I dream a world which has no flags, no borders and no nations!

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I dream a world which has no flags, no borders and no nations. I dream a world where people are not divided by religious labels. I imagine a world where people are so mature and wise that they don’t need to look for answers in ancient scriptures.

I imagine a world which is not misguided by so called stupid and orthodox religious authorities. I imagine a world where people know only one religion and that is love and compassion. I dream a world where people love and respect each other.

I believe it is not difficult. I believe it is very easy because we are living in twenty-first century. We are all connected to the world through smart-phones and Internet.

If there is war in any area of the world then we are all responsible. We are responsible because we are watching it silently. We are not doing anything to stop it. One day that war will come at your door. You are not separate from rest of the world.

We are not Indian, American, Pakistani or  Iraqi. First of all we are all HUMANS. Always remember that, “WE ARE ALL HUMANS!” This simple realization could save the whole world. We are NOT Muslims, Hindus or Christians, we are HUMANS. Those borders and labels were created in the past out of mistake or some kind of nonsense but now they are not needed.

Those borders and labels are signs of our ignorance, immaturity and stupidity. Guns and bombs are not sign of your power and prestige. It is sign of your stupidity and ignorance. You are killing your own brothers. Yesterday I was thinking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the middle of the night. I observed those people in my imagination. They were all innocent people. They were children and women. How could you kill your brothers and sisters like this? The same thing is happening right now in different parts of the world. I remember about September 11 attacks of 2001. I could imagine the horror of a person when he realize that he is going to die in just few moments. These brainwashed machine like people believe that they are doing something spiritual.

Somebody send me a video clip on What’s app in which some people were seating on their knees on the road. Then terrorists shot all of them in their heads. It is happening in Iraq.

Recently I have been to Gate way of India, Hotel Taj and  CST station at Mumbai. Hundreds of people were enjoying with their family members and kids. I remembered about 26/11 attacks. Perhaps the terrorists who fired on these innocent people were standing on the lowest ladder of consciousness.

We have created an insane society. We have to clear all this shit. Otherwise our children will suffer.  Don’t pass your stupid beliefs and faiths to next generations.

Recently I read an interesting book,”Growing Up bin Laden: Osama’s Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World” (written by Osama’s wife Najwa bin Laden and son Omar bin Laden) After reading this book I realized that some people hate their enemies more than they love their children.

I am writing this post with a small hope that somebody will read this post and change his mind. If everyone think like this and write something on their Facebook timelines or Whats app groups then it will not take much time to stop violence in the world.

Never send hateful messages on your Facebook time-line or Whats app groups. You can start a blog, you can post a video on YouTube once in a while to spread the message of love, compassion and kindness.

Remember, guns and bombs will never stop the violence. Your religions are failed. Your politicians and authorities are selfish, power hungry and brutal. If you have a small family and loving friends then do a favor on yourself. Stop spreading hateful messages on social media. Don’t be a part of any religious group. Stand for humanity and not for religions.

When you identify with a powerful person or a religious group, you feel excitement and a kind of support but this excitement and support is false. One day it will become your own coffin.

“I love my country!”
Okay! But this is a very small perspective. Your country could not exist without rest of the world. Now you should love the whole world. Otherwise your love for your country will destroy you.

“I love my religion!”
Okay brother, but you are stupid when you criticize other religions. Your love for your religion shows your boundaries. Your efforts of converting people into your religion to increase your population shows your fear and greed. I really feel pity for those who are trying to convert people into their religions.

Finally if you are working in a government office then learn to co-operate people who come to you for getting your services. Government servants are the foundations of any nation or country. If these people are corrupt, immature, selfish, sick and nonsense then country will never progress.

Recently I had worst experience in Passport office and Police station (for passport verification). They found some errors in my documents and I have no objection with that but they should treat people properly. At least they should provide the proper information.

For example when I asked in CP office what is next procedure they were unable to provide me correct information. If you are not able to provide correct information to people then what are you doing on that chair?

These employees (NOT all) are in fact very immature and they need to improve their fitness, body language and voice tone (seriously).

A mafia gangster could easily get passport(s) but it will take months if you are a poor software engineer.

Recently I asked my SBI and UBI bank managers about SWIFT code which I need for wire transfer and they were unable to provide me the SWIFT code. Finally I find the SWIFT code on the internet.

There should be a course or syllabus for (ALL) government employees to tech them how to talk and behave like a GENTLEMAN and they must have proper knowledge of their work area.

These are very small things which could make huge difference. We are all responsible for this disorder and mess.  In any government office it take months to move a file from this table to the next table. We are wasting our valuable time and energy. Life is very short. And most of us are wasting our valuable time in moving files from this table to that table and standing in line.

There should be a system in which files will move quickly, people will get passports (or any services) in days or weeks (not in months or years). Nobody could create that system except you and me and common people like us.

There is only one hope and that hope is not from armed forces, charismatic leaders or different isms. That hope is from common man like YOU and me.

2 thoughts on “I dream a world which has no flags, no borders and no nations!”

  1. Hmm i can see the appeal, but i dunno i kinda like it how it is, or even prefered it more how it would have been 100s of years ago. If the world becomes one, it would be boring. Everything is the same, the best way. Sometimes a fun way can be more fulfilling than the best way. Before there were tribes that actually pointed forward when they were talking about previous things, and pointed backwards when talking about future things. These tribes are no more, The diversity becomes lost. Cowboys, indians, western MD, shamans, Eskimos, Egyptian pharoes, on and on it goes and their seperation and disagreement brings diversity and beauty.

    A bit like i prefer shopping at boutique or small shops rather than at wallmart.

    Also it may sound nasty, but we need wars, we need population control. If we didn’t have conflict and all loved each other we would love each other to death, until the whole earth is covered with humans and not enough food could be grown.

    Given my life experiences i fully believe in this, however if my country was in war and i saw much of it, i’m sure i would be all up for loving everybody and the world being one big happy family haha.

    I understand your fustration with the passport and government offices, i had similar problems when i lived in China, everything was so unorganized (especially fustrated when i’m used to over organization). There are good points of that system too though. In Australia everything is SO organized, so much in fact that nothing can happen because there are so many rules and regulations set out (all are accessible for people to view) Everything is reviewed and checked and creativity cannot take place because everything is set in policy and regulation. Australia is a fearful country that sets everything in policy to try to avoid danger or something bad happening.

    Another problem is that just because there are so many regulations, etc, it doesn’t mean people stick to it. Most people do, but those who cheat get ahead much faster than those who do.

    1. Louis, in India for people who have a busy schedule it is very hectic to handle govenment servents and pursue their files. They have to spend lots of time in pursuing their files and handling government servents. For example there are many people who urgently need passport like software engineers who are planing to work in foreign countries.

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