10 Practical ways to improve yourself

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Since few days I have stopped writing on spirituality, meditation and enlightenment. The reason is after having Facebook and email conversation with many friends I realized that most of them are interested in improving their lifestyle. They want to get free from negative emotions and achieve their goals. They want to bring their dreams in reality. They also want to solve their personal problems and health issues. They are struggling with frustration and depression. They are also going through complicated relationships. They want a successful career.

I believe there must be an answer to every question. There must be a solution to every problem.

  1. Find inspiration and motivation in your heart, (not in books!)

    There are tons of self help books and it is okay to read some quality book once in a while but in my view one should become self motivated. Your problems are new and very personal and you can not find a ready-mate solution to every problem. You must find your own solutions.
    You should be able to create powerful mental states whenever you need them. You should be able to look at your problems from various dimensions. There are no secret formulas  of happiness and wealth in books. Find your own practical ways to create happiness and wealth in your life.
    Spend some time in the nature with yourself. Ask yourself what you really want to become in your life? What is your dream? What kind of life you want to live? Make a list and modify it time to time. This list will always motivate and inspire you.
    Often I meet very thoughtful and philosophical minds time to time. They often say (in deep voice), “Life is meaningless and empty. I don’t have any dreams and goals to achieve, I’m just living, I’m going nowhere to nowhere. Why should I make my body beautiful? Because I’m a soul. Why should I work on my muscles? because I’m a just ‘witness’!” Most of them are living a boring life hoping that someday they will become a Buddha.
    My humble and kind message to all those friends is, “If you can’t become a Buddha then at least become a gigolo but have a life”.
    Goals will create excitement and challenge in your life. They will make you strong. They will keep you motivated.

  2. Make a list of your goals

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    Written goals are commitments to yourself. Once you write your goals on a paper then you give  a proper direction to your mind. If there are no goals then your mind will wander everywhere. Suppose you make a list of ten goals then your mind will automatically get focused only on those ten things. Writing your goals and modifying them time to time is the best way to keep your energy focused. Your goals should be very clear. Your goals will bring you out of depression and frustration.
    Don’t ruin our life just because some asshole said five thousands years ago “Seating silently and doing nothing, grass grows by itself!” It is okay to seat silently and do nothing if you want to eat only grass.

  3. Work on your body

    “Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness”.
    Read above statement at least three times because I have copied it from Wikipedia only for my dear readers.
    There are many exercises like running, swimming, weight training, Yoga, martial arts etc. Choose any exercise which pleases your mind and start from tomorrow (because tomorrow never comes…!)
    I have many friends who want to do exercise and make six pack abs since five or six years. The only problem is that half of them can not decide which exercise to do and remaining wants to do it from tomorrow.
    Do any exercise. My favorite workout is resistance band workout. I can carry my resistance bands anywhere. There is no need to go to the gym. You can do it at you home, office or any public garden. If you get fade up with one type of exercise then find some new exercise.
    Basically there are 4 types of exercises. These 4 types are a) Endurance b) Strength c) Balance d) Flexibility
    Try to include all 4 types of exercises in your workout.

  4. Work on creating good rapport with people around you

    The best way to create rapport with people is to love them.
    Your love has the power to transform not only animals but also humans. Humans are more dangerous than animals.
    ‘Love people’ does not means that you should touch every human being that comes in your contact.
    It does not mean that you should hug them or kiss them or hold their hand unnecessary for long time. Otherwise people will think that you are a fking gay.
    Love simply means I can understand that you are also a human being just like me. Give respect, take respect. Everyone is suffering so try your best not to hurt others even if your values and principles not match with them.
    “Sorry MG, I love everybody but nobody loves me!”
    “Look honey, if you follow rule no. 3 and create a stunning and attractive body like shown in the picture below then everybody will love you.”

