‘Who am I?’ is the most dumbass question ever asked by man

Who Am I Gemma

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‘Who am I?’ is the most stupid question ever asked by man in the whole human history. If you ask this question to yourself then who is going to answer this question? It’s you, its your own stupid mind which is going to answer this question. And you know that you DON’T know the answer of this question, still you are asking this question. Even if you ask this question millions of time, the same mind will give you the answer.

You think that if you ask this question thousands of time then some miracle will happen and you will become enlightened or you will know yourself. But it never happens.

There is another school of thought which tells you to simply remember ‘I’m’. It is called ‘self remembrance’. It is the same stupidity in a different way. All your selfish motives and cunningness shows that you already remember yourself. You are already fighting to protect this ‘I’. Your whole life is organized around this ‘I’m’.

Then there is another school, ‘Living in the Present Moment’! But what is the moment? Tell me what is the present moment? If you don’t remember the past or don’t imagine the future then is there any possibility of present moment?

There is no possibility of present moment without the idea of past or future.

You are trying to live in the present moment just to avoid the pain created by the past memories.  You want to avoid the painful memories and create a bright future and for that purpose you want to live in the present moment. Otherwise there is no such thing as the present moment.

To become free from the mind you want to fix your attention on the present moment. But the past and the future are already there in the background. If you are aware and alert that you are focused on the present moment then past and future are already lurking somewhere in the background. Otherwise there is no way to know that this is the present moment.

The question ‘Who am I?’ assumes that there is an ‘I’. But ‘I’ is just a singular pronoun.

You assume that this is your body. But look at your body. Do you know how to create, how to manufacture this body? Are you pumping this heart? Are you doing blood circulation? Can you make this flesh and bones? You are not this body. It is functioning automatically. It existed long before you (ego or self image) were born.

If you look at the mind then you will notice that it is full of borrowed knowledge. Nothing is yours. Thoughts are moving like clouds. You don’t know which thought will pop up in your mind next moment. There is disorder, contradiction and confusion. Out of this confusion born a desire for clarity. That desire itself creates further confusion.

Then somebody comes along. He says, ‘Hey, look, observe your mind, become more watchful, become more alert. Observe your thoughts’.

Then one part of the mind detach itself as the observer and start observing the thoughts. Then you forget that the observer and the observed are not two separate things. Observer is the observed. They are one. And behind this never-ending process of observation is a constant desire to get enlightened or free from the mind. Otherwise there is no need to observe your thoughts. The mind is playing observer-observer game. Ego wants to get enlightenment because it is never ending pleasure. You feel superior because you are watching the thoughts and other 99% humanity is living in sleep.

There is no way to find out whether you are aware in dream or in reality.

You try to fix your mind in the present moment and it slips again and again in the future. You think that someday you will be settled in the present moment and there will be only a ‘Witness’. Why the f**k this witness will exist if there is nothing to watch? It is a simple logic that there will be no ‘witness’ if there is nothing to watch.

Then there is another school of thought, ‘From sex to super consciousness’. This is lust for never ending pleasure. If this was true then Ron Jeremy would have became a Buddha. He was ranked by AVN (Adult Video News magazine) at number one in their “The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list.

Show me a single person in the world who attained super consciousness simply by f**king women and I will salute him. I question if there is any super consciousness. I am not criticizing the person who introduced this idea of ‘f**king to enlightenment’ because he was genius. He knew the secret of getting rich. He was aware of the poor intellectual level and the lust of mankind. He spread this fire of ‘Sex to super consciousness’ all over the world. But as per his talks he himself got enlightened while sitting on a branch of a tree!

Yesterday somebody asked me, “What do you think about Nirmal Baba?”

Why should I think about him? You should think about him. He is clever but you are stupid. If you don’t have any desire or expectation then you will never need any Baba or Kripa.

