Create new life!

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Should I have goals and ambitions in my life? Should I dream a better future? Should I desire prosperity, wealth and abundance?

Why not?

But I’m walking on the path of spirituality, I’m searching for the truth.

…and they say drop the goal, drop all desires, drop the illusions,

…they say drop the future, live in the present, be aware, be conscious,

…desire is pain and desire is suffering

No, not at all!

Actually you can not live without desires and dreams. Polarity and contradictions in life causes you to launch new desires every day. Desire is expansion, desire is creation. Without a dream you can not create a new life.

What will you do by living in the eternal present?

Present moment is just an empty canvas

So that you can write something.

You can draw something.

You can make a plan.

You are not a victim of your past. You are free, right here and right now to choose any direction.

Creation is joy and fun, dreaming is fun. Working with illusions could be joy and fun.

You can explore new ideas, you can explore new possibilities, you can invent new things. You can make a home or you can have your dream car. Luxury  is your natural state. You want luxury, you love luxury, you love joy and fun. When you achieve your goals you feel joy and fun so what’s wrong in having joy and fun?

You can have 10,000 goals…or even more, I don’t see anything wrong. This is expanding universe and there is always space for more. The universe will expand itself to fulfill your desires.

You lived your past unconsciously and there was pain and suffering.

Now you have tested the delicious test of present moment…

Why not become more conscious and work on creating a magnificent future?

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When you look at ‘what is’ then ‘what is’ is ‘IS’.

If you want to transform ‘what is’ then you should shift your focus from ‘what is’ and focus on ‘what should be’ and you should deliberately focus on ‘what should be’ as if ‘IT IS’ or in another words ‘as if it already exist’. ‘What should be’ is ‘non-existent’ but with your attention you can bring it into ‘existence’.

You create future in the present moment. If you simply focus on the present moment then you will find peace but you will remain the same. There will be no expansion. You will simply move from ‘what is’ to ‘what is’ to what is’ to ‘what is’…and you can go on and on and on, but you will remain the same.  You will remain stucked in ‘NOW’.

It’s so boring…!

Bodhidharma spend years looking at the wall, do you think that this kind of gazing the wall for years is creativity?

Do you want to do that?

The most important thing…CAN YOU DO THAT?

God doesn’t want you to gaze at the wall for 12 years. He wants you to dance in discotheque.

And what will you do even if you could stop your thoughts completely and stay only in the present moment?

Even if you do that, that present moment is never gonna change and you will remain the same. And the most important thing is that you will become a very boring and dull person who always live in the present moment and talk about the present moment and endlessly preach about ‘The Power of Now’.

There will be no life, there will be no thriving.

Sometimes it is good  to just let go and go with the flow.

If your mind is drifting again and again into the past memories of suffering and pain then it is good idea to bring it back to the present moment but you can not stop there permanently. You have to plan for the future. You have to set the goals. You have to focus. You have to anticipate …’how does it feels to be there’…’how does it feels to be there’…’how does it feels to be there’.

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Is there anything wrong if you want to have a Ballon Bleu De Cartier watch worth £16,700.00?

No, not at all..!

You deserve it, although you don’t believe in your worthiness.

You deserve everything you want.

Should I tell you a secret about you,…. if you don’t mind?

You have two fathers…!


One is your father

…and another is the universe or the god..!

God …the father!

Not Marlon Brando (The Godfather), he is different.

So, if your father, this universe has created you and inspired a desire in your mind to have something delicious then what is the problem?

What is wrong if you want higher education?

What is wrong if you want to live in the most expensive hotels in the world?

What is wrong if you want a BMW, Audi, Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz?

What is wrong if you want to marry with your desired woman?

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Remember, you are not here to gaze at the walls for decades.

Life is fun and joy, life is calling you, life is inviting you to share its abundance. Life want you to eat delicious food, live in luxurious home, drive fast cars, have most expensive watches and jewelry.

Nobody is stopping you from having your desired objects. It is only your mind. It is only the way you feel, that is stopping you from having it all.

When you believe that money is evil, power corrupts and when you believe that having goals prevents you from living in the present moment or spiritual progress then you block your own way. You block your way to your object of desire by entertaining contradictory beliefs. Belief is just a thought you think again and again and again.

You can drive your old car and ‘be in the present’ or you can drive a brand new Volvo and ‘be in the present’. Which feels better?

You can meditate in your home or travel all around the world and meditate at different places. Which feels better?

If meditation and money could go together then what is wrong?

If meditation and goals could go together what is wrong?

If you could live in the present moment and still anticipate a better future then what is wrong?


What will you do by observing your breathing for 19 or 27 years?

You will become a dumbass.

(Dumbass means someone who looks up the word “dumbass” in a dictionary, or in another words if you don’t know what a dumbass is you’re really a f**king dumbass.)

The word ambition means aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, wish, design, target, end, dream, hope.

In that way ‘Ambition’ sounds very innocent word…doesn’t it?

If you desire to spend a night in Royal Etihad Suite, ­Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi ($18,000 per night) whats wrong? Your father (I mean your second father, ….The God) will not throw you in eternal hell.

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In fact eternal hell is to live in the same reality.

Eternal hell is to live ‘what is’

…and move from ‘what is’ to ‘what is’ to ‘what is’ to…..eternal ‘what is’…!

And heaven?

You will have to create it.

You will have to dream about it.

You will have to believe in illusions.

Then and only then you will be able to create ‘The Paradise on Earth’!

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