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  5. Create inspirational atmosphere around you

    One of my friend draws pencil sketches of her desired objects and her goals on the wall of her bedroom, study room and office. Now don’t ask me why I entered in her bedroom? I entered in her bedroom because she just wanted to show me her beautiful sketches on the wall.
    This is the best way to stay focused on your goals. When you stay focused on your goals, you don’t need any other inspiration or motivation. Suppose you want a car then get a beautiful poster of that model and stick it on your wall. It will always motivate you.

  6. Overcome your limiting beliefs

    Everyday try to find at least one limiting belief which is blocking your way and challenge that belief. A limiting belief is just like a virus. Write that limiting belief on the paper and try to find out how that belief is ridiculous. Ask yourself what will be the consequences if you hold on to that ‘limiting belief’ for long time. Ask yourself how your life will improve if you drop that belief immediately. Try to rearrange every word of that belief in such a way that the belief will appear ridiculous to you.

  7. Spend some time in virtual reality

    Often most of the spiritual masters teach you to live in the reality, live with ‘what is’.
    They teach you drop your desires and dreams and live a hopeless life which is popularly known as ‘living in the present moment’ or ‘the power of now’ or ‘enlightenment’ or ‘nirvana’ or ‘samadhi’.  U. G. Krishnamurty calls it calamity.
    Well, I have coined a new word for it, ‘Bullshit’!
    Remember, never focus on reality if it is disgusting. Do not focus on reality if it is horrible. That’s why your all spiritual teachers look horrible.
    Redirect your focus. Ask yourself a resourceful question, “How can I change this situation?”
    Visualize a solution.
    Try to find some practical ways to bring that vision into reality. Some people live in the ‘present moment’ or ‘what is’ and others live only in ‘imagination’ or ‘virtual reality’. Both are stupid.
    You should find some practical way to bring your visions into reality and improve ‘what is’.
    Some thinkers and philosophers may say, “You can not change the ‘present moment’, you can not change ‘what is’. It is ‘never changing’ and ‘eternal’. Just remain ‘witness’ etc. If you believe in their message then go with my blessings. I know many so called enlightened masters who live in the present moment who proudly say that they are free from the past and future and honestly speaking they become like stagnant pool of dirty water. Don’t become a witness.
    Create new life using the power of your vision and your imagination.

  8. Be selfish, give more time to yourself

    Don’t spend much time with your friends. It is okay to spend some time with your friends but it should not be your addiction. You are not born for gossiping and endless chattering. Don’t use your friends to escape from your loneliness. Use that time to create something valuable.
    Focus on your career. Don’t waste your time in watching TV or playing Mobile games. Instead of that take rest, do workout, invent something new, clean your toilet and bathroom, wash your cloths, plant a tree, save ants, feed a dog, watch the clouds and trees, help your parents.
    Start a blog and share your wisdom. Make YouTube videos and teach people how to save tigers and sparrows. There are endless meaningful things to do.
    One of my friend (and he is doctor) literally cried in front of me because his wife don’t allow him to touch her. He didn’t had sex with his wife since ten years. I told him just masturbate and finish the topic because life is passing and how long you are going to hold that small thing in your mind with that horrible face?

  9. Quit bad habits and cultivate good habits

    Dirty teeth is one of the biggest identity of common Indian people. I believe more than 60% people in India chew tobacco (remaining 40% are children, women and me). It is better to drink alcohol then chewing tobacco. Please raise your standard.
    If you do regular workout then you will realize that how much it is difficult to increase your stamina and fitness. Then you will never indulge in any bad habit. Quit smoking, tobacco, alcohol, weed and all kind of bad habits.

  10. Observe your thoughts like a spy

    Guard your mind like James Bond. Observe your thoughts like a spy. There should not be a single thought or negative emotion which passes without your attention. Observe the process of your thinking. Don’t say this thought is bad and that thought is good, just observe. There is a systematic process behind every emotion. You should observe that process very carefully only then there is possibility of getting over negative emotions like fear, anger, greed, anxiety, jealousy and frustration.

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