2 Killer strategies for instant motivation

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Generally people asks these kind of questions:

  • Why I’m not successful?
  • Why I’m so lazy?
  • Why I’m so pessimistic?
  • Why I’m not achieving desired results?

In my view ‘Process and Structure’ is more important then ‘Story and Content’. For example if you ask, “Why I’m so pessimistic? Why I’m so lazy?” then this “Why” will lead you into ‘Content and Story’. If you ask this question again and again then your mind will go into circle. In that way you will get more focused on the problem. If you ask these questions then your mind will give you reasons for being ‘lazy and pessimistic’ and you will remain lazy and pessimistic.

So STOP finding out “Why”.

Instead of “why” ask “HOW”

“How I make myself so pessimistic?” “How I talk to myself to create that state which is called pessimistic?” and notice which mental pictures flashes on your mental screen. Also notice which thoughts you hear inside your head. And you will see the ‘Process and Structure’ of Pessimism. (also notice your body language, sensations, gestures when you feel lazy or pessimistic)

Notice which statements you make inside your head to make yourself lazy and pessimistic. Listen to your internal dialogue. Then imagine that there is a volume control button in your hand, move that button in circular motion and lower that volume. Notice how you feel. Then make that voice louder as if it is coming from a loud speaker. See the ‘difference’ and notice how you feel.

Then imagine that you are hearing the same dialogues (mentioned above) in Donald Duck’s tone of voice. And suddenly you will feel different. When you change the tone of voice (of your internal self talk) your feelings will quickly change. Repeat the same dialogues in Amitabh Bacchan’s or Sylvester Stallone’s voice and notice the difference.

To create a particular ‘state’ (any state, negative or positive) you have to create some mental images, a special tone of voice, gesture and body language. Change the tone of voice and you will feel different. Change the color, brightness or location of mental images and you will feel different. Change your body language or posture and you will feel different. Depressed people see bad memories in bright colors in 3 dimension and they listen negative self talk in louder voice. But you can imagine a volume control button and lower that annoying voice inside your head.

2 killer strategies for instant motivation

This shit will really surprise you..!

If you want to stop something then associate MASSIVE PAIN to it. For example if you want to stop laziness or or pessimism then make a list: “What will I miss in my life if I remain lazy and pessimistic?” Write down 101 things which you will miss in your life if you remain lazy and pessimistic. Make this list as painful as possible.

Or if you want to stop smoking then make a huge list of all possible worst consequences if you don’t stop smoking right now.

Then take a short break of five minutes.

Then write down another list, “What difference it will make in my life if I become optimistic, motivated and super active?” (or what difference it will make in my life if I quit smoking right now?) and write 101 things (or compelling reasons which can make you feel really and I mean really MOTIVATED and INSPIRED..!!!) Make this writing the most pleasurable experience.

The boys who study more than other students have so many ‘compelling reasons’ associated to study. Perhaps they imagine ‘a BRIGHT AND COLORFUL’ future an ‘3 dimension’…or they associate ‘MASSIVE PAIN’ to failure.

People run faster (or get motivated) in life only for two reasons

  1. To run away from pain (Avoid pain)
  2. To run towards pleasure (Get Pleasure)

So the the strategies for instant motivation are:

  1. Associate massive pain with unwanted behavior
  2. Associate unlimited pleasure with desired outcome

So, anyone can use these two strategies (or natural tendencies of mind) to feel motivated and inspired to achieve anything in life.

This is the most easiest way to get inspired or get motivated to do something or to achieve something in life. The more pleasure you associate to ‘getting there’ the more you will get motivated and faster you will get results. Pain and pleasure are two greatest motivational forces behind most of the successful people (or any change work). This formula also works with people who are addicted to things like cigarettes and alcohol.

If you want to achieve a goal then ask yourself “How will I feel when I will achieve that goal?” “What will I see, hear and feel when I will reach there?”An you will easily enter into a pleasurable state and feel motivated to take action.

See those images, hear those sounds, feel those feelings and amplify them…enjoy them. Then amplify those images, sounds and feeling again and again and again. Make those images larger and life size in 3 dimension. Then enter into that movie. (Now you are NOT watching images as if you are watching on the screen rather you are acting in that movie, as if you are LOOKING OUT through that movie.) That is the way to ASSOCIATE yourself with those playful and pleasurable images and get motivated and inspired.

Once you know the formula and apply it (on yourself or others) you start getting instant and surprising results.

2 thoughts on “2 Killer strategies for instant motivation”

  1. Yes this is very good. However sometimes it gets too pleasurable or I can get over the pleasure and want the bad for just something different. Good or pleasure becomes boring. Still can’t beat your 30 second meditation thats the bomb.

    1. Thank you Louis for your message.
      Actually this post is based on a discussion with my friend on how to quickly overcome lazyness and find instant motivation.
      My all three books are born in my conversations with someone.

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