Thought can never touch the life

enlightenment, spiritual journey, truth is pathless land

By h.koppdelaney

Tree of Life
(My Meaning of Life)

In the deepest winter
next to the Tree of Life
I find it

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.” ~Jack Handey

Past will be always there. You will always have access to all the information which you gathered in the past. When you say “this is a wall” or “this is a chair” or “this is a glass” you are already looking at things from the past knowledge. In that way this knowledge (past) is very useful.

But no two glasses or two trees are the same. Sky is always changing and streets are always moving. Are you getting my point?

Life is dynamic but the knowledge is static.

We are habitual to naming things. When we name a thing we believe that we know this thing. But reality is totally different. Your knowledge of life (or anything in general) is just a dead peace of limited information.

Suppose you say this is my friend John. Actually you have very limited knowledge about John. You are looking at John through that limited information. And you think that you know John. In fact your knowledge about John is your personal opinion about John which is based upon limited information you gathered about John.

When you say this is a tree, this is sky, this is my father you are already living in the past. Without this knowledge you will not be able to recognize things. There is no such thing as getting totally free from the mind or this knowledge. We are biologically programmed for it. In that way we are bio-computers.

The problem arises when this thought wants to know what is life.

Thought wants to understand life. But It is not possible for thought to touch the life. Because it is just a peace of dead information. It is just memory. Information is always limited. By its very nature thought is always limited.

For example when you say “tree” you can not see the reality of tree. Then you can see the tree only as per your limited information or knowledge. Then you are looking at the tree through the knowledge of tree which is past.

Just for a moment look at anything but don’t give it a name. See how difficult it is. Just look at your friend or your father without bringing in any information or past knowledge about them. Simply look as if you are looking at this man for the first time. Don’t even say this is a man. Then you are living in reality. You can do this only for few moments but it is okay.

It is true that thought has an important place in your life (because it can invent computers, cars, airplanes, electricity, atom bombs, guns etc). But it has its own limitations. In short, thought is not the instrument which can understand the life. This is the most important thing in life which everyone (who is on the spiritual journey) has to realize.

Don’t try to understand anything and stay into that state without any expectation.

It is very difficult to understand that nothing is going to happen.

Mind is not ready to accept it.

If I say that there is no such thing as an enlightenment, Nirvana, Samadhi or no-mind then naturally you will ask me then what the fuck Krishna, Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus and the whole gang is preaching since centuries?

The only way to put the mind silent is that you have to understand that thought will never understand that state. Mind will never get into no mind state to achieve Nirvana or Samadhi. As long as you do efforts you will remain doubtful and confused.

Most people read books, think over it, try honestly, do techniques and only get more confused. As long as they are confused the mind is operating. This is the vicious circle.

The brain is only a computer. It can never understand the totality of life. It can understand anything only according to it’s limited knowledge. And all the time we are trying to understand the life through our brain. The whole spiritual journey is going in wrong direction. It’s like all the time we are browsing the same files on the hard disc again and again.

The moment you say I’m confused or I’m doubtful you are using the wrong instrument.

There is nothing to understand and there is nothing you can understand. With this realization will come peace.