Common sense is very uncommon

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

MG is abbreviation (short form) of the title of this blog, it is not my name. I’m not a guru and I have zero interest in being a guru or teacher. I don’t have a single disciple. In fact I don’t have any social circle and not even friends. Very few people know me personally. I’m not interested in your liberation or enlightenment.

I’m just telling you that the whole spiritual search is in vain. There is no need to follow any holy book or guru to attain any blissful state simply because that state does not exist.

As long as you are doing any circus to attain that fanciful state described in scriptures you are playing mind games. Of course you are free to waste your time and energy. I don’t mind it.

When I say burn all scriptures that does not mean that I never read a news paper, magazine or books. But some foolish people are taking it literally. Please use some common sense.

When I say kill your guru that does not mean that you should literally kill your guru and end up in the prison. I never thought that people are so stupid. I am just telling to get free from your blind faith and beliefs.

As long as you are dependent on a guru, scriptures or techniques there will be fear and disorder in your life. You will live in a kind of illusion. You must have guts to discard everything and become totally empty.

If you ask me what is your teaching then I will reply that I am not teaching you anything new, I am simply telling you to get free from all teachings and all teachers, that’s all!

All human problems are created in human mind. Observe your mind and you will stop creating those problems. One should always keep observing his mind because mind is the origin of all problems.

I write on this blog just for (my) fun and NOT to help this humanity, or to make people enlightened because nobody can make you free from your stupidity except yourself.

The name of this blog is Meditationguru simply because it is a good keyword. I get good traffic from Google. I don’t have any interest in becoming a guru or making money by manipulating people in the name of god or meditation. People are searching ‘meditation’ and gurus’ on the internet and I thought they will stumble upon this blog and they will find something different. 

Recently Somebody challenged me to publish his offensive comments. It is not a question of challenge. If you don’t like my views then move on. I’m not interested in debate. I know what I know and I am what I am. I don’t bother about what you think about me.  You are already wasting your time by making silly opinions about me.

People have no guts to stand against their so called holy gurus who are in fact criminals. But it is very easy to send anonymous abusive comments on this blog. I’m not doing any crime and I’m not into holy business. I’m not robbing or manipulating you by offering you any hope or silly techniques. I am not creating illusion of heaven or hell.

Words have limitations and if I’m replying someone there is every possibility of contradiction.

At the most I can say you should never believe in me or my views. You will not find anything useful on this blog for your spiritual growth. Because in my view there is no such thing as spiritual growth. It is all in your mind. You are unnecessarily carrying holy burden. Just drop it and have some relief, that’s all.

When you read my posts don’t take it literally use your common sense.