Why YOU can have a BMW?

Few days ago I became interested in symmetrical numbers just for fun. I begin to look for symmetrical numbers on cars: for example 444, 4488, 0055, 555, 333 etc. In few days it became my amusement. I started noticing more and more symmetry in numbers like 8888, 5555, 9999 etc. And one day I saw the number 1111 three times on different cars. (I was noticing only cars.)

One day I was talking about this subject with my friend Shivaji. While we were discussing a girl was passing by and my friend commented that she’s really hot and gorgeous. He also told me that he like this type of girls. He appreciated her beauty, he admired her looks. As usual he went into a deep trance.

So, I took her picture using my cell phone just to show you..! Please see this photograph so that we can continue our topic.

Now, coming back to our topic…

So I told him that there are only VIP numbers in our city. I told him that today I saw the number 1111 on three different cars. And he replied, “Oh…come on MG…it is just a coincidence”.

When we were talking about this topic there was a car parked in front of us, the number was 223.

I was thinking about how to explain my friend about my funny experiment and suddenly another car passed by and the number was exactly the same 223….! (Only the state code was different). Two cars with the same number, and my friends reaction was like this…”Oh f**K! OMG YOU ARE A MAGICIAN..!”

He said, “I got it..! There is no need of any explanation!”.

Although it happened like a magic, it is not a magic. It is simply your attention. It is simply your awareness.

This kind of things are always happening around you. You simply have to become more alert. You have to notice them.

My friend said that you are a magician…you instantly manifested this ‘number-thing’ like Derren Brown so can you manifest a hot and sexy girl for me, right now…and we both laughed.

I told him, “Shivaji,  it is not me but YOU can manifest the girl you want within next 15 minutes if you have got a clear intention”.

Meantime he show me 9999 and 3344 and 4455 parked side by side (notice the symmetry of 345 in last two numbers) and our discussion goes on..! He was catching my disease..! (Perhaps you are also catching this disease while reading this post…don’t forget to comment here!)

He told me that he’s feeling hungry so we entered into a restaurant and ordered Pizza.

We were waiting for our order and discussing further on this weird topic and..

Suddenly his (Shivaji’s) face turned into Snoop Dogg…(Instantly I took another picture. Plz have a look…!)

I looked at Shivaji, he was looking at the front door. There was that hot and gorgeous girl entering in the restaurant with two other girls (which he noticed 20 minutes ago while we were discussing about symmetry). They came directly towards us and that so called hot goddess of beauty pick up a chair on the opposite table exactly in front of Shivaji.

Shivaji explained me how this gal has gotta this “symmetry-thing” in her shape..(Although he was listening about this topic first time in his life, he was trying to impress me with his knowledge). Then he begin to notice the delicious symmetrical curves of this baby.

You only see what you want to see. I was looking for the symmetrical numbers while Shivaji was looking for delicious, luscious and symmetrical curves. (plz look at the picture again..!)

It is just a matter of focus. It is just a matter of WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE.

Life is prosperous. Life is abundance. Life is full of wealth.

You can create any kind of life experience simply by using the power of your attention.

Your life will move in the direction of your attention.

It is not a question of hard work.

It is not a question of belief.

It is not a question of will power.

It is just a simple and playful way of shifting your focus towards what you want.

Suppose you want to buy a car but you don’t have enough money then don’t say that I don’t have money to buy a car. Instead say that if I sell my whole property then I can definitely buy a car. Not just an ordinary car but I can buy a BMW. Now this statement is not a lie. You can literally buy a BMW if you sell your property.

Of course you are NOT going to sell your property and buy a BMW and become homeless. NO, you are just convincing your bloody, f**king, logical mind who always believes in scarcity that YOU CAN ‘REALLY’ BUY A BMW…! You are not kidding, you are just showing your mind a NEW POSSIBILITY.

This is the way of f**king your limiting beliefs. Give your mind a SOLID AND LOGICAL REASON to BELIEVE in your dream..!

Give your stupid mind a logical reason and it will shift in a “New Direction…!” (Shivaji pronounce this word as “NudeErection..!”)

Here you are not repeating positive affirmations or positive thoughts like “I’m wealthy” and “I am prosperous” and “I have gotta car” and blah…blah…blah (because your mind already knows that you are not a wealthy person and you don’t have any car…! Your mind knows that you are such a bloody liar…!)

Here you are giving a solid and logical reason to your mind to believe that even though you don’t have money still you can sell your home (your fathers home is YOUR home…doesn’t it?…you bloody RASCAL…!) and buy a car. You are not affirming a false statement. You are affirming a solid and logical possibility.

You will feel different.

You will feel that this is possible.

You will feel that I can do this.

You will feel a little bit confident.

More you THINK about this car more you feel better!

And more you feel better, more you feel confident!

And more you feel confident, more it seems logical to accomplish this goal.