The whole spirituality is nothing but a mind game. You exist simply because you are trying to be in the present moment. You exist because you desire enlightenment. You exist because you observe this never-ending flow of thoughts. If you don’t desire clarity then there will be no confusion. If you don’t try to become aware then there will be no stress and frustration. Your stress, frustration and efforts give you illusion as if you exist and you have to find out who you are. Your serious search for the truth makes this ‘I’ more stubborn.

If there is any beginning of the universe and if there is any present moment then everything already exist in the present moment. There is no way to exist except in the ‘now’. It is stupid to use this word ‘now’ because there is always only ‘now’. And it is even more stupid to try to be in the ‘now’ because there is no ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’.

Ego is just a thought. With ego comes a dreamlike state. In this dreamlike state ego asks ‘Who am I?’ and he can never know the answer of this question. This ego try to find out the truth and move on the impossible journey. This ego try to drop itself through many techniques and methods and a cult or religion is born.

Enlightenment is not possible because there is nobody to get enlightened.

Eternal bliss, happiness and peace all are just different states of mind. You will never get answer to ‘who am I?’ because ‘I’ is just a thought, singular pronoun. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or ‘I’m that’ are the most stupid words used by so called egoistic masters in human history. When someone says ‘I’m That’ you can be sure that his shoddy ego is trying to identify itself with eternity. This ‘I’ is nothing but all the information put by the society in your brain. Apart from that there is no ‘I’ or ‘Self’ or ‘Atma’.

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  1. Hi MG,
    If everything else is false, then what is simple and easy way to live life ? could you please sum up Way of Life in one or two lines?

    Thanks ,

  2. MG,
    I don´t know who you are… I don´t know who I am… But I know I want to be your friend, man! Great text: put a f**king large smile on my face!!! 🙂

  3. Hi,

    You stated : “‘Who am I?’ is the most stupid question ever asked by man in the whole human history. If you ask this question to yourself then who is going to answer this question? It’s you, its your own stupid mind which is going answer this question.”

    I believe many sages from India. Sri Ramana Maharshi is one among them. I respect him a lot.

    Sri Ramana quoted for “Who am I” extraordinarily i.e.
    For all thoughts the source is the ‘I’ thought. The mind will merge only by self-enquiry ‘Who am I?’ The thought ‘Who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts and finally kill itself also. If other thoughts arise, without trying to complete them, one must enquire to whom did this thought arise. What does it matter how many thoughts arise? As each thought arises one must be watchful and ask to whom is this thought occuring. The answer will be ‘to me’. If you enquire ‘who am I?’ the mind will return to its source (or where it issued from). The thought which arose will also submerge. As you practise like this more and more, the power of the mind to remain as its source is increased.

    What I am trying to ask you is really “NOT KNOWN”?

    Since, I respect you a lot.

    Please, clarify is it possible. I am really confused.


    1. Santosh, you will have to practice Sri Ramana’s method for few months to see if it really work that way.
      In my view when you drop all techniques, methods, concepts and gurus (it doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong) you automatically come to your natural state. In that state there is no confusion. As long as you are practicing something the mind goes on and on. Your all spiritual search is the action of your thought. And thought can never touch the reality. Thought must become quite. As long as you are doing efforts the mind is in action. It should naturally become silent. When you ask a question you will get an answer but it is your mind in action.

  4. I think you are perhaps right in what you say. At the end of the day man is left with nothing but the reality of having to take life as it comes.. Ramana said the same thing. The inquiry helps one to put their trust in life and not worry about the future. If you think the question ,”who am I?” is stupid and taking life as it comes is the best way then it is the best way for you. People however have the right and the need to use a technique to stay calm in difficult circumstances. I think your way of taking life as it comes works for you and may work for a lot of people too. No matter what one does in life one is going to end up dead in the end. That’s the ultimate reality of life.

  5. I had tried Ramana’s inquiry “Who am I” for many months without much success; and also Nisargadatta’s holding on to the sense of I am, also without much success. It was because, as you point out, the mind comes up with the answers.

