You Are Living Someone Else’s Life


Most of us are living someone else’s life.

“I am searching the truth, I’m searching the enlightenment!”

Do you know exactly what your are searching for? Do you know what is the meaning of truth or enlightenment?

Searching for enlightenment simply means that you are searching for endless happiness. It simply means that you are searching for a state in which there is no fear. If you are clear about exactly what you are searching for then your search will become easier.

Now think about this statement: “There is lot of mess and disorder in my life so I am trying to clear this mess and create order in my life.” This is very practical statement and it seems easier to accomplish than “I am searching for god”.

Most people are so gullible that they easily get convinced with any stupid idea.  It seems that we have switched off the logical faculty of the brain.

A self proclaimed enlightened master (who lived and died in the last century) invented an idea of catharsis. It was like fast breathing followed by screaming and shaking your body. He claimed that his method was the fastest method and he’s going to enlightened more than 10000 people. Just imagine 10000 Buddhas on this planet. I am still searching for a single Buddha (since 25 years) who became enlightened by using this specific technique.

Your brain is a memory device just like a hard disk of your computer.  Can you delete a specific file or folder just by shaking your hard disk? Then how can you erase negative beliefs and emotions by shaking your body?

If shaking your body and punching  and kicking in air could make you enlightened then Anderson Silva and Mike Tyson could have become a Buddha.

You never think about this.

Once your mind accept a person as an authority then it is open for any bullshit.

If you really want to become free from your negative emotions and limiting beliefs then don’t try to find a shortcut.

One of my friend (who is follower of this beloved master) told me that scientists only talk about the mind and my master talks about going beyond the mind?

What exactly is ‘going beyond the mind’?

You see, your all problems are psychological. That means society has written a malicious code on your brain and you can not trust anyone to debug your corrupted software. You will have to manually search for the viruses and remove them. All your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are like malicious code. You will have to correct them. Screaming and shaking your body is not going to help you. Fast breathing is not going to help you. Standing on your head is not going to help you. Meditation camps are not going to help you.

If you can not find yourself where you are then most probably you will not be able to find yourself anywhere in the world.

My friend told me that sometimes he feel the presence of his master. I replied him, “You feel his presence because you are not aware of your own presence”.

Dude it is your mind that making you fool. Your all so called enlightened masters are gone and gone forever. They are alive only in your thoughts just like viruses.

My friend told me that my beloved master talked on 108 methods of meditation. I told him I know only one method… just tell your fuckin mind, “SHUT THE FCUK UP!!!!!”

For example:
Your mind: “Lalalalalalalalala”
You: “Shut up”
Your mind: “Lalalalalalalalala”
You: “I said Shut Up”
You: “SHUT THE FCUK UP!!!!!”
Your mind: [….]

Your mind is your obedient servant and you don’t need 108 techniques to control your servant. Your ancient masters were most feared people by their own minds because they were ignorant. That’s why they invented  these weird techniques.

Even if you read only 3 spiritual books every year you will collect tons of garbage in your head. Spiritual books are like junk food and they increase the cholesterol of your brain.

10 thoughts on “You Are Living Someone Else’s Life”

  1. Agreed! I think it’s really important to know ourselves and to know others. The first thing no one but ourselves can teach us. But the second one can be somehow learned by books (but it’s better to learn it by ourselves too)!
    About “Martial Arts Buddhas”, I personally know worldly famous “masters” that are truly idiots. They think that “spirit” is “aggressivity” (they mistake a spiritual conquest as an animal instinct). They think that “good manners” is “kindness” (they mistake a conditioned behavior as an inner state of “not taking everything too personally”). They also are absurdly competitive and are always worrying about “being strong”, and because of that they really can’t understand and can’t totally respect anyone that has no interest about theses two things.
    About God, for my own experience, I think that God (or Divinity, or Nature) can only be found inside ourselves. It’s something that we can discover some “tips” about its existence on the “outside” but can only be understandable on the “inside”…
    PS: I’m brazilian and I think that Anderson Silva is a douchbag!!!!

    Best wishes, my friend!

  2. Thank you Ricardo for your brilliant, straightforward and clear points…!
    I really appreciate people like you who express their thoughts precisely (without vagueness).

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, MG! Your words are exactly what I think about you, too!
      To be honest, my words are just common sense! Once we discover how much the world is crazy, we also start to question how much we are crazy too (and we start to search for something that makes any sense!).
      Ah! I don’t know if reincarnation exists but if it does, I believe you are Soho Takuan reincarnation! Haha! Take a look:

      Best wishes, my friend, and please continue helping us with this wonderful gift of yours (your truly and direct way to grub the “Mind”),

      1. Ricardo, yes I love ‘common sense’ more than any spiritual practice.
        Thank you for sharing my ancient book..!!!
        …just kidding 🙂
        ~(Excerpt from the book)~
        Where One Puts The Mind
        We say that:
        If one puts his mind in the action of his opponent’s body, his mind will be taken by the action of his opponent’s body.
        If he puts his mind in his opponent’s sword, his mind will be taken by that sword.
        If he puts his mind in thoughts of his opponent’s intention to strike him, his mind will be taken by thoughts of his opponent’s intention to strike him.
        If he puts his mind in his own sword, his mind will be taken by his own sword.
        If he puts his mind in his own intention of not being struck, his mind will be taken by his intention of not being struck.
        If he puts his mind in the other man’s stance, his mind will be taken by the other man’s stance.
        What this means is that there is no place to put the mind.
        If you put it in your right hand, it will be taken by the right hand and your body will lack its functioning. If you put your mind in the eye, it will be taken by the eye, and your body will lack its functioning. If you put your mind in your right foot, your mind will be taken by the right foot and your body will lack its functioning.
        Putting the mind in one place is called falling into ‘onesidedness’. One-sidedness is said to be bias in one place. Correctness is in moving about anywhere. The Correct Mind shows itself by extending the mind throughout the body. It not biased in any one place.
        The No-Mind is placed nowhere. Yet it is not like wood or stone. Where there is no stopping place, it is called No-Mind. When it stops, there is something in the mind.
        When there is nothing in the mind, it is called the mind of No-Mind. It is also called No-Mind-No-Thought.
        In the midst of profound darkness or when the doors and windows are shut, one enters a state of freedom. This is because he has no form.
        The appearance of pain in grasses and trees is no different from the countenance of suffering among human beings. When they are watered and the like, they grow and appear happy. When they are cut and fall, the withering of their leaves is no different from the death of a human being.

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