Then you will entertain this idea everyday in your mind…because it makes you feel better, you will do this again and again and again and again because you feel good, you feel rich, you feel prosperous when you realize that you can REALLY have a BMW.

This new possibility will change your life.

Then you will begin to see more and more BMW’s on the road.

Look friends, this is not “Law of attraction”! Here we are not talking about the crap which you have seen in the move “The Secret”. This is NOT the secret at all. This is OPEN BULLSHIT..! This is simply a COMMON SENSE..!

BMW’s are running on the road all the time but now you will become more alert that’s why you will notice them more often. You will notice them because your mind is convinced that you can have a BMW. Now your mind become more interested in BMW. Are you with me? Are you getting this? You are NOT attracting them on the road in front of you. They were always there before you started to notice them but now a new possibility arisen in your shitty brain that you can literally have this sexy car and suddenly this “new possibility” has opened a new door.

How do you feel?




Top on the world?

Do you see a new possibility?

Tell me your story.

Come on buddy, tell me at least 100 lines…oh no,.. at least 1000 lines about your dream.

Stretch your imagination. After all this is your most delicious dream.

Indian Yogis create imported watches out of thin air and here you are creating a brand new BMW..!

How do you feel when your mind shift into “New Direction..?”

Does it put a grin on your face?

Go into vivid imagination..and really enjoy it. You will feel much much better. You will feel that you can do this, you can do this, you can have this, you can have this….you already have this! It is already there. Just play with your imagination AS IF you already HAVE this!

JUST Pretend..!

Feel it…!


And enjoy your journey into virtual reality.

Find hundreds of pictures of BMW on Google.

Stretch your imagination. Write down on a paper how does it feel to drive this new car. How this new car changed your life. And you will feel more confident about your dream. You will feel more rich. You will feel more prosperous. That FEELING of prosperity is very important. It is better to feel prosperous then to feel poverty, helplessness and lack.

Now you will walk in a different way, you will talk in a different way. You will feel like you CAN really have a BMW and you will forget about your old secondhand bike. You will think that it is just a matter of time.

See friends, if you really want to create something in your life then you will have to FORGET about “WHAT IS” and start living in “WHAT SHOULD BE”. If you desire something then you have to rejoice in “WHAT I WANT” rather than “WHAT I HAVE”.

You can not create new life without creating it first in you IMAGINATION.

If you are complaining about your old secondhand bike then you will remain stuck with that bike forever. To create a new life you will have to playfully shift your focus in a very relaxed way towards “What exactly you want..!” 

Suppose you want to buy a new car and you don’t have money then decide to notice and observe only cars on the road. When you go for a long walk, see only cars. Ignore everything else. Notice them, observe them, touch them, feel them, appreciate them until they become very familiar to you. Cars are beautiful, cars are sexy. When you look at thousands of cars on the road your goal will seem more and more EASIER to achieve. Don’t say I can’t buy this car, I can’t afford this car, it is impossible. NO, just look at the cars. Love them, admire them. Your mind will find a way. Things will start rolling slowly. Perhaps your friend will invite you for a long tour. Perhaps you will find yourself spending more and more time reading car reviews. Perhaps you will buy car magazines. Perhaps you will make a Vision Board on Pineterst. Perhaps you will write a daily journal. Perhaps you will change your desktop wallpaper. Perhaps you will join a driving class. You don’t know how your mind will find a way to get closer and closer to your desired car.

You should enjoy the journey, this is the key..! You should enjoy the unfolding of your desire. You should never think that I’m doing this stuff since 3 months and my car is not yet come. Then you will feel depressed. Then you will block you way. You should feel eagerness, you should anticipate, you should enjoy your dream. It doesn’t matter if you could manifest your car or not but you FEEL DIFFERENT in THIS moment and that is what really matters.

Sir, your mind is F**KING AWESOME…!

Trust that 1,300 gram shit..! It can literally do miracles for you.

One of my friend who used to keep only hundred bucks in his wallet now keeps 5000 Rupees in his wallet, because…FUEL..!…after all he own a BMW in his VIRTUAL REALITY. Now he feel different. He enjoy this feeling of being rich, wealthy, lavish, luxurious and prosperous. He enjoy this feeling of richness more than buying a real BMW. His heavy pocket gives him the feeling of prosperity and wealth in the PRESENT MOMENT. It reminds him his goal. In fact he is already living THERE. Now there is no anxiety, no panic and no fear.

