happens in both the mind and the body. Every time i think something, something also happens within my body. The two aren’t seperate and sometimes the body is easier to watch than the mind. Then you don’t only have to watch you can feel too. Sometimes I get sick of watching and feeling is good. Thinking is hard and complicated, if you stop thinking then you can just feel.

    Also… I can only watch or i can change too. If i don’t like what i’m watching i can change it to what i do want to watch. If i don’t like what i’m feeling i can change it to what i do want to feel. You can wind back the bad feeling to where it came from and watch it dissappear. You can spiral a good feeling, double it and double it so that it feels awesome. Any good feeling can become the best feeling you’ve ever had. It’s definately logical and because you can understand it, are aware of it, and realise it, you are empowered and can do what you want with it.

    The best advantage with meditation for me is that i get the power of choice. I can choose how i want to feel and what i want to watch myself doing.

    I have a small thing to disagree with that in my experience i have enjoyed. I can live in illusions and misconceptions if i so choose. I’m free to dream, believe the dream is happening to me and change the dream however i want. I can make anything more than it is or less than it is. I’m not saying this is the goal of spirituality or that what MG says is wrong, because what he says is not wrong, but when you meditate you learn to choose if you want to view what is really there or what you want to see is there. For example i think there is nothing wrong with eating crap chocolate and building your experience up so that it is like great chocolate, or making love to somebody and imagining it is someone else. Fantasize, why not? If you like it do it, if it feels good do it. It’s you’re life, you have limited time here. It is your life you can live it how you want. You can come and go out of the awareness of what is REALLY happening as you so choose. I think playing is important. Play with everything, your feelings, your life, your experience.

    You do need to keep grounded though, and you do need awareness. Without regular awareness of what is really happening it is easy to lose yourself in your fantasies to your own detriment. The middle line is perfect, but sometimes perfect is boring.

    Just my 2 cents worth…

    1. Yes, you can live many lives in one life. Fantasy has no limits, imagination has no limits and creativity also has no limits. What you are telling is not only fantasy but it’s also creativity. You can learn a lot while playing with your mind, changing roles and seeing things from many dimensions.

      One can live on different levels, sometimes there are moments of choice-less alertness and sometimes you make choices about how to feel.

      You said, “Play with everything…”, yes that’s what life is. Life is just a game. We are here for very short time and that is great realization. In my view nothing is wrong as long as you enjoy your life and make it better using your creativity or fantasy. By spinning good feelings over and over and making them double you are making your life more better. You can also slow down bad feelings by rolling them backward. You can make sad images smaller and darker and push them far away. You can make happy images brighter and brighter and bring them forward in front of you in three dimension. There are many possibilities.

  2. Hi MG,
    After reading above two comments, i am kind of confused. Then what is the difference between Day dreaming, Visualization and Meditation (awareness)? Louis said “there is nothing wrong with eating crap chocolate and building your experience up or making love to somebody and imagining it is someone else.” This looks like we are training mind or thoughts in a certain way, mind gym and live in that illusion forever because it feels nice. Isn’t it what most of us are doing?
    When you say ‘’Playing with everything”, How this playing is separate from Dreamy state which you mention elsewhere. One should be aware of content of play and play itself so that anytime one can switch off or on or change by choice?
    Is playing with content of mind while maintaining Awareness of the play and its content expected?
    But the problem is with Awareness you may lose the juicier part of it, your own Interest and once you are not identified with it, you may tend to lose interest. Is it possible to feel the intensity/intimacy with anything without getting identified with it? Be it your mind play, wife, cars, child, work, house.
    Could you please throw some light?

    Many Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Amit, meditation is nothing but to observe your thoughts and emotions. In meditation you are alert and present. In meditation you observe the ‘dreamy state’. In meditation you observe how you create disorder in your life by using your own imagination, thoughts and emotions UNCONSCIOUSLY.

      Somebody insults you and you get hurt that means he push your button and you get angry. This happens unconsciously. Then you are just a machine. Anger, fear, jealousy all these states are dreamy states. I call them dreamy states because you lose alertness or awareness when you become angry or fearful. Then you behave just like a machine.

      Now what is the difference between meditation and visualization?

      Visualization is creative imagination in which you have total control over your imagination. In visualization you intentionally create imagination to LEARN something. Then you are not a victim of your dreamy state. Then you are using your dreaming ability to learn something. It becomes easier to do something difficult when you first see it in your imagination. Suppose if you do visualization before you learn to drive car then you will learn to drive car more easily.

      I suggest visualization only to learn new skills or to create something innovative. For example all technical progress is nothing but human imagination. And all wars in the world are the results of a dreamy state. Using your imagination to create something innovative is totally different than to become violent and kill people in the name of religion or color. Killing and destruction is the result of a dreamy state.

      Only alertness (meditation or awareness) will definitely create a deep understanding, order and peace in your life but you need something more to survive on this planet and to make it more beautiful. So you need to use your imagination and creativity. You can not sit all the time in meditation. You can not keep observing your mind all the time although it is a very essential thing to do in your life.

      Dreamy state is an unconscious state. In dreamy state somebody is pushing your buttons and controlling your moods. In visualization you control your mind. Visualization has a direction. You can improve your sports or any skill by using creative imagination or visualization.

      Here you can find an interesting thought experiment Einstein imagined about Simultaneity. This experiment shows you, “From different reference frames, there can never be agreement on the simultaneity of events”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wteiuxyqtoM

      I post this link just to show you how one can use his imagination to discover, understand or to explain his point of view. There are unlimited possibilities to use your imagination in a creative way.

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