    The inquiry was clarified to me by John Sherman (justonelook.org). It’s rather simple–it’s not a mental inquiry at all. It’s a looking. You put attention on the sense of you. That’s all. And it works.

    I agree with you that the spiritual search is nonsense. It’s the action of the mind and ego. I don’t go for practices and pithy sayings (not even yours or mine).

    The trick is to drop it all–and yet that is not easy for people to do. And this where techniques can be helpful. Techniques–not practices or beliefs.

    The looking at sense of me, a release technique, and simple noticing of what goes on inside has been very helpful to me. Of course, all of that drops away…

  6. Hi MG!

    If I understood correctly, are you saying “don’t watch your mind”? But in other places you recommend it. Whats up with that?

    Are you saying to drop the whole spiritual search because it’s chasing after non-existent things you can’t attain and gets in the way? But how to drop it? Also, even if I drop it, what about the wordly search? Because I don’t remember things being any better before I even heard of spirituality. Doesn’t it get in the way in a similar way as the spiritual search? And how to drop it? By the way, is there any difference between the wordly search and the spiritual search in your opinion?

    If someone had problems in life, thought of turning to spirituality for help and approached you for advice, what would you say to him? “Don’t turn to spirituality”? But what would that help him? There’s some reason why people turn to spirituality in the first place, and just saying that spirituality doesn’t work helps nothing.

    1. Miekkis, human mind is such a parodox that you can observe it and still you can say that it does not exist.
      Suppose you want to get free from anger or fear then I will say that you should observe your mind but when you observe your mind there will be no anger, there will be no fear. It will simply disappear. As long as there was fear or anger there was mind but the moment anger and fear disappear there is silence. Ofcourse mind will come back again with some new problem but for a brief moment there will be silence.

      When I say observe your mind people become calculative. They ask questions like how long I should observe my mind? I forget to watch my mind again and again, what should I do to remain as an observer forever? How to observe my mind for 24 hours? This is a kind of greed. Again this is mind. This demand to constantly remain in a state of observer itself is the mind. So I say “Don’t watch your mind, stop!”. Because now meditation has become your problem.

      It is my observation that most people who are walking on the spiritual path become obsessive about enlightenment and this desire for enlightenment becomes a great obstacle. Then they can not observe their mind because they are too much focused on the result. This obsession creates stress and tension. Sometimes it also creates frustration and depression. That’s why I say drop your search. Because when you drop the search you become relaxed. Then mind will become calm. Being in the moment is more important then the desire for enlightenment.

      Many times I say don’t turn to spirituality because solutions are hidden in the problems itself. People are running away from their problems in the name of spirituality. Suppose there is conflict in a relationship then you will have to study the problem and find the solution. Simply doing some meditation technique will not work. Ofcourse it will give you some relaxation but it will not solve the problem from the root.

      Ofcourse spirituality is solution for most of human problem but see, what is going on in the name of spirituality. Unfortunately I have never come across a single spiritual guru who is honest and sincere and who is not running after money and power. That’s the reason I emphasis to stand on your own feet, don’t depend upon others for answers or solutions. If you want to find the truth or god then don’t look at others.

  7. A bit more rambling:

    Wouldn’t spirituality serve as a way to drop the worldly search or whatever it is which makes people miserable? Instead of making it another search (for enlightenment). And how is that achieved without any guidance? Some guidance is needed or things don’t change.

    1. Who will guide you? Please show me a single spiritual master who is sincere and honest and who is not running after money and power. Yes everyone has needs but these spiritual masters seems more greedy then avarage humans. That’s why I insist to observe your mind because all problems are created in the mind. So observe your mind and you will find solutions. There is no need of any guidance.

  8. One more question 😀

    Okay, I understand that if you don’t have any desires to fulfill, then it’s needless to observe the mind. But how do you achieve that state?

