John is just a huge collection of images

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You were born in “this moment”.

You will feel very funny when you realize that the moment of your birth is not separate than this moment. Existence is always in the present moment. You never traveled in time. The body is always in the present moment. In that way the moment of your birth and this moment (while you are reading this post) are one. If you say I’m forty years old or fifty years old then it is false statement. Whether you are forty or fifty or hundred year old does not matter. You are always fresh, young and new born.

Body is not separate from the existence and existence is not traveling in time. It is only mind that is traveling in time. If the mind stops there is no time. Time exist if you want to go from the point A to the point B. The distance between the point A and the point B is time. But if you don’t have any intention to go from the point A to the point B then both points exist in the present moment. Then there is no future. If you want to travel from A to B then A is the present moment and B is the future but they both exist in the present moment.

Your body is ancient. Now this is another funny perception. Your body is ancient and you were never born. Your body is not different then your fathers or mothers body. You are just an extension. And this chain is going on since ages. But the moment you say I’m John you separate yourself from your father. And this John is going to die someday.

How this John is born?

John is just a huge collection of images and thoughts. John is nothing but a huge collection of mental pictures. And those pictures are moving so fast that it gives illusion of a solid reality. Then John fight for his religion, country and his beliefs. This John also tries to get free from the bondage of birth and death. He follow gurus, read scriptures and do meditation. All his activities only give more momentum to his existence. He become more and more solid and true.

This whole process could be described as, “Images trying to get free from images creating more images”.

In traditional language it is called as Sadhna. In modern language it is kundalini meditation, laughing meditation, Darshan Kriya, yoga, happiness groups, Baba ka darbar, Darshan, Meditation camp, Sanyas, Satsang, Bhajan etc. If you belong to any of these herds and if you get hurt after reading my statement then you can be absolutely sure that you are not a human being but just a programmed human machine, a robot.

When you are singing Bhajans these mental images are moving in a different way giving you an illusion that you are walking on holy land. When you are watching porn these mental images give you an illusion that you are doing something wrong. But if you look deeply then you are simply playing with metal images. When you are running after money then you are actually chasing your own thoughts. If you lost your interest in money then there will be no difference between money and a peace of paper. In reality money is just a peace of paper, money is our definition. If you look at money as a peace of paper then it will be a lot easier to become a billionaire.

Anyway, we were talking about John.

Once John is born he becomes afraid of death. Then the search for eternity begins. He want to know about his previous births. We know that this John is just a huge collection of images. Each image is a separate frame. In that way yesterday was John’s past life because yesterday does not exist this moment. Now it is just memory. But John is not satisfied. He will travel seven oceans and come to India. He will stand on his head, he will breath from his belly, he will do Tanden and Zen. He will do fast breathing, slow breathing, medium breathing, chaotic breathing. There are many specialists in India. They are waiting for John. He will go to Himalaya, Mount Abu, Amarnath. He will meet many gurus and they will promise him salvation. Those who offer enlightenment or salvation appear to often operate more as businessmen than as authentic spiritual teachers. Then John is lucky if he could save his wallet.

He will also read Rajneesh, Krishnamurti (number 1 and number 2), Raman, Meherbaba, Saibaba (Original Sai baba and Satya sai baba) but he will never look within for a single moment. Even if he close his eyes he will have Darshan of his beloved Babaji. He will not see himself, he will see Babaji.


John is slave of his own mental images but John will never realize this.

He will get lost in his own garbage. He will get lost in huge collection of images, thoughts and borrowed knowledge. Then Rajneesh, Krishnamurti, Ravishankar, Nisargadatta, Papaji, Pandurang Shastri will fight each other in HIS mind. Then his mind will become a battlefield. Then he will troll in religious forums. He will debate with other people about who is right and who is wrong.

John YOU are wrong.

All the time you were free. Actually you do not exist. You are empty. You are just a big nothing. You are unnecessary doing all the circus. Even if you do meditation for hundred years you will remain the same. As long as you are doing something you will keep pedalling the same John. The images will keep moving and rotating. It is your efforts to get free creates more bondage.

So what to do?

Just try to understand this process of image-making and you will simply laugh on yourself. Then you will not run after enlightenment or Samadhi. It does not take time. There are no layers of conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind. Actually there is no mind. Between two thoughts there is a gap and that gap is eternal. Unconscious mind (which Fried describes) does not exist.

You are just living in unconscious way. There is huge difference between living unconsciously and having an unconscious mind.

Krishna also says in Geeta that your mind has layers upon layers and you have to remove all the layers but I think that he forget that between each layer there is a gap and that gap is eternal.

Shunya (nothingness) is not at the center of the onion, the onion itself exist in shyunya.

You don’t have to peel the whole onion. Because it is not a question of single onion, there are tons of onions in your brain. If you keep peeling all the onions then it will take thousands of years and new onions are always growing. It’s a never ending process.

Today I read in news paper that a boy wants to learn Sanskrit and Vedas. He wants to become a celibate. He shaved his head and he wants to go in some ashram. His parents become very afraid so they filed a complaint in local police station to prevent him from becoming a Sanyasin (monk).


The problem is very simple. The boy has some ancient stinky onions in his head. He believes that if he learn Sanskrit, read Vedas and Upnishads, shave his head and become celibate only then he will become enlightened. He is ready to leave his parents to find the truth as if he knows where is the truth.

Truth is always in the present moment. Even if you live in slum area it doesn’t matter. Even if you live in Dharavi Zopadpatti (probably the biggest slum in the world, Mumbai) you can find the truth. You don’t have to go to Himalaya. In fact it is more easier to find the truth or god in Dharavi Zopadpatti then to find it in Himalayas or meditation camps. If you could find peace in such a noisy place then you are more powerful Yogi than all coward Yogis who are hidden in Himalayas or giving discourses in AC halls of five star hotels.

So John stop now and you will find the truth, god or eternity exactly where you are. You don’t have to go anywhere.

6 thoughts on “John is just a huge collection of images”

    better shunya can be termed as whole…. this wholeness is the eternity ,enlightenment.
    humans are living in ,as ,by and for an illusion.!

    1. When you love you don’t think.
      Either you think or you love.
      So what is true..?
      You love or you ‘think’ that you love..?

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