‘Who am I?’ is the most dumbass question ever asked by man

Who Am I Gemma

Photo by: Sam Davis

‘Who am I?’ is the most stupid question ever asked by man in the whole human history. If you ask this question to yourself then who is going to answer this question? It’s you, its your own stupid mind which is going to answer this question. And you know that you DON’T know the answer of this question, still you are asking this question. Even if you ask this question millions of time, the same mind will give you the answer.

You think that if you ask this question thousands of time then some miracle will happen and you will become enlightened or you will know yourself. But it never happens.

There is another school of thought which tells you to simply remember ‘I’m’. It is called ‘self remembrance’. It is the same stupidity in a different way. All your selfish motives and cunningness shows that you already remember yourself. You are already fighting to protect this ‘I’. Your whole life is organized around this ‘I’m’.

Then there is another school, ‘Living in the Present Moment’! But what is the moment? Tell me what is the present moment? If you don’t remember the past or don’t imagine the future then is there any possibility of present moment?

There is no possibility of present moment without the idea of past or future.

You are trying to live in the present moment just to avoid the pain created by the past memories.  You want to avoid the painful memories and create a bright future and for that purpose you want to live in the present moment. Otherwise there is no such thing as the present moment.

To become free from the mind you want to fix your attention on the present moment. But the past and the future are already there in the background. If you are aware and alert that you are focused on the present moment then past and future are already lurking somewhere in the background. Otherwise there is no way to know that this is the present moment.

The question ‘Who am I?’ assumes that there is an ‘I’. But ‘I’ is just a singular pronoun.

You assume that this is your body. But look at your body. Do you know how to create, how to manufacture this body? Are you pumping this heart? Are you doing blood circulation? Can you make this flesh and bones? You are not this body. It is functioning automatically. It existed long before you (ego or self image) were born.

If you look at the mind then you will notice that it is full of borrowed knowledge. Nothing is yours. Thoughts are moving like clouds. You don’t know which thought will pop up in your mind next moment. There is disorder, contradiction and confusion. Out of this confusion born a desire for clarity. That desire itself creates further confusion.

Then somebody comes along. He says, ‘Hey, look, observe your mind, become more watchful, become more alert. Observe your thoughts’.

Then one part of the mind detach itself as the observer and start observing the thoughts. Then you forget that the observer and the observed are not two separate things. Observer is the observed. They are one. And behind this never-ending process of observation is a constant desire to get enlightened or free from the mind. Otherwise there is no need to observe your thoughts. The mind is playing observer-observer game. Ego wants to get enlightenment because it is never ending pleasure. You feel superior because you are watching the thoughts and other 99% humanity is living in sleep.

There is no way to find out whether you are aware in dream or in reality.

You try to fix your mind in the present moment and it slips again and again in the future. You think that someday you will be settled in the present moment and there will be only a ‘Witness’. Why the f**k this witness will exist if there is nothing to watch? It is a simple logic that there will be no ‘witness’ if there is nothing to watch.

Then there is another school of thought, ‘From sex to super consciousness’. This is lust for never ending pleasure. If this was true then Ron Jeremy would have became a Buddha. He was ranked by AVN (Adult Video News magazine) at number one in their “The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list.

Show me a single person in the world who attained super consciousness simply by f**king women and I will salute him. I question if there is any super consciousness. I am not criticizing the person who introduced this idea of ‘f**king to enlightenment’ because he was genius. He knew the secret of getting rich. He was aware of the poor intellectual level and the lust of mankind. He spread this fire of ‘Sex to super consciousness’ all over the world. But as per his talks he himself got enlightened while sitting on a branch of a tree!

Yesterday somebody asked me, “What do you think about Nirmal Baba?”

Why should I think about him? You should think about him. He is clever but you are stupid. If you don’t have any desire or expectation then you will never need any Baba or Kripa.

The whole spirituality is nothing but a mind game. You exist simply because you are trying to be in the present moment. You exist because you desire enlightenment. You exist because you observe this never-ending flow of thoughts. If you don’t desire clarity then there will be no confusion. If you don’t try to become aware then there will be no stress and frustration. Your stress, frustration and efforts give you illusion as if you exist and you have to find out who you are. Your serious search for the truth makes this ‘I’ more stubborn.

If there is any beginning of the universe and if there is any present moment then everything already exist in the present moment. There is no way to exist except in the ‘now’. It is stupid to use this word ‘now’ because there is always only ‘now’. And it is even more stupid to try to be in the ‘now’ because there is no ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’.

Ego is just a thought. With ego comes a dreamlike state. In this dreamlike state ego asks ‘Who am I?’ and he can never know the answer of this question. This ego try to find out the truth and move on the impossible journey. This ego try to drop itself through many techniques and methods and a cult or religion is born.

Enlightenment is not possible because there is nobody to get enlightened.

Eternal bliss, happiness and peace all are just different states of mind. You will never get answer to ‘who am I?’ because ‘I’ is just a thought, singular pronoun. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or ‘I’m that’ are the most stupid words used by so called egoistic masters in human history. When someone says ‘I’m That’ you can be sure that his shoddy ego is trying to identify itself with eternity. This ‘I’ is nothing but all the information put by the society in your brain. Apart from that there is no ‘I’ or ‘Self’ or ‘Atma’.