    1. Ok, what’s wrong in having few desires in life? What if you want a nice car or home or a partner to share your happiness and love? Miekkis you can achieve that state even if you have some desires or dreams to fulfil. Actually you don’t have to achieve that state. You are already in that state. YOU ARE THAT STATE. You never lost that state. Just come back to the present moment, feel your body, feel your breathing, look within briefly and see what’s going on in your mind. Your all questions will get disolve, you will get spontaneous solutions to your problems and you will find love, compassion and freedom effortlessly. There is no need to do anything else. Don’t take it serious. Just take it easy and be playful.

  9. So your stance in more like “observe your mind without making goal/demand out of it”?

    “Who will guide you? Please show me a single spiritual master who is sincere and honest and who is not running after money and power.”

    Well I don’t know about spiritual masters, but for example the guidance you are giving is helpful. And another example whos approach is very much like yours is Anthony de Mello. By guidance I didn’t mean like giving ready-made answers, but teaching you to solve problems yourself. My motivator for making the post was just that you seemed to be saying something along “there’s nothing to be done” and even negating your own advice for watching the mind, which even if it’s true that nothing needs to be done, someone in the grips of compulsions doesn’t see it that way. But you were saying more like “don’t make a goal/compulsion out of things”?

    If what I’ve written above is correct, then I see what you were saying and I agree completely. When I first happened upon spirituality, soon after I made a compulsion out of it. Thankfully it’s pretty much left nowadays. I think it happens very easily, even if no one advices you to do it. I think it has something to do with the culture: you’re accustomed to make a compulsion out of things (and that’s probably why you have problems and turn to spirituality in the first place). So when someone tells you to try something which would maybe help, you start doing it compulsively, or when people tell stories about some state (enlightenment), which you don’t even understand, you make an image out of it in your head and start running after it thinking “I’ve got to get it, this will give me EVERYTHING”.

    1. Yes, solve problems yourself. It is also true that I constantly negate my own advice. In my opinion one should see what’s going on in the market in the name of spirituality. Read new age stuff, play with their techniques. Nothing is wrong as long as you do not get lost into it. Read everything available to you but use your mind. If you are spending to much time in meditation and reading then stop everything for three or six months. It should not become an addiction. Mind wants constant occupation. So meditation or spirituality should not become another compulsion. If you don’t have any goal then have few goals because they keep you moving. But if you have too many goals and you are constantly focused on your goals and if your goals make you tense and miserable then drop some goals and spend more time in the present moment. Just find balance in your life. There are no fixed rules. If you never do meditation then fifteen minutes is great but if you do fifteen hours meditation then you will not be able to sleep and there will be mental disorder.

      Miekkis, you are absolutely right, there should be no compulsion.

      You said, “So when someone tells you to try something which would maybe help, you start doing it compulsively, or when people tell stories about some state (enlightenment), which you don’t even understand, you make an image out of it in your head and start running after it thinking “I’ve got to get it, this will give me EVERYTHING”. Yes, this is what happening. Enlightenment is just an image and people are running after that image and missing the life. And enlightenment is nothing but meeting with life. Drop that image, drop all concepts and techniques. Stop looking at the future for that state because that state is NOW. You don’t need any preparation. You were born with it. That’s why there should be no compulsion.

      The moment you feel your breathing, the moment you feel your body, the moment you listen to the sounds around you, the moment you become alert you are in that state. That’s why there should be no compulsion. Your mind makes you fool when you try to chase that state. Actually you can enter into that state within a second. It is your true nature. Within a second you can come back. The moment you realize that you are drifting away just come back, that’s all. There is no need to spend years and years to attain that state. And this simple thing will solve almost all problems which are created by mind or ego.

  10. “I think it has something to do with the culture: you’re accustomed to make a compulsion out of things”

    And it’s getting rid of that compulsion-making that I see as the role of spirituality nowadays. If it’s making more compulsions, it isn’t working.

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