How to deal with rejection?

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How to deal with rejection?

What if I tell you that THERE IS NO REJECTION?

There is no rejection. Rejection is NOT reality. Rejection is YOUR definition. Suppose you set a goal to approach 100 girls and just say ‘hi’ and you really approached 100 girls and said ‘hi’ then you win even if 50 of them ignored you and 40 did not replied you back. The goal is to approach them, the goal is to talk with them and the goal is to just have fun. Never expect anything more than that and you win even if she rejects you.

Rejection only shows that either she has not a taste for a good looking and genius guy like you or she is not a match for you. You got the information, move on to another girl. If you focus only on one girl then rejection will hurt but if you approach many girls then you will get addicted to rejection.

Second thing, if you never propose them then they will never reject you. So never propose a girl. Seduce her, attract her, just be friendly, use your sense of humor and she will like you.

Girls don’t like boys who fall in love at first sight. Love at first sight is like Premature Ejaculation…! ~MG 
(Warning to all world class bloggers and best selling authors: This quote is copyrighted by MG. Do not use this quote without his written permission!)

Have a belief that, “I’m The Prize” “I’m gonna find out if this girl have a good taste” “I’m gonna find out if she deserves me”.

Girls and boys are made for each other. Girls also want boys to approach them. That’s why they go to beauty parlors. They are trying their best to attract you. So you should also try your best to attract them by using your smartness, humor and confidence.

Remember, you will rarely find a natural beauty now days. Beauty is just a magic of cosmetics.

Girls attract boys by using their beauty and boys should attract them by using their talent and confidence. Girls like boys who approach them and talk to them confidently. They also have desires just like boys. In fact most boys are more shy then girls.

Just keep in mind that if you approach 100 girls then at least 50 girls are going to reject you. Take small steps. In the beginning simply focus on talking to any random girl you see in the shopping mall or on the street. Once you develop this ability then move forward. Then focus on making friendship. Once you feel comfortable you will automatically take next step.

After meeting 1000 women Lao Tzu said, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.”

I remember, once my friend Bunty set a goal to approach 1000 women in 30 days and he achieved this goal. He joined a door to door marketing campaign of a local brand of washing powder and meet 1000 women just in one month. He was not focused on selling washing powder, he was simply focused on talking to as many women as he can and just have fun. (He has completed his MBA, now working in USA)

It is not important to get every woman in bed. What is important is being comfortable to approach and talk with any woman. Once you do that then you can easily move towards next step.

If you live in metro cities (like Mumbai) then things become more easier. Because in bigger cities girls are more bold and matured. They know their desires and needs. They have broader perspective.

Rejection is a stepping stone, rejection is learning. The art of seduction is like lifting weights. When you lift weights then a time comes when your muscles become so tired that you can not lift a heavy dumbbell but then in few days you are able to lift them easily because your muscles get stronger.

If somebody rejects you then just say ‘next’ and move on. There is another girl waiting for you in the next corner. There are millions of hot women everywhere and most of them are not happy with their partners, lovers, husbands. There are millions of girls who are searching for a good friend or a lover. So if one girl rejects you then move to the next girl. There is no failure, there is only feedback.

~~~ A to Z Attitudes of Seduction~~~

Following attitudes are like a rough road map. If you practice them there is a possibility of huge success with women. This works for both, girls and boys.

A = Approach (Approach as many girls as you can so that you will get rid of your fear), Abundance (there is abundance of girls), Appreciation (if you appreciate girls then there will be no fear), Ask (Ask and you will receive)

= You get Better and Better with practice, Beliefs (Change your beliefs) Boldness is attractive, Body language (Work on your body language, gestures and voice tone also learn to understand others body language)

= Carefree (Don’t get seriously involved otherwise woman will think that you are insecure, just have fun), Clarity (what exactly you want from a girl or from a particular relationship), Confidence (Confidence works like a magic even if you don’t have an attractive face, money or power) Cleanliness (If you chew tobacco and have colorful teeth then don’t blame me for rejections!)

= There is Demand for you (Girls also want boys to approach them. Girls and boys are made for each other.), You deserve the best, You deserve all that you want.

= Expectation (Expect the best). Excitement, Enlightenment

= There is no Failure, Failure is feedback, Fear is just a thought, Fear is your imagination. Fashion (stay updated with current trend of clothing)

= Goals. Set a goal to approach thousands of women. Goals are like magnet, they attract you towards them.

= Happiness (The purpose of my life is to spread the happiness), Use Humor

= Unbending Intention, imagination (Practice your skills in your imagination)

J = Judgment is your own limiting belief

= Knock the door and door shall be open

= Love (Everybody wants Love, Love yourself and love your woman), Let go of attachment and rejections

= Mindset (Develop a proper Mindset and Mood), Keep moving

= Say no to negativity. If a girl rejects you then just say ‘Next’ and move on. Find and get rid of all negative beliefs

= Be open for all possibilities, anything can happen

= Purpose of life is to have fun with girls, I’m the Prize, Practice

= Question your limiting beliefs , Curiosity (I want to find out if this girl have a good taste)

= Rejection is a path, Respect (Respect woman even if she rejects you because she may change her mind)

= Spend at least one hour everyday practicing the skill, Smart work, Keep high Standards, be Sporty (Seduction is like a sport so enjoy the game and don’t bother about winning or losing)

= Talk as many girls as you can only then you will find the best, Thankfulness (Be thankful to every woman who respond you well)

= There are unlimited ways to approach women

= Values (Truth, integrity, beauty, honesty)

= Where there is Will there is a way, Workout, work on your body and mind

= Sex is natural. God wants you to enjoy good sex. (Don’t believe in the priest)

= Youthful vigor (you feel youthful when you live in the present moment)

= Have zest (interest) for women

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  1. Nice’s more like a dating guide..maybe you should write more articles on women pshycology 😀 ..and there’s a spelling hv written test instead of taste.

    1. Thank you Aniket for your comment. Yes I have corrected the spelling and I will definitely write more articles on women psychology. 🙂 I want to close the gap between boys and girls. There is lots of misunderstanding between them. Girls want good friends and lovers. They are just like you and there needs are also same just like you. They want love and respect. So love and respect (without being a needy person) is the shortcut to seduce any woman. But still this is not a magical solution. There are many factors.

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