Know the limitations of meditation

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By h.koppdelaney

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Don’t stay asleep in the garden of Now
Watch the moment of creation
Now – now – now…

Your observation of your thoughts and emotions is more important than my posts and articles. You may find many contradictory posts on this blog which may be useful for some people and at the same time they may be totally useless or confusing for others.

Anyway, here I’ll try to expand my previous post “Spirituality is bulshit and masters are nonsense!“.

Some people wants to stay into that state of awareness for long time or they want to settle into that state permanently and that is the problem. Normally a person think average 70,000 thoughts in 24 hours and there are many millions of signal brain is receiving from surrounding as well as from your nervous system so even a Buddha can not watch all of them, so one should not get obsessed with living in the present or being alert and aware all the time.

Present moment is just a passage. In fact it does not exist at all. Present moment is just a bridge between past and future and it is always passing. But still if you live near the present moment there will be lots of clarity. There will be less suffering.

You can twist theory or philosophy as you wish. You can say there is an observer, you can say observer is observed or you can say observer is separate from that which is observed. But in real life what is important is to find peace, happiness and love.

In that way life is very simple. There is no need to play mental gymnastics.

Yes it is impossible to understand the life in its totality. But it is possible to live happily every moment and it is also possible to find ‘comfort zone’ in every difficulty.

Even if you get confused try to be connected to this ‘comfort zone’. This ‘comfort zone’ is always available to you when you try your best to live in the present moment. But when you demand something like permanently living in the present or to be alert every moment then it is just a mind game and it is not possible.

If you ask me ‘how to remain alert even in sleep’ then this is something impossible and if you remain aware even in sleep then it is not sleep.

Every moment brain is recording millions of things and you cannot become aware of all those things. When someone says I’m enlightened on such and such day and time then he does not realize this simple fact.

All Buddhas in the past had found this ‘comfort zone’ and they know ‘how to live in the present moment’ but the moment they claim ‘absolute knowledge’ or ‘enlightenment’ it is again mind-game, although one can live happily even with that kind of mind games.

Awareness is also mind and observer or sakshi is also mind. Mind has capacity to detach and watch itself. This kind of detached observation will give you lots of clarity, love, compassion and peace. Your mind will play less games and you will be less victim of your emotions and thoughts. There will be less suffering. But some people are too much obsessed with it. And some people are making business out of it. That is the problem.

There should be a balance. There is no need to keep awake all night and look at your thoughts (although it is okay sometimes). To demand such kind of awareness is a greed. Your body is not designed for this kind of adventure.

People on spiritual journey must understand this simple fact that there is no such thing as absolute knowledge, there is no such state as permanent alertness and there is no such state of fully awakening. There are zillions of things going on in your mind body mechanism and you can never become aware of all of them. Know the limitations of meditation. Some spiritual masters are exaggerating the things.

5 thoughts on “Know the limitations of meditation”

  1. So, do you deny siddhis and all remote foresight/sensory reports? Do you deny karma and reincarnation (and its evidence found by thousands hypnotherapy regression reports)? Astral realms and near-death experiences are just illusions? Jesus Christ and Mohammed were just moral teachers or myths? For sure Jesus was not just a moral teacher, because someone how claim to be God Himself or is a insane lunatic, a joker or The Truth.

    “There are simply too many documented instances of individuals having intimate acquaintance with information experienced firsthand by remote strangers for us to deny that there are forms of shared knowledge other than
    those achieved by rational consciousness.” Power versus Force, David Hawkins

    Do you know the work of David Hawkins? I’m curious to know your thoughts about his work, if you it.

    I’m convicted of spiritual reality, but I don’t deny it.

    I like your blog, I’ve been reading it since 2009 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinicius for your comment.

      To me you are more important than all enlightened masters and what happened to them. There is no way to understand what happened to them unless you are into that state. Mind can not imagine that state so even if you believe in Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna or Buddha it will not help you.

      The problem is life is happening here and now and your mind is going with Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna and Buddha. So there is no direct contact between you and the life.

      I deny everything which thought has put together and I myself have no philosophy or teaching. I don’t even bother whether it (what they are saying) is right or wrong because to empty your mind from borrowed knowledge is the first requirement to enter into the unknowable. I say unknowable because thought can never touch it.

      In other words you can BE into that state but you can never understand what is that state. Before BEING into that state everything you can imagine about that state is YOUR IMAGINATION. And your imagination is totally different than the reality.

      Actually all spiritual teaching, holy scriptures and so called masters become barrier between you and life. If anything happened to Jesus or Buddha then it can happen to every human being.

      If you are thinking about what happened to Jesus or Krishna then you are living in the past and it will not help you. The most important thing is that thought can never understand what happened to them and only instrument we have is thought. Thought is limited by its own nature. You can imagine only what you already know.

      To understand what happened to Jesus thought must become quiet. I deny all enlightened masters because they have made your mind a battlefield. Thought should understand that it can never understand that state and it should naturally become quiet and silent. That silence should not be forced. When you don’t do anything to get into that state, when mind don’t try to understand that state then you are in natural state.

      Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna are lovely people. But unless you erase them from your mind you can never enter into that state. Actually it is wrong even to use the word ‘state’. Because the moment I say ‘enter into that state’ mind start working on ‘entering into that state’ and you miss it 🙂

      There should be no hidden or open desire to get into that state.

      Forget about David Hawkins, forget about MG, forget about law of karma and forget about reincarnation. Forget about all Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and Mohammad and forget about what they said.

      Just be here and now.

  2. I’ve made some mistakes.

    *I’m curious to know your thoughts about his work, if you are familiar with it.
    *I’m not convicted of spiritual reality, but I don’t deny it.

    Sorry about possible grammar mistakes.

    1. My short answer to David Hawkins work is, it is not possible to evaluate truth (or consciousness) on a scale of 1 to 1000. Most of his work is based on conjecture rather than knowledge. Hawkins makes vague references to nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and attractor patterns in support of his theory of consciousness. To me it is just a new age hoax. No doubt he has good sense of humor! He passed away last month (September 19) at the age of 85.

  3. Christopher Titmuss, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, teaches Awakening and Insight Meditation around the world. He is the founder and director of the Dharma Facilitators Programme and the Living Dharma programme, an online mentor programme for Dharma practitioners. He gives retreats, participates in pilgrimages (yatras) and leads Dharma gatherings. Christopher has been teaching annual retreats in Bodh Gaya, India since 1975 and leads an annual Dharma Gathering in Sarnath since 1999. A senior Dharma teacher in the West, he is the author of numerous books including Light on Enlightenment, An Awakened Life and Transforming Our Terror. A campaigner for peace and other global issues, Christopher is a member of the international advisory council of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. . Poet and writer, he is the co-founder of Gaia House, an international retreat centre in Devon, England. He lives in Totnes, Devon, England.

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