You can keep 100$ or perhaps 500$ in your wallet and enjoy window shopping. There is no need to buy anything. Just explore new possibilities. Look at different products, cloths, electronics and touch your wallet and affirm, “Yeah, I can buy this, I can buy this, I can buy this…”. You will FEEL different. You will not feel like I have got only 100$ in my wallet. You will feel like you can buy tons of thing if you really wish. You will become aware of this FREEDOM OF CHOICE. And your shitty mind has to agree with you. Because you are not making a false statement. Then you will become aware of the limitless choices and possibilities available to you. You will realize that the world is rich, wealthy and prosperous. You will feel that you can have anything you wish. You will feel that you can accomplish anything. Perhaps you will start buying lottery tickets. You only see that you have got hundred bucks but you never see that, that hundred bucks have limitless possibilities. You can win a Jackpot!

Money is circulating all the time just like air but the problem is that you are filtering the information you receive through your limiting beliefs. Easy money is possible. In fact I work only for few hours every month.

Again I’m not telling you how to manifest or attract things, I’m just making you aware of infinite possibilities. If you become more aware of all the possibilities and all the wealth around you then you will never feel helpless, you will never feel lack. There will be no panic and fear regarding the subject of money. You will feel more confident. You will feel, “Yes..! I can do anything..! I can have anything..!! I can accomplish anything..!!!

One of my friend Satish (few years ago his monthly earning was only few hundred dollars) has a strange hobby of spending hours on Google maps. I believe that he wanted to travel the world and see beautiful places but that time it was not possible for him because of his limited earning. But one day he called me from Israel. After few years he was in London. He spend one year in London. He send me hundreds of photographs. Things like that are happening all the time around you.

Remember, you don’t need to believe. You need to ANTICIPATE. Because your mind can not believe unless it gets the evidence. But your mind can anticipate. Your mind can pretend. Your mind can play the “What if…” game.

What if I get this, what if I get some more of this?

What if I go there?

What if I have this?

How does it feels to be there?

Don’t ask HOW TO GET THIS? It is very old habit of your mind. If you ask “How to get this?” your mind will get stuck. Your mind will shut the doors because it doesn’t have the answer. Instead ask “What if I get this? How does it feels to be there? Why I want this?



If you’ve gotta one hundred solid and reasonable “WHY” then your mind will definitely find out the HOW..and rest of the details.

If you explore into WHY then you will get tons of inspiration. WHY is the key to bring your dreams into reality.

For example:

Why I want to have six pack abs?


I want to look good,

I want to look attractive

I want to look sexy

I want to feel better

I want to impress my clients

I want to look young even in my old age (you rascal..!)

I want to date teenage babes (Hungry Bird…!)

I want to feel more confident

I want to feel awesome when I  look into the mirror

I want to look more stylish

I want to look and feel like Brad Pitt

I want to attract my neighbors wife …blah blah blah blah

“WHY” will simply f*ck your limiting belief system. ~MG

When you find 100’s of ‘why’ you will get so inspired that you will simply go to the gym….and do abs workout for hours and hours and hours until the six packs you desire pops up from your huge beer belly and THEN and only then you will return back to your home like a SPARTA..!

Yes I have done this…!

Plz have a look at my picture..!

Finally if you share any weird shit with other people you start believing in it. It is a law and it works like the Law of Gravitation. So if you share this post on your Facebook wall you will start believing in this stuff. And if you share this post on all of your friends walls and groups, on Twitter and Stubleupon and email this post to all known and unknown people then your belief will get even more amplified.

So THINK about sharing this post if you really and I mean REALLY want to have this car.

It’s all up to you..!


1. Shivaji is my best friend and he is very decent guy…! (he never do the crap I mentioned in this post :))

2. Actually this post is inspired when one of my friend was trying to convince us about the “Law of Attraction” and how we could magnetize/manifest things and I was telling him that you don’t magnetize things rather you change your perception, you become more aware of different possibilities and your mind starts working on it.

3. It is not Law of attraction which manifest things into reality. It is your mind which try to find many ways to get the things you desire.

4. Possibilities exists but your mind is not aware about them because it is programmed look at things in a certain way.

5. When you desire something impossible, your mind goes into Transderivational search and look for more possibilities (that’s the reason you see more BMW’s on the road when you intend to have one). LOA people think that you attract them, you magnetize them around you. But it is not true. You become aware of them.

6. Of course you can have a BMW, it is also one of the possibility but there is NO magic behind it, there is NO secret Law of attraction working behind it.

8. It is your mind which go within and look for the answers.

9. It is not a magic, actually it is just YOU BECOME MORE ALERT ABOUT NEW POSSIBILITIES.

10. If you keep 100$ in your wallet they are not going to attract money. But when you become aware of the possibilities of 100$ (ie. I can buy this, I can buy this, I can buy this) you will feel more inspired. You will feel good.

11. If you ask me do you believe in the “Law of attraction” or so called non-physical group of entities namely “Abraham” or do you believe in “miracles and manifestations” then my plain answer will be “NO..!”

12. Normal human being thinks around 60000 thoughts everyday. When you intend something strongly then all your thoughts move into that direction and your mind becomes more aware about the possibilities. It is NOT a magic. You can amplify this process by daydreaming.